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Let’s Move Them Out

In the Obama quest to control every aspect of our lives, the federal government has launched a new website to supposedly curb obesity and get America’s children in shape.

The home page states:

Childhood obesity or excess weight threatens the healthy future of one third of American children. We spend $150 billion every year to treat obesity-related conditions, and that number is growing.

Obesity rates tripled in the past 30 years, a trend that means, for the first time in our history, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents.

We don’t know where those figures came from since no source is linked to them.  For all we know, they may have been pulled out of thin air.

First, we’re told by America’s (putative) first nanny that one out of every three children are overweight and/or obese.  OK, fine.  But facts are stubborn things and without citing any particular source, I daresay the facts don’t line up.

Next time you have the opportunity, go to a location where you will see lots of children hang out.  Schools and public playgrounds are pretty good places to do so.  A school may be tougher to get into if you’re not a school official but there are occasions parents have access to the schools with children inside, be they in session or out.  Or go to a playground or public park, though such does not help during cold weather. Sporting events also work.

Anyway, when you do visit one of the above, just take a look around and see if you can find any proof that one out of every three kids you see is chubby. This writer has done so in his home town here in Indiana and he is hard pressed to think of any such numbers.  Even one in 10 may be a stretch.

Bottom line, one in three is not believable by any measuring stick.  33% of America’s children as fat defies logic.

Secondly, we’re told that $150 billion has been spent on obesity but last I checked, I don’t recall seeing any hard numbers from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the federal government or any other similar entity.

We’re told that our children’s lives will be shortened by obesity.  Hmmm, I can think of a far worse way our children’s lives (specifically teens) can be shortened.  It’s call STD’s and engaging in unnatural sexual behavior (AKA, homosexual activity).  But we’re not told about that from this White House, even though the CDC (linked to Let’s Move) itself provides information showing the dangers of engaging in such behaviors.

However, I digress.

You can read the White House memo on this initiative, linked at the site and here. And for the simple sake of seeing what your government is up to, I urge you to do so.

You may think most of this stuff in this memo  is verbiage and largely innocuous.  However, if you go down to Section 4, you read:

Sec. 4.  Outreach.  Consistent with the objectives set out in this memorandum, the Task Force, in accordance with applicable law, and in addition to regular meetings, shall conduct outreach with representatives of private and nonprofit organizations, State, tribal and local authorities, and other interested persons that can assist with the Task Force’s development of a detailed set of recommendations to solve the problem of childhood obesity.

OK, perhaps this example is a stretch but can you, my readers, see the possibility (even remote) of state or local officials (or private individuals authorized by this task force) knocking on your door to check the weight of any children in your home or perhaps even adults?  You may laugh at the possibility but then again, who ever thought the federal government would take over General Motors and Chrysler?

And under Section 5:

Sec. 5.  General Provisions.  (a)  The heads of executive departments and agencies shall assist and provide information to the Task Force, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Task Force.  Each executive department, agency, and office shall bear its own expense for participating in the Task Force.

(b)  Nothing in this memorandum shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i)  authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof

OK, note point (b), subsection (i).  If I read this correctly, a law enforcement authority may give power to some public or private entity to get involved with your children (and even you) if they are deemed to be fat and out of shape.

Am I reading too much into this?  Perhaps but have we forgotten that under the Obamacare bills that were recently debated in Congress, there were sections in them (at least the House version) that allow entities authorized by the federal government to come into your dwelling and advise you on matters pertaining to family planning?  Is it a stretch to believe that under this illegal administration, someone can come unannounced to your home and remove your children because they appeared to be obese from eating junk food?  Don’t laugh.  Anything is possible with these guys in power. The federal government has already dispatched their agents to people’s homes because of an anti-Obama bumper sticker or sign or because they stand against the feds on the 2nd Amendment or because of some material posted on such folks’ websites and blogs.

Rule of thumb:  put nothing past the power of this federal government.

And funny, the liberals always like to see that on matters of abortion, that is a decision to be made between the woman and her doctor.  Our putative president has made this point known rather well throughout his political career – here is one such instance.

But when it comes to your children’s girths (or even yours), nope, you don’t necessarily need a doctor alone to guide and counsel you.  You need the power of the federal government behind you, your children and your doc.

So your federal government believes “hands off” when it comes to abortion, an infinitely graver health issue, but “hands on” when it come to one’s weight.

See what they have planned for you and your communities on this page. Here are a few of the more troubling highlights with my rebuttals in red:

It’s our move. Uh, they’re not your children, they belong to God and the parents who brought them into the world.  It’s not “our”.

Our kids need to eat healthier food. Uh, they’re not your children, they belong to God and the parents who brought them into the world.  It’s not “our”.  And it’s not up to YOU to decide what is healthy and what is not.

They need to be more active. That is not a function of government, to determine active or sedentary behavior.

We all…parents, teachers, doctors, grocers and businesspeople…need to join together. Nope, it is up to parents with the voluntary assistance of their doctors to decide what kids should or shouldn’t eat, not the government or any other meddling nanny.

We can’t let this generation grow up more likely to get diabetes, cancer or heart disease. “We” means government and families.  Butt out, government!

Let’s move on this crisis! “Let’s” means let us, meaning government involvement.  And no, this is not a crisis except a manufactured one being created.  Our crisis is our economy and the lack of jobs.

Our work! work! work! all-digital-all-the-time world isn’t healthy for us or our kids. They are NOT your kids.  What part of that don’t you understand?

We need ways for the whole family to band together. Yes, we do, by creating policies that keep from marriages and society from collapsing, not from meddling in the day to day affairs of every American family.

To help our kids choose good food. These are NOT your kids, get it?

To help them learn that shooting hoops with friends beats shooting aliens with a laser. Whatever that’s supposed to mean – can you believe such a statement is coming from our stupid government?

Where are they going to get that sixty minutes of activity needed each day? What government bureaucrat, supposedly with a degree in nutrition, has come to the conclusion that all kids need an hour of activity every day?

Our kids need to be eating healthier food. These are NOT your kids, you still don’t get it!  They don’t need to be doing any damn thing.  Their diet is not in your purview.  Such is, as noted earlier, between parents and doctors.

We need to help our schools and grocery stores offer better options. Since when does the government get to tell grocers how to run their business?  Butt out!

More fruit, less sugar. More vegetables, less fat. None of your damn business what we eat or drink!

More knowledge, fewer empty calories. None of your damn business what we eat or drink!

More cooperating to solve these problems. We don’t need or want your help.

We believe every kid has the right to a healthy childhood. We – you don’t own our children!

We can’t let this be the first generation in our history to grow up less healthy than their parents. We – you don’t own our children!

The ingredients…better food + more activity…are clear. It’s none of your damn business what we or our children eat or what they do. Since when did you, Ugly Duckling Michelle, get to be an expert on nutrition and physical fitness?  Do you have a degree in either of these fields.  If not, I suggest you butt out and start reading the Constitution and what the federal government permits and doesn’t permit it to do, the Constitution your husband and illegitimate prez once called “imperfect” and one with “deep flaws”.

It’s not just a slogan, it’s our responsibility. It’s the parents’ responsibility, NOT yours.

Are you with us? Let’s move! No, we’re not with you.

But I do agree with “Let’s Move” as I snack on a Hostess Twinkie in defiance to these despicable government food nannies.

Yep, let’s move all of Barack”s unelected and unconfirmed czars off the federal payroll.

Let’s move Michelle’s excessive and pricy staff off the federal payroll.

Let’s move and trim, I mean cut, this morbidly obese and unprecedented federal debt and Obama’s annual budget

But more importantly:


Let’s move them all out of Washington before America is no more as we know it and because Barack Obama is disqualified from being president due to his non-natural born citizen status, according to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution and has provided no documentation to the contrary.

Is there anyone in the halls of Congress with the balls to make this a reality?  We’re still waiting.

Meanwhile, is there anyone out there to help me regiser and put together the website LetsMoveThemOut.org?  It is available.  Let’s do it now!

In the meantime, if you’re fed up with all the food Nazis and nannies, I suggest you visit Consumer Freedom today and help put a lid on controlling what you eat or drink.  Remember, it is NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!

And for the record, most of these obesity claims are as bogus as a $7 bill, which you will find as you peruse Consumer Freedom.  You can get e-mail alerts from these good folks as well.

Let’s move out the Obamas and this administration ASAP!  And tell the food Nazis and nannies to leave with them!

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