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A Letter to U.S. Senator Dick Lugar

The following letter is what I faxed this past weekend to one of my own U.S. senators, this one being Indiana’s senior senator, Republican Dick Lugar.  It was stemmed from a combination of the “shot fired” from Massachusetts two weeks ago and Congress’s continuous refusal to challenge Barack Obama’s presidential credentials.  I have written my senators many times but I thought I would share this one with you, my readers.  Feel free to extrapolate any portion of it to write or fax (don’t e-mail – most either delete or otherwise don’t read them) your senators and Congressmen.


Dear Sen. Lugar:

I received your letter last week in response to my concerns about the potential closing of Gitmo and transferring its prisoners to Thomson, IL.  I truly appreciated your reply and continue to urge you to use your influence on Capitol Hill to ensure that no money be appropriated to bring Islamic terrorists inside U.S. borders. Heeding Obama’s call poses a grave threat to our national security.

I want to quickly move on to the matters at hand, starting with last night’s State of the Union address.  I would prefer to call it the State of the Bunion address since it is painfully yet plainly clear that Washington and Obama still don’t get it.  I was disgusted with the class warfare Obama was spewing, attempting to put the American people in conflict with banks, insurance companies and Wall Street.  He clearly does not speak for most of us but I will come back to that a bit later.

On January 19th, the shot fired from Boston almost 2½ centuries ago was reheard that night. It was crystal clear voters had enough of the shenanigans in Washington.  Though many of the Democrats in DC still haven’t come to grips with reality, a fourth of voting Democrats in Beantown and elsewhere across the Bay State, along with Republicans and independents, did an about face and sided with the GOP on Capitol Hill by telling Congress and Obama to scrap Obamacare.  They did so by sending a Republican to Washington to be your new colleague in the Senate.  The entitlement mentality that Ted Kennedy’s seat was his legacy and that his seat was to stay in the family and among his friends was brought to a screeching halt.  Voters were fed up with the corruption in both their state and DC and the arrogant attitude that a Democrat should continue with Kennedy politics and a fed takeover of health care – change we can’t or don’t believe in.

The key to Sen. Scott Brown’s victory could well be traced to when he told David Gergen and his ilk that the Massachusetts’ Senate seat was not owned by Ted Kennedy, Martha Coakley or the Democratic Party but We the People.  It riveted the electorate in the Bay State to the point of doing the impossible – replace a so-called legend in politics with a Republican, though one who ran on being determined to be the 41st vote to block Obamacare in the Senate.

And that message reverberated throughout the country.  Democrat voters in Massachusetts knew full well that the 60 votes to pass Obamacare in the Senate all came from Democrats (plus the two so-called independents who usually vote with them).  But they didn’t blame Republicans for not voting with their party.  They instead (at least a quarter of them, per one exit poll), plus a drove of independents and Republicans, denied their party’s candidate the so-called “right” to sit in Old Ted’s seat.  And that message is being heard loud and clear across America.  No senator or Congressman “owns” a seat.  Kennedy would be stunned if he could see his legacy now.

The message from the Bay State is now being heard in the Bayh State.  And it’s not looking too good right now for Indiana’s junior senator, according to one reliable pollster.  Hoosiers are coming to realize that Evan Bayh doesn’t own this state’s Senate seat any more than Teddy owned his in Massachusetts.  The popularity of your Indiana colleague and that of his dad Birch means squat the same way the popularity of Teddy and JFK now guarantees nothing either.

Let’s get this closer to home, Sen. Lugar.  You sit in the people’s seat here in Indiana.  You still have 2+ years to go before the voters examine your worthiness to be reseated.  Sen. Bayh’s luxury, however, may well extend only a few months more.  But back to you.

You are supposed to be representing the good people of Indiana.  In many ways you do.  You have stood tall in opposing Obamacare and you got our governor onboard with you as well as the vast majority of Hoosiers.  You have, as all your Republican colleagues, told Obama that no money would be appropriated to move these Islamic terrorists to America’s shores without a concrete plan to ensure the safety of the American people.  You have opposed the bailouts.  This is good representation.  I think, however, the people of this state would be disappointed if they knew the reasons why you recently supported U.S. District Judge David Hamilton to sit on the 7th

But that aside, I want to address something that some public officials, including yourself, are choosing to ignore and sweep under the rug, that being Obama’s questionable constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States.  I have addressed this issue to you on at least a couple occasions.  While you have responded to virtually every fax I have sent your DC office (to the exact opposite of our junior senator), including our disagreement on Judge Hamilton, this issue is one you have not addressed with me.  It does make me wonder what Congress knows and is hiding from the American people.

Permit to bring into play here the aforementioned phrase, “the people’s seat”.  The citizens of this state pay you a very lofty salary in exchange for going to Washington and addressing the issues Hoosiers collectively and individually are concerned about.  Obviously you must know that, being in your 6th term in office in DC.  This includes the lingering doubts people have about Mr. Obama.  It’s not an issue you can simply put aside, Senator.  It has to come out in the open.  Remember, you represent me as well as all Hoosiers.

As recently as yesterday, I had the chance to discuss this issue with a stranger.  I was getting a long overdue haircut with a new stylist (with the scant money we get from unemployment) and we talked for a short time about the economy and politics in general.  She said she gets e-mails from her sister regarding Obama’s questionable presidential eligibility.  Though she told me this issue isn’t overly important to her, she admitted herself that Obama may have been born overseas and that he at least needs to come forth and be truthful about where he was born.  And it told me that this issue is fairly well known in the public eye, even if the so-called mainstream media ignore it.

So since many people across the state of Indiana and elsewhere are still wondering whether Obama is a natural born citizen and since you are elected to be our voice in DC, it is up to you to get to the bottom of it, right?  There are plenty of lawsuits against him on this matter, including two very current suits – one from Atty. Mario Apuzzo of New Jersey and the other from Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation. They are doing what Congress should be doing.  Congress is supposed to be getting the answers for us.  However, it is not.  That has to change.

I write for a news website known as The Post & E-Mail (www.thepostnemail.com) and on this site is a petition to the state of Hawaii to release the details of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  So far, they have not been forthcoming.  Many of question whether the state has it or even if Obama has one, period.  We doubt Hawaii will at all comply.  But we are trying.

It is also on that site that we note (and were either the first to make news on it or one of the first) that in December, Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia sent Obama a letter, asking him to put forth his credentials showing he’s constitutionally qualified to be in the position he is in. As expected, there has been chronic silence from the White House. The silence is deafening and speaks volumes.

But what Congressman Deal has done is be the first Washington lawmaker (not in a piece of legislation calling for future presidents to act) to insist that the highest official in our land prove his natural birth status.  And it is to his credit that he has done so.  And because he has, it may well move more recalcitrant Republicans (and perhaps a Democrat or two, though I’m not holding my breath on that) to join Rep. Deal and demand the evidence be produced.

Though not currently in office, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (who is running in the GOP primary for the reelection of your colleague, Sen. John McCain) has joined the chorus and now is asking for the proof in the pudding.  On Tuesday’s Hardball show with Chris Matthews, the patriot from Arizona made the same argument most of us have.  The segment has been posted on You Tube.  We need a birth certificate to get a driver’s license or a passport.  Kids need one to participate in Little League baseball.  Why the exception for Obama?  Does he have something to hide?

And speaking of Sen. McCain, if you recall during the presidential primaries, just as Obama was, your compadre from the desert state was asked to produce his birth certificate since he was similiarly accused of being ineligible.  It was believed that because McCain was born at the Panama Canal that his U.S. citizenship disqualified him from running for the White House.  But unlike Obama, when McCain was confronted about this, he quickly complied and his campaign posted a copy of his birth certificate for the world to see.  Even after the production of the birth certificate, questions persisted as to whether he was constitutionally still eligible, given the circumstances of his birth.  But at least he wanted to end the controversy.  Obama still doesn’t.

This information will be posted in an article I will be writing for the Post & E-Mail and this letter will be posted at my blog at www.thatsafact.wordpress.com.  Come hell or high water, we will force this issue to be brought front and center.  We will set up a petition at a petition website that will gather signatures and send them on to Washington.  We’re not going to stand idly by while the elected representatives of the people fail to address what may be the defining issue of our day – whether the man sitting in the White House is a natural born citizen and qualified to be there.

My mother once told me that it’s never too late to do the right thing.  I totally agree with that premise.  And it is on that premise I insist that you, as an extension of our voice in Washington, do the right thing and call for Barack Obama to produce credentials demonstrating that he was born in the U.S. and not in Kenya or Indonesia as we are led to believe (and is posted on countless websites.  Let us know that Obama did not surrender his citizenship when he went to school in Indonesia.  Given the frightening agenda he is producing, including given terrorists Miranda rights and access to our courts and putting them in U.S. prisons, we need to know that Obama is a natural born citizen, representing American interests. Given his bow to a Saudi king and speaking to Muslims in Egypt, not to mention his frequent berating of America when he goes overseas, I have serious doubts that he is a natural born citizen. Circuit Court of Appeals. Since you were the sole Senate Republican voting to confirm, Hoosiers will have to take note of that in 2012.  They may view this vote as political and because both you and him are from Indiana. Ultimately they will decide whether that vote represents We the People.

If Obama will not produce citizenship credentials, then Congress needs to hold hearings and then if Obama will still not produce, then he must simply be removed from office since by all counts he has proven that he is not a natural born citizen but an illegal.  It is time to stop being politically correct on this issue and instead be factually correct.  We are not “birthers”, as we are termed by the left (and some on the right).  We are “truthers”.  We have truth on our side.  The facts are not in doubt.  Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen.  We have zilch on him except for documents showing possible Social Security and Selective Service fraud (but they are not directly from him). We have no school records, no medical records, nada.  The public wants something. But it appears our elected officials whose lavish salaries we pay play the role of the ostrich.  Well, Sen. Lugar, it’s time they, including you, pull their heads out of the sand and demand the evidence.

Back to the State of the Bunion, as I call it.  If you are proud of this man, this illegal alien who is feverishly trying the country, then God help you and us all.  I am tired of Congress giving him a pass, not the least of which is for this man’s dubious citizenship.  Obama should be challenged from top to bottom, not make nice with him.  The time to call for hearings on his eligibility is now.

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