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My Letter to House Speaker John Boehner & Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Dear Readers:

I have faxed the following letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner & Majority Leader Eric Cantor with regards to Barack Obama, his all but certain ineligibility and other matters the 112th Congress needs to tackle.  Please feel free to read and use it or any portion of it to contact them in any fashion you wish to.  Congress will not act on Obama’s likely constitutional presidential disqualification unless We the People force them to via being buried with calls, letters and faxes.

House Speaker John Boehner
U.S. House of Reps.
Washington, DC  20515
Fax: (202) 225-0704

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
U.S. House of Reps.
Washington, DC  20515
Fax: (202) 225-0011


Dear Speaker Boehner & Majority Leader Cantor:

I am writing you regarding a few points, though I will attempt to be brief.  This will be copied and posted on my blog www.thatsafact.wordpress.com for all to see.  I am putting the two of you together since you’re both House GOP leaders and the content is related to you both.

Rep. Cantor, on the heels of Speaker Boehner telling PMSNBC that he believes Resident Obama is a natural born citizen, it was reported from Meet the Depressed that you also believe the same thing.  May I ask the both of you one question?  And that is how long are you going to let this drag out while the White House impostor destroys the country?

How is it that the two of you are willing to accept the state of Hawaii’s word while at the same time there are over 400 stories at World Net Daily exposing every angle of this matter?  How is it that there are at least 10 states now that have introduced legislation at the state level that would require state board of elections offices and secretaries of state to obtain proof of eligibility from all presidential candidates? It is expected that at minimum two (Arizona & Texas) will pass thru their respective chambers and ultimately be signed into law with more to come and more states to introduce similar measures.  But if so much as one state makes a statement that our Constitution will be upheld in that regard, then what will you do when that state declares Obama ineligible to run next year because they will have nothing on file from him? This will spread like wildfire as this issue will garner national attention, inasmuch as the lame stream media will wish to ignore it.

How can you continue to ignore the countless number of lawsuits filed by the likes of Phil Berg (a Democrat), Mario Apuzzo, Gary Kreep, Orly Taitz and others and pretend this is not an issue?  Reasonable estimates and polls show that roughly half the country is at least aware of this issue with more talking about. A prospective employer even brought it up to me without any provocation in one of the very rare job interviews I’ve had to this point.  Plus who in their rational state of mind spends $2 million to lawyers to ensure that all his records, including birth certificate, are sealed?

How can you continue to ignore videos like the one from Obuzzard’s wife in her own word saying to the Human Rights Campaign during the campaign trail that Kenya was her hubby’s birthplace?

And how can you and all of Congress ignore the plight of hugely decorated Lt. Terry Lakin who sits in a Ft. Leavenworth military prison because our all but certain bogus commander-in-chief would not comply and show documents proving his natural born citizenship?  This man (Lt. Lakin) is paying the ultimate price for his firm willingness to defend the U.S. Constitution (6 months in prison with a total loss of his income) and yet during his trial he and his legal team reportedly couldn’t call or cross examine witnesses or testify himself. This is a monumental miscarriage of justice that Congress should not hesitate to intervene. And I tell you one person that would back Congressional intervention in a heartbeat.  And that is Florida Congressman Col. Allen West.

And this is just for starters.

Speaker Boehner, on the heels of all the eligibility issue, not to mention the rapidly Marxist state Obama has foisted upon this country over the last two years, please tell me how you could even think of wanting to go golfing with Obama?  Would you golf with Castro, Hugo, Kim Jong Il or dare I say Hitler, Stalin or Mao? If you can’t say NO, then you have a problem with your moral values. And so do I.  Obama may not have slaughtered millions of people as those dictators have but otherwise there is no difference between him or any of them.

Then again, who knows, maybe Obama has something in common with those tyrants. After all, millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered in the womb, thanks to his unequivocal support and votes as a U.S. senator and policies as America’s putative president for unrestricted abortion on demand.  I mean, what’s the difference whether in the womb or out?  They’re human beings.

The both of you can sweep this under the rug all you want but the public attention this is getting, even more so with the recent comments of Hawaii’s governor, will not die down any time soon.  People look at Obama, his ties to Indonesia and Kenya, socialist policies and they see something radically wrong.  State lawmakers see it as well, though not all.  However, it seems like Congress doesn’t want to upset the applecart but instead play nice with Obama.  My Lord, he’s wiping out the country with his effervescent and relentless thirst for government to pervade and control all sectors of our lives, taking with the nation’s destruction our Constitutional liberties and safeguards and leaving our porous borders continually open.  Does this not make sense to you? He’s suing Arizona because the state insists on secured borders. He should be ousted for this reason alone.

The country had issues with Republicans during the Clinton years in which the people supported both the GOP and the then president.  They liked Clinton, even if they wouldn’t give him a Democrat Congress but for the first two years of his presidency.  They wouldn’t let the GOP touch Social Security or Medicare back then.  Clinton was popular.  But Obama is not.  The public will not rise in opposition to any hearings that might be held on his constitutional qualifications or lack thereof.  The public firmly and demonstratively opposed the Democrats’ imposition of Obamacare in the last Congress. There is no reason to believe the same will occur if hearings are held on Obama’s eligibility.  Americans suspect something is wrong with him.  Congress should certify it.

Why would you not want to address Obama’s eligibility in light of the fact that every appointment he has made, every nomination he has offered, every bill he has signed, every executive order he has given is all null and void if he is ineligible?  That would be the best possible recourse for the country rather than go thru the nightmare of trying to reverse every single action thru legislation.

So I am calling on the both of you once again to use your power and influence and call for Congress and its committees to hold public hearings on whether America’s putative president was and is constitutionally to be in the office he currently holds and to take all steps to remove him at the earliest opportunity. Impeachment shouldn’t be a consideration here since such applies only to qualified presidents.  Obama is not qualified, numerous attorneys have said so but more importantly the Constitution says so.  He should be removed sans delay.  Start the process now.

Additionally, here is what the U.S. House should do, also without delay.  Thank you for leading the vote to repeal Obamacare but we must go much further.  Start here.

  1. Secure the borders without delay and finish building the fence.  Deport all illegals.  Pass legislation to ensure that no further importation of foreign workers will be allowed and that all verified illegals currently holding American salaried jobs be promptly terminated in order that those jobs be made available to legal Americans.  Employers refusing to use E-Verify to weed out those illegally employed will lose their right to operate their business and/or be fined and jailed.  After dealing with the eligibility issue, the border crisis and its effect on jobs need to be expeditiously addressed.  It can no longer be dismissed.
  2. Reverse all laws and policies that have exported jobs to China, India and other nations.
  3. Bring all troops home from Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere and put them on the borders.
  4. Defund the abortion industry in full.  Reverse public funding of embryonic stem cell research.  And yes, pass a ban on abortion on demand – isn’t 50 million babies enough?
  5. Reverse the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; it is a moral outrage and against God’s divine law to force government sanctioned homosexuality on America’s troops and the country.
  6. Cut government and federal spending to unprecedented levels.  Investigate all czars for constitutional legitimacy. Those deemed unconstitutional shall promptly be defunded.
  7. Repeal all laws restricting constitutional liberty.  Abolish the EPA and Interior Depts.
  8. Pass a bill that no U.S. representative or senator serves more than 12 years in Congress.

Beyond these agenda items, there’s little else I see for the Congress to do.  It’s encouraging in one sense that it wants to meet less than the previous Congress.  This sends a message that the current Congress (at least the U.S. House) recognizes that the longer it stays in session, the greater the risk of American liberties will be encroached.  I like that a lot.  However, given the oppressive measures the 111th Congress foisted on the American people (and to a somewhat lesser extent the previously Congresses), it may be necessary to be in session longer to remedy and reverse what it did.  I would like to see the House meet on a regular basis throughout the entire year to fix the matters above and then drastically shorten the second session next year.

As I close, I want to reiterate the first issue here, that being the constitutional qualifications of Barack Obama and his authorization to lead this country.  Please, I beg of you, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor, grow some spine.  Yes, I know that calling Obama out on his likely ineligibility is certain to rankle Washington Democrats and even put you in fear.  I fully understand the human element here.  However, there is no substitution for doing what is right.  In light of the public opinion of the millions of Americans who question and doubt the credentials of the man in the Oval Office, the lawsuits filed, the court cases heard (none of which has been addressed on the merits) and the numerous legislatures taking up this matter in various fashions, it is imperative for Congress to not bury or pooh-pooh this issue.  It doesn’t matter what clueless politicians think or say.  It matters to us, the American people and the rule of law.  Thus it should matter to you.

Please hear what I and millions of Americans have to say and do not ignore us.  The future of this country (and your jobs) may well depend on what you do and don’t do in the next 23 months.

I am praying for you do to the right thing.


Nedd Kareiva

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