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Obot Radio: Another Utter Liberal Failure

The libs just don’t get it, do they?  Thursday’s Obamacare summit was, to put it mildly, a flop; no, a better term might be a colossal skunking.  If you are not a liberal, there’s no way any rationally minded person could say the Democrats won this “debate”.   Politico’s online poll (right margin) shows a more than 2-1 margin of victory in favor of the Republicans over Democrats.  Perhaps if Congressional Republicans articulated a similarly coherent message to Americans in Congress and on the campaign trails, we would not be in as many messes as we are today and there wouldn’t be so many outcries for a third party.  The GOP’s display in the dog and pony show summit was a breath of fresh air .  If the GOP continues making its case like they did on Thursday, the Democrats will be toast in the fall and perhaps well beyond. Kudos to Congressmen Paul Ryan (by far the best) and Eric Cantor as well as Sen. Lamar Alexander (for the most part) and others for a splendid job.

While Democrats continue to be unable to make their case for their socialized medicine to the American people, they now are working to infiltrate and disrupt conservative talk radio in support of their leader’s Obamacare health scam, I mean plan, to force it.   It can be interpreted as desperate, agitative, propagandic, obnoxious, etc.  But whatever it is, it is also like Obamacare and the summit – a colossal disaster. And laughable as well.

One need only read the transcript of the opening segment of Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show to see how this effort from Obama’s Organizing for America is little less than a hilarious joke.  In fact, you may want to click the above link to read all of what Rush so brilliantly stated and then return to this post.

OK, now that you have read the transcript, let’s go to the website for  “Radio Obama Barack” (or ROB – my acronym – for short) and have a little fun.  We’ll see if we can “ROB” them of their ideas – with a sense of humor to boot.

First, take a look at all the shows you can call.  As I click them (under “give me another show“), I will post the shows here.  You may get them in a different order and it’s possible you may get some that I don’t.  But since this is my post, we’ll go on what I find. However, happy clicking on your end.

OK, here they are.  For now, we’ll just list the names and comment on a few afterward

  1. The Ed Schultz Show – perfect starter for the Obots and Democrats, considering he recommends multiple voting (i.e. vote early and often)
  2. The Dennis Miller Show
  3. The Fred Thompson Show
  4. New Dimensions – note the bogus area code of 170-746-8983 – missing a digit since you have to dial 1 to make a call beyond your area code
  5. What Really Happened
  6. Glenn Beck – Weekend Edition
  7. Jay Sekulow Weekend
  8. On the Media
  9. Brian & The Judge
  10. Focus on the Family  Weekend
  11. Freethought Radio – not sure if this is still running since it was part of the left wing Air America which went bankrupt and is now off the air
  12. Wake up, Everybody – hello, any Obots “home”?
  13. The Mike Gallagher Show
  14. The Rush Limbaugh Show
  15. News Talk 1260 Weekend
  16. Living on Earth
  17. The Glenn Beck Program
  18. The Sean Hannity Show
  19. The Best of Rush Limbaugh – uh, Obots, that only runs during certain national holidays.  I guarantee 100% you won’t get to talk to Rush.
  20. The Barry Farber Show
  21. The Mutual Fund Show – uh, Obots, that is a show dealing with people’s money, though maybe it would be worth calling to tell the host how expensive Obamacare will cost
  22. Best of Dennis Prager
  23. KTOE News Information & Music
  24. Thru the Bible – Obots, where is it in the Bible where the Lord says, “Thou shalt provide health care for all people”?
  25. Moneytalk – Obots, see #21
  26. Steel on Steel
  27. Best of Sean Hannity – Obots, see #19
  28. KCMO 710: Cover Your Assets – Hmmm, maybe the T should be removed in “Assets”, no?
  29. WFNC AM640 News
  30. Radio Liberty
  31. Dennis Prager Show
  32. Roger Hedgecock Show
  33. Best of Laura Ingraham
  34. Insight for Living
  35. Democracy Now
  36. Mark Levin Show
  37. The Rising Tide: Air America Minnesota AM 950 – uh, Obots, didn’t your Airhead America go off the air?
  38. Free Minds America
  39. Insight for Living
  40. Saturday Night America

OK, after continuous clicking, I’m getting the same shows so we’ll stop at 40 for now.  For the record, the Ed Schultz Show (#1) and Democracy Now (#35) appeared yesterday in a test but not today.  Perhaps Obama’s webmaster removed those two since it really makes little sense for liberals (they don’t have much of that anyway, do they?) to talk to their choir directors in support of their beloved leader’s Obamacare.

However, liberals love Freethought Radio (#11) and The Rising Tide (#37), both part of  bankrupt Air America so I guess the directors there can preach to the choir and vice versa.

The Lars Larson Show and the Michael Savage Show were also in Friday’s “test” but not Saturday’s.  Perhaps the webmaster knows the times and days of some of the shows but not all.  It certainly makes no sense to call Rush, Hannity or Beck (and probably many others) on weekends or any “Best of” shows since they never do shows on these days.

So this “Call Now” is really laughable.  You don’t know if the show is on when you call or even if you have the right day.  Perhaps you might get an answering machine or voice mail where Obot defenders can leave their talking points is their best possibility of getting thru.  That would probably be the best thing for them instead of making themselves look like fools by going on live.

Thanks, Radio Obama, for providing us with the names and phone numbers of these shows, including the phony number of New Dimensions.  Their listed area code of (170) must be a new one lost on the phone companies.

Now I just clicked the “Listen now with Radio Time” button under “The Best of Dennis Prager” and I was taken to a new window which says “This topic is no longer available”.  Then you click “Details” and you get taken to this page.   It tells you when you can listen and where.

I also clicked to go to the Thru the Bible show and I got this page.  Now while it says in the left corner to call a particular number, it seems rather obvious that this show isn’t taking on the air calls.  Its mission, per its website, is to read the Bible through 30 minutes a day over a 5 year period.  I don’t think the Obots are going to be able to make a case for their fuhrer’s health scam since the show seems to be absent political flavor.

Feel free to try other shows as you see fit.  And if you want to throw in your two cents under “Report Your Call”, go ahead and do so.  Heck, you don’t even have to pretend that you made a call.  Just do it.  It will go thru immediately. I did and it was fun.

So it appears that whoever this Obama Radio webmaster is, he didn’t do his homework.  Perhaps he should have broken down the shows by days and time slots when to click to go on.  But since the Obots don’t seem to be too bright to think for themselves, I guess this shouldn’t be entirely unexpected.

The near 1200 posters at Politico’s article about Radio Obama almost unanimously agree.  The comments there are well worth reading.  It’s quite clear that almost all of them have avoided drinking the Kool-Aid.

Now as to the posted calling tips and discussion points for callers to go on the air and testify as to how Obamacare will benefit America, they speak for themselves and Rush breaks them down so it would be redundant for me to repeat them here.  However, what he says at the end of his Friday segment is a slam dunk and this is worth repeating, particularly the lunacy expressed below (highlit in bold red)

As you know, the Obama administration through their website, Organizing for America, has got talking points out there for seminar callers.  They’re tired of getting beat up on the radio, and their hosts can’t succeed.  Look, MSNBC, at some point don’t you think that network would reach a degree of embarrassment and have to do something about it?  One of their hosts advocated ripping Dick Cheney’s heart out of his chest and kicking it down the street or whatever using it as a football and then putting it back in there.  I mean, these people, in their desperate, desperate attempt to get noticed, they are so obviously childish, immature, coarse. It’s just amazing that that network is allowed to continue on as it does.  So Obama, you know, those hosts, networks, nobody watches them.  Twenty-five thousand people one night last week watching CNN.  So Obama said, okay, I gotta get my own talking points on conservative talk radio because that’s all anybody is listening to.  So he’s got this website where he’s advocating people call shows like this one and lie about who they are.  Basically spam.  “Hi, we love you, I listen to you all the time, been listening to you forever, I want to talk about health care,” and then they give talking points.

Now, this is nothing new, it’s been going on since the nineties.  We identified these seminar callers back then.  But Obama has now — a presidential directive.  And we can’t find any!  We have struggled all day.  We’re in the third hour of the program.  We cannot find one Obama acolyte.  We cannot find one seminar caller.  We cannot find one spammer.  Now, it’s been suggested that they’re not up yet, which is a valid possibility.  It’s also just as valid that there just may not be that many of them anymore.  There may not be that many Obama supporters, which would not surprise me.  But, you know, our cameras and microphones are everywhere, and they’re not happy, from what I’m told, at the White House with how this is going.”



Seems like we got some real “smart” Obots here, don’t we?  Since they’re from Chicago, perhaps they were among Obama’s recruits as a community organizer for the Windy City. Maybe Obama, Axlerod, Rahm or others of his Chicago connection can recruit them to start making their Robo-Obot calls and telling their “stories” (AKA fibs).  Given today’s Rasmussen poll, showing a tie for the worst disapproval margin for Obama since taking office, these folks might be all he has left in America (besides Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco liberal district) to make their case for Obamacare.  After all, they don’t have to fall on the sword or walk the plank as most of the rest of the Democrats in Congress are doing for Usurper Obama.



Priceless!  Is this the best the Democratic National Committee can do for America.

Oh, if you’re not sure this classic piece of idiocy is sponsored by the DNC, just go to the bottom left corner of the Radio Obama page and see the bottom right corner where it is “powered by hope and supporters” like me.

I think not.

Now to permanently put a sword thru this legislation and make these scoundrels walk the political plank this fall.  I’d say we’re well on our way.

Or so I pray.

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