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Obamacare bias for all to see

It’s pretty clear that a sizable majority of Americans wants no part of a federal takeover of health care.  News sources, as per their policy and politics, put their spin on the news, depending on the extent of liberalism and conservatism they embrace.  It was no different before the House & Senate versions of Obamacare passed before the end of 2009 and it’s no different today.

However, there is one piece today that shows an unusually and exceptionally clear cut bias towards Democrats with no inch given to Republicans.  But it’s more than just bias.  Some of it is, frankly speaking, an out and outright lie.

I normally don’t go around looking to counter every argument out there for Obamacare but this one was so blatant that I believe my criticism was rightly warranted. I specifically signed up at this site so I could rebut this blatantly leftist editorial which I located while perusing for Obamacare stories at Google News.

Here is what I said in my post to the Las Vegas Sun website.

LV Sun, your bias is on display for all to see. How do tort reform and buying across state lines not add “anything substantial to the debate”. You’re free to disagree with these proposals but how is that not “substantial”? And how does keeping “their patrons in the insurance industry happy” reconcile the fact that these ideas help pretty much everyone except trial lawyers and left wing politicians? It would surely help me and I daresay other uninsured folks.

Also, I fail to see how a 220-215 House vote for this legislation reconciles your statement “Both the bills in the House and the Senate passed by large margins last year”. I think your average person would view a 5 vote margin out of 435 total votes more like “squeaked by”. Perhaps you can define “large margins” for your readers.

You further say “when asked about the components of health care reform, they (the American people) largely support them.” What planet are you on, folks? Are you reading any of the polls? Go to Real Clear Politics to check out all the health care polls conducted in the last 35 days. 10 out of 10 say the people don’t want Obamacare, 8 of those 10 by double digit margins. The range is anywhere from -3 in the Washington Post/All Barack Channel (ABC) poll to -20 in the CNN/Opinion Research poll. By anyone’s definition, the public is NOT in support of Obamacare. They want jobs, not a government takeover of  medicine.

Not only do ZERO polls show the public wanting the feds to run our lives and health care, virtually no political analysts anywhere see Democrats retaining control of the House this fall and some see the Senate in play as well. How does that play into your view that “Republicans have been obstructionists”? Up until the January special election, Republicans couldn’t do a thing to stop the Obama health care wrecking ball in either chamber. It was Democrats that obstructed, not to mention the wide swath of voters who told lawmakers in no uncertain terms that they wanted no part of such legislation.

You folks say on your site that the Sun has been “locally owned and independent for more than 50 years”. While I couldn’t deny your “local focus”, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the Sun was an arm of the Nevada and national Democrat Party.

Sun staff, if you’re going to continue claiming that you’re an independent news source, please get it right. As a private entity, you have the absolute right to voice your own opinion on any matter and run your website as you see fit but please, since facts are said to be stubborn things, do your due diligence to put them on display along with your bias.

As of this moment, my comment is posted on the Sun website.  We’ll see if it remains up there as the day goes along.

Meanwhile, the Sun should take a cue from its rival, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and do a fair story on politics and political figures. Here’s a good example of fairness in reporting instead of bias and spin.  All major public officials in both parties from Nevada are distrusted by the voters.

One point to be made from these pieces.  How could U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid be trusted to deliver on Obamacare (as the Las Vegas Sun leads us to believe, given its apparent love for Democrats) when his poll numbers are in the tank, according to the above article and poll quoted in it? If you’re losing to both a virtually unknown banker and a Tea Party late entry guy, not to mention three of the more viable candidates, and you’ve been in office for almost a quarter of a century and are tied to Barack Obama, uh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Nevadans, as well as most Americans, don’t want government controlled health care; at the very least – not at this time.

If all this is even remotely true, I think Sen. Reid will be sent to the showers in November with a lot more in tow, pro-Obamacare or no (including the GOP governor in that state).  A political bloodbath is set to occur, starting from Nevada and sweeping across the fruited plain.  The electorate doesn’t want Obamacare and if the town hall meetings and tea party gathering are any sign of proof in the past, the ballot box this November will be the final arbiter and perhaps in unprecedented fashion.

Katy, bar the door!

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