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A Call to Close All U.S. Abortion Clinics

Dear Readers:

The former chief of staff for the Obama Administration told us that we should never let “a serious crisis go to waste”.  I totally concur.  And in memory of Rahm Emmanuel and his run for mayor of Chicago , I will take him up on his offer.

As was extensively reported by the lame stream media (and highly likely against their heartfelt wishes), America got a big glimpse of what occurs at America’s so-called friendly abortion clinics. And to put it very mildly, it wasn’t pretty at all – literally.

It was downright sickening.  It was abhorrent.  It was ghastly.  It was and is every bit against the nature of a civilized society.

But this is nothing new.  It has occurred at countless other facilities.  And it very likely is occurring today at many clinics across the country.

And as in Mr. Emmanuel’s words, we’re not going to let it go to waste.

But it’s going to take your help and that of your friends, family, churches and colleagues at work and wherever else you socialize to make the difference.  It’s going to require a little activism to do so, even if you have never done so.  It will involve your use of the keyboard, printer and a fax, if you have one.  If you don’t have a printer, find someone who does or go to your local library and use theirs.  If you don’t have access to a fax and can’t find someone who does, then get a few business envelopes and postage stamps.

Because you will be God’s and America’s instrument to forever end the American Holocaust.

It doesn’t matter how old or young or intelligent you are.  If you understand basic biology and the definition of abortion and don’t have a cold heart, you are more than qualified to be America’s voice and the voice of all babies residing in women’s wombs somewhere across the fruited plain.

We will not wait another 40 years before abortion is legally history.  We will not wait another 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3 or even 2 years put our imprimatur on it.

We shall do so this year.  And we shall do so without the help of Congress, despite an upcoming measure in the U.S. House to defund it.  It is likely to comfortably pass, even with some Democrat support.  However, there is little chance such would pass the pro-abortion U.S. Senate and most certainly not America’s premier pro-partial birth abortion, pro-infanticide and putative president.

But it will get traction.  And with your help and God’s, it will happen.  How so?  By two avenues:

  1. Your state attorney generals
  2. Your state senators and representatives (unless you reside in Nebraska where you have but one legislative body)

The reason the attorney generals (or as some call them, attorneys general) go first is due to the power they currently wield by the nature of their position.  We do not have to wait for an act of the state legislature to intervene, though that is what we will push for.  We are under no illusions that state lawmakers in heavily pro-abortion states like California, New York and others across the East & West Coasts will want to take up any measures restricting abortion, despite the grewsome (and yes, that is one way to spell it) acts that were discovered in the state of Pennsylvania.

We will attempt to get these legislators to act since they are duly elected representatives of the people in the districts they reside.  However, regardless of their interest (or indifference), our first goal is to secure the help, resources and full weight of each attorney general’s office and that in conjunction with each state’s health department.  The reason for this is twofold:

  1. The attorney general is the chief law enforcement official in his or her respective state and wields immense power to ensure compliance with state laws.
  2. The health departments of each state have power to legally act on behalf of the attorney generals and are regulated by the legislatures and the laws legislatures have approved.

Based on points 1 & 2, we are initially urging and insisting that the state attorney generals launch inspections into all surgical abortion clinics operating in their states, particularly those that have previously been under investigation or controversy.  And there are plenty but should you need a couple examples to aid your understanding, check out this one and this one.

And if you think you can stomach reading more, go visit this page.

According to Life Dynamics, there are roughly 750 abortion clinics in America.  From this writer’s research and knowledge, having lived in both Illinois and Indiana, with all due respect to the great work Mark Crutcher and his group do for the unborn, this number may be in error.  Some of those clinics may not be doing or no longer be doing surgical (or chemical) abortions.  They may also simply be doing contraceptive distribution (which is morally wrong in of itself but for the moment I will not address it) or provide other services which may or may not carry a moral compass.

A search at the excellent Priests for Life website, which used to have a page devoted to clinic locations, currently came up empty but an e-mail was sent to its main address to see if a link still exists.  If it does, we will post it once we hear from Father Pavone or one of his staff.

But regardless of what we do have for locations and whether they are currently up to date, the fact is each attorney general and state health department know which clinics exist, which don’t and which does abortions in any capacity and which don’t.  That is the basis for the following letter that we ask you to send to the attorney general for your state.  Since he or she is an elected official, he or she has the obligation to enforce the law and investigate reported violations.

To say that the state of Pennsylvania failed to protect the women and children who entered the abortion clinic in West Philadelphia is a colossal understatement.  As the AP reported, the clinic had no inspections for over 17 years.  This is thoroughly unacceptable as hospitals and veterinary clinics are highly regulated and inspected, often, if not always, unannounced.  The blame here falls on, as the story goes, state regulators (prosecutors and the state health dept.) and that stems all the way to the top to the most recent attorney general and now governor, Tom Corbett.

While it appears that state officials are scrambling to throw the book at the abortionist and his employees (and rightly so), it is imperative that the office of acting attorney general, William Ryan, needs to initiate inspections against the remaining abortion clinics.  There is little doubt now that abortion proponents like the oxymoronic National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and its legal ally the ACLU will aggressively fight such at any and every turn, citing privacy and confidentiality claims. However, the spotlight is shining ever so brightly upon those who commit such sinister acts at these clinics.  Most any rational people who normally pay little or no attention to abortion now wonder if perhaps these deeds go on at other clinics.  They should be rest assured that they do but due to political and other pressure are not inspected. That needs to change now.  And if we have any say so, by the grace of God, it will.

There is no mention of this abortionist and this story on the state attorney general’s website, though there are others.  There also is nothing on the governor’s site, though we should temporarily give him the benefit of the doubt since his transition team is in the process of assuming control. But this has to change, regardless of any political darts thrown their way.  If the brutal murders of these babies by a ghoulish abortionist (with all apologies to ghouls) do not take center stage on their websites, then we should ask ourselves why.  You certainly won’t find any comment or condemnation of the abortionist and his gang on the NOW site, the NARAL site (though you will find condemnation of the House repeal yesterday of Obamacare) or the ACLU.

Therefore, it is imperative that we American patriots force the hands of Mr. Ryan and all 50 attorney generals without delay.  To that end, I have devised a letter that I will send to the office of my state’s attorney general, Greg Zoeller of Indiana with a CC to the PA A/G.  Please read it and then follow the instructions and guidelines after its conclusion.


Mr. Greg Zoeller
Office of the Indiana Attorney General
302 W. Washington, 5th Floor
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Fax: (317) 232-7979

Dear Mr. Zoeller:

I am writing about an issue of great concern to me as well as millions of American patriots.  However, before continuing, may I express my gratitude for the superb work you and the Indiana A/G’s office are doing in defending its citizens against the oppressive legislative act known in political circles as Obamacare.  With over half the nation’s states now challenging this federal statute, I believe the momentum is on our side to overturn it and return health making decisions, as well as all others, to the people the state serves.  Thank you for helping lead the way.

As you may have read or heard at some point a Philadelphia abortionist was arrested yesterday, along with his wife and 8 other employees, including a 15 year old girl, for a series of horrific acts that took place at his clinic.  Out of respect for your office, I will refrain from graphically detailing the chilling series of events that reportedly occurred as media reports seem to have done that surprisingly well.  However, the findings of Pennsylvania authorities should shock every state attorney general and health department to the point that current procedures for inspecting and closing abortion clinics in their respective states be reviewed and updated without delay.

It is generally understood by the public that medical facilities operating in all 50 states undergo stringent examinations for obvious sanitary and safety reasons prior to practice.  Any hospital or surgery center seeking to conduct business will not be allowed to do so if such measures do not thoroughly satisfy state personnel granting such authorization. Generally speaking, veterinary clinics and restaurants have rigorous standards that must be met before they are permitted to publicly operate, standards that seldom, if at all, are applied to facilities where abortions occur.

Without going into great detail, two of the states bordering our own Indiana have had ghoulish experiences that, had state officials taken the initiative and treated their respective clinics like any other, may very well have not occurred or else prematurely ended.  Two of the more disturbing ones involved a body parts for sales operation (no exaggeration) in downstate Illinois and babies found in dumpsters in Michigan (on more than one occasion).  You may well be aware of these cases but if you are not, you will be able easily research them on the Internet.  The Illinois case ended up with the savages fleeing the state to an unknown location while the two Michigan ones concluded with no prosecutorial action due to being hamstrung by current state law.

I assure you that these are not isolated incidents, Mr. Zoeller.  I cannot guarantee that Indiana has similar cases and clinics that will be found to live in infamy if such deplorable deeds are discovered.  But I can assure you that ghastly deeds in the form of abortion on our own children in the name of “choice” are done in all 50 states, including our own Indiana, and it is up to you and the Indiana Dept. of Health to find out the extent of it by conducting onsite investigations (preferably unannounced) of all facilities performing any sort of abortion (surgical, chemical, saline) in this state.  State laws regulating notification and consent are not considerations in how abortionists operate.  Laws are frequently broken because of lack of oversight.  The Philadelphia story claims that no clinic inspections took place since 1993. That is totally unacceptable as any rational person can deduce that between then and now, countless laws may have been broken.

Groups like Planned Parenthood will scream bloody murder (no pun intended) if they get word that one of their clinics is facing an inspection or investigation, often contacting their legal allies like the ACLU if wrongdoing is suspected, let alone found.  The fact is no business operating legally and ethically will ever refuse to be inspected (announced or unannounced) if it fully believes it has been abiding by current state and federal laws.  The fact that groups like PP complain as much as they do should send signals that necessitate looking into their operation.

The sad thing is that public officials are often intimidated on the rare occasions they believe a facility performing abortions warrant a visit.  There is no reason for that since the state holds an enormous amount of law enforcement power to back up any adverse findings by state officials.  Concerns about lawsuits from the likes of the ACLU do have merit as states find themselves today in short supply of funds.  However, wrongdoing should never take a back seat to money and politics, though sadly this occurs too often today.

As a result of the events in Philadelphia and the historic national neglect of monitoring abortion clinics, I am asking your office, in conjunction with the state health dept., to promptly initiate and conduct visits (preferably unannounced) to each and every medical facility that does abortions in the state of Indiana and that political considerations be set aside to do so.  I ask that any facility found in violation of current health, safety and sanitary standards (which will very likely be most of them, though Indiana has very few such clinics) be immediately shut down

Most anyone reading what took place in Philly will find themselves repulsed and revulsed and based on the hundreds of thousands of posts at various websites covering this house of horrors, want action against the perpetrators of these crimes, starting with the abortionist.  Seeing this story only further compels our culture to become a more affirming and accepting one towards the unborn.  The fact that abortions are steadily declining (though one abortion is one too many) and the fact that abortionists are dying out and not being replaced stand as a testament to our culture moving to cease its hostility to the unborn.

I will also be asking the Indiana state legislature (both houses) to introduce the ACHE Act.  ACHE stands for Abortion Clinic Health Enforcement.  The ACHE Act will involve reviewing current health and sanitary procedures pertaining to such clinics, updating them as necessary and addressing, enforcing and strengthening current law.  It will also require the state health dept. and law enforcement officials (as deemed appropriate by the legislature) to conduct regular timely visits (again, preferably unannounced), draft a document that will serve as an official abortion clinic report and to post such reports online for public viewing. Personal private details of patients and workers may be redacted as necessary.  Any clinic refusing official access or found to be in violation of current and any newly enacted laws will immediately be shut down.  The days where the abortion industry gets special treatment and exemptions are coming to a close.

I urge your support of these measures and welcome your thoughts and comments.  Thank you very much for your time and anticipated response.


Nedd Kareiva
(City, State, Zip)

CC: Mr. William Ryan
Action Attorney General, State of Pennsylvania
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA  17120
Fax: (717) 787-8242

My friends, I am initially asking each of you to send at least two letters or faxes, one to your own state attorney general and the other to Mr. Ryan.  However, if you are willing to do so, please consider sending such a letter to every state bordering your own.  For example, if you live in my state of Indiana, you can send one also to each attorney general in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.  Depending on where you live, you may have only one surrounding state or you may have many.  Only if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii you will obviously have none.

And if by some means you are willing to send 50 faxes or mail 50 letters (total cost $22), that would be the best way to go.  If you can do, please do so and let me know.  Thank you!

There are some guidelines that I ask of each one who volunteers to put our public officials on the hot seat.  Please obey ALL of them, especially point 7, as failure to do so could jeopardize this effort.  Our goal is 100% abortion closure, be it surgical, chemical or saline.  Here is how to help:

  1. All letters to the attorney generals are to be sent by either snail mail or fax (preferable to minimize any chance of being lost in the mail).  Please do not e-mail or use any e-mail forms on the states’ websites. There is no guarantee the content will be read if sent by those means, especially if there is a groundswell effort here (which we hope and pray is the case).  Put your convictions in writing and sign it. Calls may also be made but a paper trail is necessary to track how many letters were sent.  Again, send by snail mail or fax.
  2. Keep all letters to a max of two pages.  Any more than two pages run the risk boring the reader (it may not necessarily be the A/G his or herself).  Use modest size font (Ariel or Times New Roman preferred) instead of too big or small or anything fancy.  Use black, dark grey or dark blue font color – no bright colors. Use Microsoft Word or some other appropriate format for your letter.  If you need help formatting, ask; I may be able to help.
  3. Please know what you are writing about.  If you don’t know what you’re saying or you take a point from my letter but don’t comprehend it, don’t discuss it.  If you have a cursory knowledge of abortion and everything surrounding it, talk accordingly.  If you have advanced understanding of the issue and can speak with passion, knowledge and eloquence, do so.  But don’t be someone you aren’t.  It’s not necessarily important that you know everything on abortion.  But it is important that what you do know and put on paper can be backed with proof.  Study the issue – there are boatloads of great groups like the American Life League (www.all.org) and Priests for Life where can get good info.
  4. Please do not copy word for word this sample letter.  You may use portions of it as you wish but it is critical that your thoughts and views be read as your own.  I’ve been around long enough and done enough proofreading over the years to detect canned and copied letters. This is why I have elected not to set up a petition or web page with a preset letter.  We need originality of thought, passion and conviction.  Thousands upon thousands of individually thought out letters loaded with them can have a very powerful effect on a public official, especially one who publicly expresses belief in the rule of law.
  5. Please, for God’s sake (literally) and that of this cause, be polite and professional in your letter.  Yes, I know some state officials deserve to be read the riot act.  However, that brings detriment to this vital cause.  Officials in liberal states may well give short shrift to what you say if you do or even if you don’t.  But don’t instigate.  What occurred yesterday has arguably awakened many a folk who have otherwise been indifferent or even hostile to life issues.  No one with any trace of decency can defend this abortionist and the criminal acts he and his employees have perpetrated.  Be reminded of the verse in Proverbs, “A soft answer turns away wrath but grievous words stir up anger”.
  6. Be sure to CC the PA attorney general at the end of each letter, regardless of how many you send – unless you live in PA in which case you would only contact Mr. Ryan.
  7. Please, unless you have experience and understanding in working with legislators and how legislatures work and/or are someone who is viewed as having a steel trap mind on abortion (like Judy Brown of ALL or Father Pavone), say nothing relative to the next to last paragraph in your letter.  Leave it out.  I am referring to the “ACHE” section.  The “ACHE” section is not for novices.  We want all 50 states to enact an ACHE but we know that in states like California, New York and Massachusetts that will be all but impossible due to the rabid pro-abortion stances of lawmakers in those states.  We will attempt to get one introduced but are not guaranteed of it, let alone passage.  The ACHE is this writer’s own concept.  Though no trademark or service mark will be filed for its use, as a courtesy, please reference it accordingly if you use the acronym in letter or speech.
  8. Be sure you have the proper address or fax number for the attorney general(s) you are attempting to write.  Some government websites combine some offices but even if they do, they have separate fax numbers and addresses.  Make sure you are on the A/G web page for the state you intend to write.  Use Google to find them.
  9. When you are done, you need not send me your draft to look over and comment, should you decide to do so before you mail or fax.  If you wish to do so, note that in your e-mail that you are looking for a critique of your comments.  I may be able to do so but I cannot guarantee it, depending on the volume I get.  If you do not hear from me within 48 hours of your e-mail, go ahead and mail or fax without my input.
  10. However, once you have sent out your faxes or letters (please do not handwrite), kindly convey the following to me: (1) whether you faxed or mailed your letters (2) which A/G’s did you write or fax – name the state, not the A/G – and (3) the actual letter or fax you sent. I may decide to critique a letter after I have been notified that it has been sent but I will only do so if the letter is poorly worded or lacks professionalism.  The main purpose I have in keeping copies of the letters is simple – I want to know how many went out.  I need to know how powerful this effort is going to be.
  11. The e-mail address you will use to correspond with me on all the above is the234project@rocketmail.com.

Start those letters now!  This crisis will not go to waste.

For those of you who wish to solely write the A/G’s and/or are not experienced or confident enough to address the ACHE aspect with your state legislatures, your job is done for the moment. But for those who wish to go a step beyond, stay a bit longer as the following section is for you.


If you have ever called a member of Congress or someone in the state legislature, you know that you aren’t necessarily guaranteed a cordial welcome from that voice on the other end. If you have ever written, faxed or e-mailed them, you may or may not have gotten a reply. If you have ever communicated with any of them in any regularity, chances are you have learned a bit about the political process.  And if you have watched Congress on C-SPAN, state legislatures streaming online at the state’s website, or been in person to your state’s capitol while your legislature is in session, you may have a fair grasp of how lawmakers and legislatures operate.  Just getting your own Congressman, senator or state senator or representative to introduce any legislation you support is a Herculean task to undertake.

But the ACHE Act is legislation that needs to be introduced and passed in every state.  Some states already have similar measures in place to regulate clinics.  Some have laws with more teeth than others. Regardless, if such measures do exist, they need to be strengthened with a mechanism of enforcement.  America does not need to see another Philly House of Horrors.

There are three things to be done before anything else.  One is to review current law, if applicable; two is to locate a state senator and representative to sponsor ACHE and three is to get a bill filed in time.  All states have deadlines as to when bills may be filed during a particular session.  Those who fail to meet a deadline to file generally have to wait until the following year.

This is daunting, especially since some states have a short window to file bills due to the length of time the legislatures are in session.  Utah is one such example as they meet for only two months each year.  Indiana is not far behind as it meets for roughly three months on odd number years and two months on even number years.  Some will meet well beyond like Massachusetts which goes right up until the end of the summer.  But even states like those have deadlines.

So we cannot guarantee that we can even get legislation filed in time, even if we do have a state representative and senator to take this on.  But we must try.  The unborn are depending on us.

What I am looking for is one individual from each of the 50 states (minus Indiana) to lead the way on the above three points, someone who will research their own state’s law on abortion clinics as well as bill filing deadlines and seek sponsorships.  I am also seeking one person to oversee this effort and help find someone in each state to represent their respective states.

If you would like to spearhead the ACHE effort in your respective state or be the one to oversee the process over all the states, please contact me the234project@rocketmail.com.  Briefly share your Internet skills, your pro-life views, any supervisor experience you may have and any other credentials you feel fill the bill for this volunteer position.  There is no money in it, though if we get any significant Pay Pal donations, we may be able to help financially in a small way.  However, the main goal here is to eradicate abortion by shutting down every single clinic in America.  If you are passionate about that, then I want to hear from you today.

Thank you for reading this long e-mail and your willingness to end the American Holocaust.

Cordially in Christ,


P.S.  To avoid monetary distractions, we will not ask for money in this effort; however, if you feel led to contribute something towards it, e-mail me and I’ll give you the address to send your donation.

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