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Obot Radio: Another Utter Liberal Failure

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The libs just don’t get it, do they?  Thursday’s Obamacare summit was, to put it mildly, a flop; no, a better term might be a colossal skunking.  If you are not a liberal, there’s no way any rationally minded person could say the Democrats won this “debate”.   Politico’s online poll (right margin) shows a more than 2-1 margin of victory in favor of the Republicans over Democrats.  Perhaps if Congressional Republicans articulated a similarly coherent message to Americans in Congress and on the campaign trails, we would not be in as many messes as we are today and there wouldn’t be so many outcries for a third party.  The GOP’s display in the dog and pony show summit was a breath of fresh air .  If the GOP continues making its case like they did on Thursday, the Democrats will be toast in the fall and perhaps well beyond. Kudos to Congressmen Paul Ryan (by far the best) and Eric Cantor as well as Sen. Lamar Alexander (for the most part) and others for a splendid job.

While Democrats continue to be unable to make their case for their socialized medicine to the American people, they now are working to infiltrate and disrupt conservative talk radio in support of their leader’s Obamacare health scam, I mean plan, to force it.   It can be interpreted as desperate, agitative, propagandic, obnoxious, etc.  But whatever it is, it is also like Obamacare and the summit – a colossal disaster. And laughable as well.

One need only read the transcript of the opening segment of Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show to see how this effort from Obama’s Organizing for America is little less than a hilarious joke.  In fact, you may want to click the above link to read all of what Rush so brilliantly stated and then return to this post.

OK, now that you have read the transcript, let’s go to the website for  “Radio Obama Barack” (or ROB – my acronym – for short) and have a little fun.  We’ll see if we can “ROB” them of their ideas – with a sense of humor to boot.

First, take a look at all the shows you can call.  As I click them (under “give me another show“), I will post the shows here.  You may get them in a different order and it’s possible you may get some that I don’t.  But since this is my post, we’ll go on what I find. However, happy clicking on your end.

OK, here they are.  For now, we’ll just list the names and comment on a few afterward

  1. The Ed Schultz Show – perfect starter for the Obots and Democrats, considering he recommends multiple voting (i.e. vote early and often)
  2. The Dennis Miller Show
  3. The Fred Thompson Show
  4. New Dimensions – note the bogus area code of 170-746-8983 – missing a digit since you have to dial 1 to make a call beyond your area code
  5. What Really Happened
  6. Glenn Beck – Weekend Edition
  7. Jay Sekulow Weekend
  8. On the Media
  9. Brian & The Judge
  10. Focus on the Family  Weekend
  11. Freethought Radio – not sure if this is still running since it was part of the left wing Air America which went bankrupt and is now off the air
  12. Wake up, Everybody – hello, any Obots “home”?
  13. The Mike Gallagher Show
  14. The Rush Limbaugh Show
  15. News Talk 1260 Weekend
  16. Living on Earth
  17. The Glenn Beck Program
  18. The Sean Hannity Show
  19. The Best of Rush Limbaugh – uh, Obots, that only runs during certain national holidays.  I guarantee 100% you won’t get to talk to Rush.
  20. The Barry Farber Show
  21. The Mutual Fund Show – uh, Obots, that is a show dealing with people’s money, though maybe it would be worth calling to tell the host how expensive Obamacare will cost
  22. Best of Dennis Prager
  23. KTOE News Information & Music
  24. Thru the Bible – Obots, where is it in the Bible where the Lord says, “Thou shalt provide health care for all people”?
  25. Moneytalk – Obots, see #21
  26. Steel on Steel
  27. Best of Sean Hannity – Obots, see #19
  28. KCMO 710: Cover Your Assets – Hmmm, maybe the T should be removed in “Assets”, no?
  29. WFNC AM640 News
  30. Radio Liberty
  31. Dennis Prager Show
  32. Roger Hedgecock Show
  33. Best of Laura Ingraham
  34. Insight for Living
  35. Democracy Now
  36. Mark Levin Show
  37. The Rising Tide: Air America Minnesota AM 950 – uh, Obots, didn’t your Airhead America go off the air?
  38. Free Minds America
  39. Insight for Living
  40. Saturday Night America

OK, after continuous clicking, I’m getting the same shows so we’ll stop at 40 for now.  For the record, the Ed Schultz Show (#1) and Democracy Now (#35) appeared yesterday in a test but not today.  Perhaps Obama’s webmaster removed those two since it really makes little sense for liberals (they don’t have much of that anyway, do they?) to talk to their choir directors in support of their beloved leader’s Obamacare.

However, liberals love Freethought Radio (#11) and The Rising Tide (#37), both part of  bankrupt Air America so I guess the directors there can preach to the choir and vice versa.

The Lars Larson Show and the Michael Savage Show were also in Friday’s “test” but not Saturday’s.  Perhaps the webmaster knows the times and days of some of the shows but not all.  It certainly makes no sense to call Rush, Hannity or Beck (and probably many others) on weekends or any “Best of” shows since they never do shows on these days.

So this “Call Now” is really laughable.  You don’t know if the show is on when you call or even if you have the right day.  Perhaps you might get an answering machine or voice mail where Obot defenders can leave their talking points is their best possibility of getting thru.  That would probably be the best thing for them instead of making themselves look like fools by going on live.

Thanks, Radio Obama, for providing us with the names and phone numbers of these shows, including the phony number of New Dimensions.  Their listed area code of (170) must be a new one lost on the phone companies.

Now I just clicked the “Listen now with Radio Time” button under “The Best of Dennis Prager” and I was taken to a new window which says “This topic is no longer available”.  Then you click “Details” and you get taken to this page.   It tells you when you can listen and where.

I also clicked to go to the Thru the Bible show and I got this page.  Now while it says in the left corner to call a particular number, it seems rather obvious that this show isn’t taking on the air calls.  Its mission, per its website, is to read the Bible through 30 minutes a day over a 5 year period.  I don’t think the Obots are going to be able to make a case for their fuhrer’s health scam since the show seems to be absent political flavor.

Feel free to try other shows as you see fit.  And if you want to throw in your two cents under “Report Your Call”, go ahead and do so.  Heck, you don’t even have to pretend that you made a call.  Just do it.  It will go thru immediately. I did and it was fun.

So it appears that whoever this Obama Radio webmaster is, he didn’t do his homework.  Perhaps he should have broken down the shows by days and time slots when to click to go on.  But since the Obots don’t seem to be too bright to think for themselves, I guess this shouldn’t be entirely unexpected.

The near 1200 posters at Politico’s article about Radio Obama almost unanimously agree.  The comments there are well worth reading.  It’s quite clear that almost all of them have avoided drinking the Kool-Aid.

Now as to the posted calling tips and discussion points for callers to go on the air and testify as to how Obamacare will benefit America, they speak for themselves and Rush breaks them down so it would be redundant for me to repeat them here.  However, what he says at the end of his Friday segment is a slam dunk and this is worth repeating, particularly the lunacy expressed below (highlit in bold red)

As you know, the Obama administration through their website, Organizing for America, has got talking points out there for seminar callers.  They’re tired of getting beat up on the radio, and their hosts can’t succeed.  Look, MSNBC, at some point don’t you think that network would reach a degree of embarrassment and have to do something about it?  One of their hosts advocated ripping Dick Cheney’s heart out of his chest and kicking it down the street or whatever using it as a football and then putting it back in there.  I mean, these people, in their desperate, desperate attempt to get noticed, they are so obviously childish, immature, coarse. It’s just amazing that that network is allowed to continue on as it does.  So Obama, you know, those hosts, networks, nobody watches them.  Twenty-five thousand people one night last week watching CNN.  So Obama said, okay, I gotta get my own talking points on conservative talk radio because that’s all anybody is listening to.  So he’s got this website where he’s advocating people call shows like this one and lie about who they are.  Basically spam.  “Hi, we love you, I listen to you all the time, been listening to you forever, I want to talk about health care,” and then they give talking points.

Now, this is nothing new, it’s been going on since the nineties.  We identified these seminar callers back then.  But Obama has now — a presidential directive.  And we can’t find any!  We have struggled all day.  We’re in the third hour of the program.  We cannot find one Obama acolyte.  We cannot find one seminar caller.  We cannot find one spammer.  Now, it’s been suggested that they’re not up yet, which is a valid possibility.  It’s also just as valid that there just may not be that many of them anymore.  There may not be that many Obama supporters, which would not surprise me.  But, you know, our cameras and microphones are everywhere, and they’re not happy, from what I’m told, at the White House with how this is going.”



Seems like we got some real “smart” Obots here, don’t we?  Since they’re from Chicago, perhaps they were among Obama’s recruits as a community organizer for the Windy City. Maybe Obama, Axlerod, Rahm or others of his Chicago connection can recruit them to start making their Robo-Obot calls and telling their “stories” (AKA fibs).  Given today’s Rasmussen poll, showing a tie for the worst disapproval margin for Obama since taking office, these folks might be all he has left in America (besides Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco liberal district) to make their case for Obamacare.  After all, they don’t have to fall on the sword or walk the plank as most of the rest of the Democrats in Congress are doing for Usurper Obama.

Priceless!  Is this the best the Democratic National Committee can do for America.

Oh, if you’re not sure this classic piece of idiocy is sponsored by the DNC, just go to the bottom left corner of the Radio Obama page and see the bottom right corner where it is “powered by hope and supporters” like me.

I think not.

Now to permanently put a sword thru this legislation and make these scoundrels walk the political plank this fall.  I’d say we’re well on our way.

Or so I pray.

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Obamacare bias for all to see

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s pretty clear that a sizable majority of Americans wants no part of a federal takeover of health care.  News sources, as per their policy and politics, put their spin on the news, depending on the extent of liberalism and conservatism they embrace.  It was no different before the House & Senate versions of Obamacare passed before the end of 2009 and it’s no different today.

However, there is one piece today that shows an unusually and exceptionally clear cut bias towards Democrats with no inch given to Republicans.  But it’s more than just bias.  Some of it is, frankly speaking, an out and outright lie.

I normally don’t go around looking to counter every argument out there for Obamacare but this one was so blatant that I believe my criticism was rightly warranted. I specifically signed up at this site so I could rebut this blatantly leftist editorial which I located while perusing for Obamacare stories at Google News.

Here is what I said in my post to the Las Vegas Sun website.

LV Sun, your bias is on display for all to see. How do tort reform and buying across state lines not add “anything substantial to the debate”. You’re free to disagree with these proposals but how is that not “substantial”? And how does keeping “their patrons in the insurance industry happy” reconcile the fact that these ideas help pretty much everyone except trial lawyers and left wing politicians? It would surely help me and I daresay other uninsured folks.

Also, I fail to see how a 220-215 House vote for this legislation reconciles your statement “Both the bills in the House and the Senate passed by large margins last year”. I think your average person would view a 5 vote margin out of 435 total votes more like “squeaked by”. Perhaps you can define “large margins” for your readers.

You further say “when asked about the components of health care reform, they (the American people) largely support them.” What planet are you on, folks? Are you reading any of the polls? Go to Real Clear Politics to check out all the health care polls conducted in the last 35 days. 10 out of 10 say the people don’t want Obamacare, 8 of those 10 by double digit margins. The range is anywhere from -3 in the Washington Post/All Barack Channel (ABC) poll to -20 in the CNN/Opinion Research poll. By anyone’s definition, the public is NOT in support of Obamacare. They want jobs, not a government takeover of  medicine.

Not only do ZERO polls show the public wanting the feds to run our lives and health care, virtually no political analysts anywhere see Democrats retaining control of the House this fall and some see the Senate in play as well. How does that play into your view that “Republicans have been obstructionists”? Up until the January special election, Republicans couldn’t do a thing to stop the Obama health care wrecking ball in either chamber. It was Democrats that obstructed, not to mention the wide swath of voters who told lawmakers in no uncertain terms that they wanted no part of such legislation.

You folks say on your site that the Sun has been “locally owned and independent for more than 50 years”. While I couldn’t deny your “local focus”, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the Sun was an arm of the Nevada and national Democrat Party.

Sun staff, if you’re going to continue claiming that you’re an independent news source, please get it right. As a private entity, you have the absolute right to voice your own opinion on any matter and run your website as you see fit but please, since facts are said to be stubborn things, do your due diligence to put them on display along with your bias.

As of this moment, my comment is posted on the Sun website.  We’ll see if it remains up there as the day goes along.

Meanwhile, the Sun should take a cue from its rival, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and do a fair story on politics and political figures. Here’s a good example of fairness in reporting instead of bias and spin.  All major public officials in both parties from Nevada are distrusted by the voters.

One point to be made from these pieces.  How could U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid be trusted to deliver on Obamacare (as the Las Vegas Sun leads us to believe, given its apparent love for Democrats) when his poll numbers are in the tank, according to the above article and poll quoted in it? If you’re losing to both a virtually unknown banker and a Tea Party late entry guy, not to mention three of the more viable candidates, and you’ve been in office for almost a quarter of a century and are tied to Barack Obama, uh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Nevadans, as well as most Americans, don’t want government controlled health care; at the very least – not at this time.

If all this is even remotely true, I think Sen. Reid will be sent to the showers in November with a lot more in tow, pro-Obamacare or no (including the GOP governor in that state).  A political bloodbath is set to occur, starting from Nevada and sweeping across the fruited plain.  The electorate doesn’t want Obamacare and if the town hall meetings and tea party gathering are any sign of proof in the past, the ballot box this November will be the final arbiter and perhaps in unprecedented fashion.

Katy, bar the door!

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Let’s Move Them Out

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

In the Obama quest to control every aspect of our lives, the federal government has launched a new website to supposedly curb obesity and get America’s children in shape.

The home page states:

Childhood obesity or excess weight threatens the healthy future of one third of American children. We spend $150 billion every year to treat obesity-related conditions, and that number is growing.

Obesity rates tripled in the past 30 years, a trend that means, for the first time in our history, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents.

We don’t know where those figures came from since no source is linked to them.  For all we know, they may have been pulled out of thin air.

First, we’re told by America’s (putative) first nanny that one out of every three children are overweight and/or obese.  OK, fine.  But facts are stubborn things and without citing any particular source, I daresay the facts don’t line up.

Next time you have the opportunity, go to a location where you will see lots of children hang out.  Schools and public playgrounds are pretty good places to do so.  A school may be tougher to get into if you’re not a school official but there are occasions parents have access to the schools with children inside, be they in session or out.  Or go to a playground or public park, though such does not help during cold weather. Sporting events also work.

Anyway, when you do visit one of the above, just take a look around and see if you can find any proof that one out of every three kids you see is chubby. This writer has done so in his home town here in Indiana and he is hard pressed to think of any such numbers.  Even one in 10 may be a stretch.

Bottom line, one in three is not believable by any measuring stick.  33% of America’s children as fat defies logic.

Secondly, we’re told that $150 billion has been spent on obesity but last I checked, I don’t recall seeing any hard numbers from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the federal government or any other similar entity.

We’re told that our children’s lives will be shortened by obesity.  Hmmm, I can think of a far worse way our children’s lives (specifically teens) can be shortened.  It’s call STD’s and engaging in unnatural sexual behavior (AKA, homosexual activity).  But we’re not told about that from this White House, even though the CDC (linked to Let’s Move) itself provides information showing the dangers of engaging in such behaviors.

However, I digress.

You can read the White House memo on this initiative, linked at the site and here. And for the simple sake of seeing what your government is up to, I urge you to do so.

You may think most of this stuff in this memo  is verbiage and largely innocuous.  However, if you go down to Section 4, you read:

Sec. 4.  Outreach.  Consistent with the objectives set out in this memorandum, the Task Force, in accordance with applicable law, and in addition to regular meetings, shall conduct outreach with representatives of private and nonprofit organizations, State, tribal and local authorities, and other interested persons that can assist with the Task Force’s development of a detailed set of recommendations to solve the problem of childhood obesity.

OK, perhaps this example is a stretch but can you, my readers, see the possibility (even remote) of state or local officials (or private individuals authorized by this task force) knocking on your door to check the weight of any children in your home or perhaps even adults?  You may laugh at the possibility but then again, who ever thought the federal government would take over General Motors and Chrysler?

And under Section 5:

Sec. 5.  General Provisions.  (a)  The heads of executive departments and agencies shall assist and provide information to the Task Force, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Task Force.  Each executive department, agency, and office shall bear its own expense for participating in the Task Force.

(b)  Nothing in this memorandum shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i)  authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof

OK, note point (b), subsection (i).  If I read this correctly, a law enforcement authority may give power to some public or private entity to get involved with your children (and even you) if they are deemed to be fat and out of shape.

Am I reading too much into this?  Perhaps but have we forgotten that under the Obamacare bills that were recently debated in Congress, there were sections in them (at least the House version) that allow entities authorized by the federal government to come into your dwelling and advise you on matters pertaining to family planning?  Is it a stretch to believe that under this illegal administration, someone can come unannounced to your home and remove your children because they appeared to be obese from eating junk food?  Don’t laugh.  Anything is possible with these guys in power. The federal government has already dispatched their agents to people’s homes because of an anti-Obama bumper sticker or sign or because they stand against the feds on the 2nd Amendment or because of some material posted on such folks’ websites and blogs.

Rule of thumb:  put nothing past the power of this federal government.

And funny, the liberals always like to see that on matters of abortion, that is a decision to be made between the woman and her doctor.  Our putative president has made this point known rather well throughout his political career – here is one such instance.

But when it comes to your children’s girths (or even yours), nope, you don’t necessarily need a doctor alone to guide and counsel you.  You need the power of the federal government behind you, your children and your doc.

So your federal government believes “hands off” when it comes to abortion, an infinitely graver health issue, but “hands on” when it come to one’s weight.

See what they have planned for you and your communities on this page. Here are a few of the more troubling highlights with my rebuttals in red:

It’s our move. Uh, they’re not your children, they belong to God and the parents who brought them into the world.  It’s not “our”.

Our kids need to eat healthier food. Uh, they’re not your children, they belong to God and the parents who brought them into the world.  It’s not “our”.  And it’s not up to YOU to decide what is healthy and what is not.

They need to be more active. That is not a function of government, to determine active or sedentary behavior.

We all…parents, teachers, doctors, grocers and businesspeople…need to join together. Nope, it is up to parents with the voluntary assistance of their doctors to decide what kids should or shouldn’t eat, not the government or any other meddling nanny.

We can’t let this generation grow up more likely to get diabetes, cancer or heart disease. “We” means government and families.  Butt out, government!

Let’s move on this crisis! “Let’s” means let us, meaning government involvement.  And no, this is not a crisis except a manufactured one being created.  Our crisis is our economy and the lack of jobs.

Our work! work! work! all-digital-all-the-time world isn’t healthy for us or our kids. They are NOT your kids.  What part of that don’t you understand?

We need ways for the whole family to band together. Yes, we do, by creating policies that keep from marriages and society from collapsing, not from meddling in the day to day affairs of every American family.

To help our kids choose good food. These are NOT your kids, get it?

To help them learn that shooting hoops with friends beats shooting aliens with a laser. Whatever that’s supposed to mean – can you believe such a statement is coming from our stupid government?

Where are they going to get that sixty minutes of activity needed each day? What government bureaucrat, supposedly with a degree in nutrition, has come to the conclusion that all kids need an hour of activity every day?

Our kids need to be eating healthier food. These are NOT your kids, you still don’t get it!  They don’t need to be doing any damn thing.  Their diet is not in your purview.  Such is, as noted earlier, between parents and doctors.

We need to help our schools and grocery stores offer better options. Since when does the government get to tell grocers how to run their business?  Butt out!

More fruit, less sugar. More vegetables, less fat. None of your damn business what we eat or drink!

More knowledge, fewer empty calories. None of your damn business what we eat or drink!

More cooperating to solve these problems. We don’t need or want your help.

We believe every kid has the right to a healthy childhood. We – you don’t own our children!

We can’t let this be the first generation in our history to grow up less healthy than their parents. We – you don’t own our children!

The ingredients…better food + more activity…are clear. It’s none of your damn business what we or our children eat or what they do. Since when did you, Ugly Duckling Michelle, get to be an expert on nutrition and physical fitness?  Do you have a degree in either of these fields.  If not, I suggest you butt out and start reading the Constitution and what the federal government permits and doesn’t permit it to do, the Constitution your husband and illegitimate prez once called “imperfect” and one with “deep flaws”.

It’s not just a slogan, it’s our responsibility. It’s the parents’ responsibility, NOT yours.

Are you with us? Let’s move! No, we’re not with you.

But I do agree with “Let’s Move” as I snack on a Hostess Twinkie in defiance to these despicable government food nannies.

Yep, let’s move all of Barack”s unelected and unconfirmed czars off the federal payroll.

Let’s move Michelle’s excessive and pricy staff off the federal payroll.

Let’s move and trim, I mean cut, this morbidly obese and unprecedented federal debt and Obama’s annual budget

But more importantly:

Let’s move them all out of Washington before America is no more as we know it and because Barack Obama is disqualified from being president due to his non-natural born citizen status, according to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution and has provided no documentation to the contrary.

Is there anyone in the halls of Congress with the balls to make this a reality?  We’re still waiting.

Meanwhile, is there anyone out there to help me regiser and put together the website  It is available.  Let’s do it now!

In the meantime, if you’re fed up with all the food Nazis and nannies, I suggest you visit Consumer Freedom today and help put a lid on controlling what you eat or drink.  Remember, it is NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS!

And for the record, most of these obesity claims are as bogus as a $7 bill, which you will find as you peruse Consumer Freedom.  You can get e-mail alerts from these good folks as well.

Let’s move out the Obamas and this administration ASAP!  And tell the food Nazis and nannies to leave with them!

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From Bay Watch to Bayh Watch to Bye Bayh

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Washington was recently hit with very heavy snowstorms, including unprecedented totals of snowfall. But an even bigger storm hit Washington last month (politically speaking).  That was in Massachusetts (of all places) when a no-name Republican (outside the state) won a special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy in the Washington.

Considering that Scott Brown was the first Republican to win a U.S. Senate seat in nearly half a century, a tidal wave of epic proportions struck DC, proceeding north to the Bay State and then across the entire country. The elitist Democrats took for granted that someone in their own party would continue in the legacy of the self-described liberal lion.  Instead, the new U.S. senator ran on a platform that he would be the 41st vote against the wildly despised government run health care known by some as Obamacare and that Ted Kennedy’s seat was not owned by his family or the Democrat Party but the people of Massachusetts.

The term “the people’s seat” helped propel Sen. Brown to victory on Jan. 19th.  The shocking defeat to the Democrat Party compelled my own U.S. Senator Evan Bayh to say afterward:

There’s going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this but if you lose Massachusetts and that’s not a wake-up call, there’s no hope of waking up.  It’s why moderates and independents even in a state as Democratic as Massachusetts just aren’t buying our message.  They just don’t believe the answers we are currently proposing are solving their problems.  That’s something that has to be corrected.”

That “correction” may come sooner than we think.

Less than 4 weeks after Hoosiers’ junior senator told ABC that his party better pay attention to what happened in the land of Kennedy and Kerry, he throws in the towel on his reelection bid.  And all this less than two years after undergoing serious consideration as a possible vice presidential candidate for the 2008 presidential election.

My, how times have changed!

Sen. Bayh cited political difficulties and the atmosphere in Congress as primary reasons for bowing out.  I think I can “Bayh” (buy) into that argument.  Many members of Congress have been able to attest to the political bloodbaths there in this the 111th Congress.

But there is likely a much bigger reason Sen. Bayh is calling it quits.  He voted for Obamacare against the will of the vast majority of Hoosiers, and of all days, on Christmas Eve.  His colleague in the Senate, GOP Sen. Dick Lugar, voted against it, as did all Republicans.  Additionally, one of Sen. Lugar’s aides in one of his Indiana offices personally told me prior to the vote that calls were “one-sided” on the issue.  The aide would not say which way it was but given the national opposition Obamacare generated, you can draw your own conclusions as to which side callers were on.

Sen. Bayh claims his chances for winning reelection were good.  Indeed, the paper that serves this part of the state, the Northwest Indiana Times, backed him up in an editorial today, saying he had a 20 point lead over a former Indiana Republican senator.  The Indiana Democrat Party claimed potential victory as well, citing unnamed poll numbers in their favor.

However, the belief that Sen. Bayh would retain his seat requires, as Hillary Clinton once said, “the willing suspension of disbelief”.

Here are several reasons why.

First, the new Republican senator from the Bay State was reported as being down in the polls by as much as over 30 points back in early November.  If being down 30+ points just 2 1/2 months prior to your election portends victory and then in arguably one of the top 5 liberal states in the nation, then I need an explanation how being 20 points down with 8 1/2 months to the November election and in one of the more conservative states in the country translates to a certain loss for Republicans.

Secondly, the NWI Times and the Democrats, according to the Indy Times article, have apparently relied on skewed polling.  The reliable Rasmussen poll showed Sen. Bayh down 3 points to current Congressman Mike Pence and former Congressman John Hostettler.  It simply is not credible to believe there is a 23 point swing between polls, even if there was a 2-3 week gap from when they were conducted.  It would be understandable if the polls were, say 2 months apart, as in the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley race.

Thirdly, as noted earlier, Sen. Bayh voted against the people who put him in office by voting for Obamacare. Given the large number of House & Senate Democrats not seeking reelection this fall, it’s quite clear he didn’t want to face the voters this fall.  After all, he was the one who said the Massachusetts earthquake on Jan. 19th was a wake up call.  If Sen. Kennedy’s seat was unsafe, then so are all Democrat seats in Congress.

Fourthly, to its credit, the NWI Times did a story this past fall, using the Federal Election Commission’s website to determine how much campaign money entered the coffers of both of Indiana’s senators as well as Congressman Pete Visclosky of the 1st District (this writer’s rep).  It reported that only about 15% of Sen. Bayh’s donations came from his home state.  That would make it quite clear that Indiana’s junior senator is bought almost lock, stock and barrel by corporate interests.

Fifthly, and along the same lines, Sen. Bayh, like virtually all Democrats in Washington, tuned out his constituents. Out of somewhere between 25 and 30 faxes this writer sent him between July of 2007 (when we first moved here to Indiana) and the start of 2010, he has responded but twice and one of those times was when this writer wrote a letter to the editor, criticizing him for lack of representation to those of us paying his ritzy Washington salary. Other Hoosiers, including some Democrats, have said the same thing, according to posts on various web forums.

So despite his past popularity, all these items made Sen. Bayh quite vulnerable.

To his credit, Sen. Bayh did stand up to his own party a few times.  It was obvious that even a liberal like him could only stomach so much.  But he did vote with Harry Reid and all 56 other Democrats (along with 2 independents who virtually always vote Democrat) Senate by voting for the 2000+ page monster of devastation that would have likely crippled America.  And that vote, no matter how much pressure was applied to him, was inexusable and unconscionable.

So no matter what anyone says, Sen. Bayh, like virtually all other Democrats, are at risk of being unseated in November.  It’s a fitting end to someone who largely represented interests outside of Indiana and who was unresponsive to those who didn’t have the deep pockets that some of his elitist contributors have.

And now it’s time to get behind John Hostettler for U.S. Senate. The former Congressman from the Evansville area had a solid conservative record in Congress, both on fiscal and social issues.  The issue this writer remembers him for was when he introduced legislation in 2005 that would curb legal fees from going to groups like the ACLU in the event of adverse rulings on suits pertaining to items like displays of crosses and plaques of the 10 Commandments.  His bill passed the House but never got a vote in the Senate.  And with Democrats winning control of Congress in the fall of 2006, the bill bearing his name never got another vote. And despite his stellar voting record, he was unseated that fall in an anti-incumbent mood.

As the founder and director of the Stop the ACLU Coalition at (currently inactive), this legislation was very near and dear to me and I was proud of the Congressman for taking the ACLU and their ilk on in this fashion.  What also prompted this legislation, among other items, was a horrible ruling that forbade the Indiana state legislature from opening up in prayer in Jesus’ name during state sessions.  The decision was eventually reversed by a court of appeals but unfortunately, in a fit of irony, Judge David Hamilton is now sitting on the bench of the court that reversed him, being confirmed in November.

Also, in another fit of irony, Sen. Lugar was the only Republican who voted for Judge Hamiltion, perhaps in large part due to being from Indiana. Like Sen. Bayh, Sen. Lugar needs to be retired as he has lost touch with Hoosiers as well (despite voting against Obamacare) but that is still a few years away.

So if Indiana’s former Congressman is fortunate enough to win the Republican nomination in May and win the general election in November, it will pit two Republicans together – one who sponsored legislation to rein in the likes of the ACLU and another who apparently supports an ACLU friendly judge.

With that said, it’s time for Hoosiers to sing Blue Bayh you (Bayou) and recognize that Sen. Bayh’s soon to be old seat belongs to the people of Indiana and not any entitlement politician.  It’s time to send a rock ribbed patriotic Hoosier like Mr. Hostettler back to Washington.

Can we do it and can we take Indiana and America back to God and the Constitution and from the socialist/Marxist/Communist Obama?  Yes, we can!  And we must.

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An Open Letter to all Conservative “Birther” (“Truther”) Opponents

February 16, 2010 3 comments

NOTE:  If you are a liberal or so-called moderate but hate what is happening to your country and want to do something about it, yet are in denial because you believe Barack Obama is a legitimate president, then you are welcome to read this and join us as well.

As each day passes in the Obama Administration, more and more Americans are worried about so many things, be it the economy, their jobs (or lack of them), their liberties, their security, you name it.  Even if you’re one of those few who are both conservative and haven’t been severely hit during this economic depression, you probably instinctively know that something is gravely wrong about the direction America is headed.

If you’re like me, you want to be upbeat and hopeful for a solution or a change in the way we are headed.  So when you see Obama take a hit in the polls or a bad bill is defeated (like Obamacare – thus far, that is), you feel a tiny bit of optimism rise up in you.

However, at the same time, we’ve seen serious damage to America’s moral and fiscal infrastructure – big spending stimulus bills, unprecedented mountains of debt, tax hikes on the horizon, the continual expunging of God from our public schools, mainstreaming homosexuality into society, executive orders to bring Muslim terrorists to U.S. prisons, other matters of national security being accessible to those not friendly to American interests – it goes on and on.  And though there is a major election coming in less than 9 months (assuming we still have elections) in which many Americans (including me) believe there will likely be a political tidal wave against Democrats, some of us think the damage that has been done may be irreversible.

This is not something I relish saying by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I abhor it.

But no matter what angle I look at, I’m hard pressed to think we have totally rescind all the damage done.

So if we’re at a point of no return and we think elections don’t matter, what can we do?

You can listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other patriots who say that we have to take back the Republican Party or get rid of the RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) in the party and I will not disagree with you on that.  Some diehard third party embracers (this writer somewhat included) think it’s time to finally establish a bonafide competitive third party.

You can commit to bringing armies of patriotic voters to the polls on November 2nd and certainly that will help immensely.  At this juncture, it is inarguable that conservative and independent voters will be very much mobilized to make their voice heard this fall just as they did last month when the first phase of the tsunami hit the Bay State ( Massachusetts ).

You can continue exposing Obama wherever you go and to whomever’s paths you cross and while I think we should never stop at that, it will at some point probably be futile since the majority of Americans who oppose him continues to rise at almost warp speed.

But I believe we all need to unite around the one issue that has the best (and really only) chance to save this country.

And that is to relentlessly pursue Obama’s eligibility to be president by determining whether he is a natural born U.S. citizen, either by the highest court of the land coming to that conclusion or by Congress expelling (not necessarily impeaching) him for failing to come forth and “spill the beans”.

However, in order to get more traction than currently available, we absolutely must persuade those who are either on the fence regarding Obama’s qualifications or who, for whatever reason, don’t wish to pursue this issue.  We must especially try to resolve differences between those otherwise on our side that either ridicule us for our views on this matter or are downright angry that we are pursuing this.  A few of the better known ones fitting into one of these categories are Hannity, Levin, author Michelle Malkin who also writes for, Ed Morrissey who owns, David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, Michael Medved (this one is particularly troubling due to the extensive name calling he has engaged in) and others.  We may not be able to persuade them accordingly but we must try as their weight can add even more fuel to force Obama to come clean.

So if you are in the above category, regardless of how well known you are or aren’t, why are you choosing to go after Obama on everything he is doing except his Achilles Heel?  Do you truly believe that getting Republicans to take control of Congress in November is the answer?  I hate to break it to you but even if Republicans get a majority in the U.S. House in the 112th Congress and even if Republicans win every Democrat seat in the Senate while retaining all their current seats in November, you’re not going to be able to stop Obama.  He’ll be able to veto every bill passed by the GOP (assuming he isn’t removed from office).

OK, you say, but what if we get a 2/3rd majority House controlled by Republicans, meaning the unseating over well over 100 Democrats, meaning the GOP can override every Obama veto to every House bill passed?

Your problem is in the Senate.  There are 16 Democrat seats up for grabs in November.  Although a long shot, it’s not inconceivable that Republicans can pick up 10 of the 16 currently owned by Democrats and gain a 51 vote majority.  Polls show that are at least 9 or 10 possibilities for a GOP takeover, perhaps even 11.

But even if all 16 seats were put in the GOP column without losing any of their own, that would mean a total of 57 seats. Given Senate filibuster rules whereby 60 votes are needed to end debate on a given bill and to bring that bill for a floor vote, there would be plenty of filibustering by the minority Democrats to keep good legislation from getting thru.

But even if the 60 vote threshold was achieved thru the support of certain Democrats on a Republican bill, there is yet another hurdle to be overcome.  And that is, exactly like the House, a 2/3rd vote would be necessary to override an Obama veto of any good bill.

Thus the chances of overturning or reversing any of the bad bills from the 111th Congress would seem pretty remote.

OK, you say, but given that scenario, how can we remove Obama in the 112th Congress, especially since we can’t remove him in the current 111th Congress?

We don’t know if we can.  But we don’t know if we don’t try.  We need everyone onboard.  When you see the grave damage being done to all sectors of American life, your instinct is to yell STOP!  And when that isn’t being heard and when our elected officials are looking the other way on Obama’s likely ineligibility, your instinct is to want to turn their heads in the proper direction.

Reversals of legislation to undo the damage done to the country won’t repair all the problems, even if you get them signed into law.  Reversals of legislation don’t undo executive orders, bad internal administrative policies and bad foreign policy  Reversals of legislation can’t reverse the spending that may have already occurred from passage of the original bills.  Such money will likely be gone out the window to never be repaid.

And reversals may not be able to be done on presidential judicial appointments.

But what it does is set in motion the reversal of as much everything as possible, if Obama is found not to be a natural born U.S. citizen and thus not in compliance with the constitutional requirements for the presidency.

It goes without saying that, should Obama ever be removed from the presidency, via Congress or the U.S. Supreme Court (or through our military, should Obama refuse to leave on his own), for not being a natural born citizen, the series of events to follow to reverse course will be painstakingly daunting.  It will be unprecedented in this nation’s history and determining what order of events to follow will be beyond nightmarish.

But it must be done in order to preserve the Constitution, even if some of the actions taken to that point will be indeed irreversible.

So to all “birther” accusers (and I say that with no malice), what reason do you have for refusing to address the probability Barack Obama is a presidential usurper?  Is it because:

  1. You believe Obama is truly a natural born citizen?
  2. You believe overturning all of his agenda is not feasible and too time consuming?
  3. You are afraid of being harassed, followed, threatened or something similar, especially if you have name recognition thru your website and/or radio/TV show?
  4. You’re afraid of losing your broadcast license (if you have a radio or TV show)?
  5. You believe we should “ride it out” until January 2013?

I don’t care whether you are Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and others on the right or Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann or Alan Colmes on the left or anyone in the so-called middle. I don’t care if you’re House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or any other politician at the national level, or any lawmaker at the state level.  I don’t care if you are a celebrity or some no name out there.  I don’t care if you are a CEO or some low level employee.  I don’t care if you are a lawyer defending Obama in court.

In other words, it doesn’t matter to me who you are.  If you believe Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen or you don’t care whether he is and simply want him to finish his putative presidency, I want to hear from you.  I want you to make your case. We’ll have you on Blog Talk Radio or some other radio venue where you and I will state our positions and let the whole Internet world hear us and decide for themselves.

This is an open invitation to anyone from a constitutional scholar to the man on the street and everyone in between.  If you accept, please prepare to answer the follow questions:

  1. Why is Obama spending in excess of $2 million (and maybe higher) to fight the production of documents (birth certificate, medical records, college transcripts, etc.) for what it would cost (at tops) for a night on the town (or less)?
  2. Why are there (currently and in the past) multiple lawsuits against Obama? Have all the suing lawyers gone mad?
  3. Why would these same attorneys be suing if there was no case to be made?  Even wealthy liberal lawyers, including the millionaire types, don’t like tossing their money on cases with little or no chance of succeeding.  Just ask Phil Berg.
  4. Why are attorneys like Mario Apuzzo taking out expensive ads in papers like this one in the Washington Times if there is no possibility of legitimacy?
  5. Why are most Washington lawmakers (and many at the state level as well) either refusing to detail this to the constituents who they should be serving or if they do address it, it is done with short shrift as to the specifics?

There are other questions but along the last one, let me share my personal experience.  We have one Democrat and one Republican U.S. Senator in Indiana ’s senate delegation.  The Democrat, Evan Bayh, virtually never responds to any correspondence sent his way (maybe twice out of at least 30 letters faxed to his Washington office.  On the other hand, the Republican, Dick Lugar, virtually responds to every fax I send him – except when it covers one issue – Obama’s eligibility.  Then I hear nothing.

”Birther” skeptics, this is the issue.  Anyone who believes otherwise should make their case to me.  I welcome any and all challengers without exception.  Our country is being taken down fast and the best and only ways to stop are to continue demanding Congress obtain proof of Obama’s eligibility and continue filing cases before the courts until the judges finally address the merits.  The facts are the facts.  Obama has produced nothing to show he is a natural born citizen. He solidified that when he, for the first time, “addressed it” (though remotely so) at Thursday’s prayer breakfast.

We must continue insisting Obama steps down from the presidency as he continues ignoring the will of millions of Americans who are worried about their country and who believe the he is a foreigner.

Yes, as noted earlier, removing Obama as an unauthorized president may be daunting but if we are true to the U.S. Constitution, we will do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Yes, the tasks to reverse each and every action Obama took as putative president will be Herculean but for the sake of this nation, we must and will do it.  We will roll up our sleeves and get to work and enlist thousands upon thousands of patriots to bring America where it was at prior to his installation.

If you agree, make your calls and send your faxes to your Congressmen and senators.  Financially support, if you have the means to do so, the lawyers courageously taking on Obama and his lawyers.  I especially recommend Mr. Apuzzo whose website can be found here.

If you disagree with all that is laid out and why we should not pursue Obama’s eligibility, let’s go on the radio together and let the listeners judge.  But first ask yourself this question:

  • What would our Founding Fathers do?

This is my open letter to you.

As Winston Churchill stated in 1941 with World War II in progress and hope for victory fading:

Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

Adapting and adopting these words in our quest for truth may be the difference between having 4 years of Barack Obama destroying this country and expelling him sooner.

Keep filing the suits.  Keep sending your correspondence to Congress.  Keep the issue alive on the blogs, the forums, the talk shows – in short, anywhere and everywhere.  Only when we do so and adopt the “never say die” attitude will we prevail.

Editor’s note:
his piece, though posted today, was penned over a week ago. Since then but before today, Erick Erickson of posted an offensive piece which is serving to divide conservatives, Constitutionalists and Christians.  We may be willing to discuss this in a separate post but suffice it to say that we want to steer far away from individuals and groups who not only want to ignore this issue but worse, divide us with his childish name calling, something we thought was primarily confined to liberals.

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A Letter to U.S. Senator Dick Lugar

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

The following letter is what I faxed this past weekend to one of my own U.S. senators, this one being Indiana’s senior senator, Republican Dick Lugar.  It was stemmed from a combination of the “shot fired” from Massachusetts two weeks ago and Congress’s continuous refusal to challenge Barack Obama’s presidential credentials.  I have written my senators many times but I thought I would share this one with you, my readers.  Feel free to extrapolate any portion of it to write or fax (don’t e-mail – most either delete or otherwise don’t read them) your senators and Congressmen.


Dear Sen. Lugar:

I received your letter last week in response to my concerns about the potential closing of Gitmo and transferring its prisoners to Thomson, IL.  I truly appreciated your reply and continue to urge you to use your influence on Capitol Hill to ensure that no money be appropriated to bring Islamic terrorists inside U.S. borders. Heeding Obama’s call poses a grave threat to our national security.

I want to quickly move on to the matters at hand, starting with last night’s State of the Union address.  I would prefer to call it the State of the Bunion address since it is painfully yet plainly clear that Washington and Obama still don’t get it.  I was disgusted with the class warfare Obama was spewing, attempting to put the American people in conflict with banks, insurance companies and Wall Street.  He clearly does not speak for most of us but I will come back to that a bit later.

On January 19th, the shot fired from Boston almost 2½ centuries ago was reheard that night. It was crystal clear voters had enough of the shenanigans in Washington.  Though many of the Democrats in DC still haven’t come to grips with reality, a fourth of voting Democrats in Beantown and elsewhere across the Bay State, along with Republicans and independents, did an about face and sided with the GOP on Capitol Hill by telling Congress and Obama to scrap Obamacare.  They did so by sending a Republican to Washington to be your new colleague in the Senate.  The entitlement mentality that Ted Kennedy’s seat was his legacy and that his seat was to stay in the family and among his friends was brought to a screeching halt.  Voters were fed up with the corruption in both their state and DC and the arrogant attitude that a Democrat should continue with Kennedy politics and a fed takeover of health care – change we can’t or don’t believe in.

The key to Sen. Scott Brown’s victory could well be traced to when he told David Gergen and his ilk that the Massachusetts’ Senate seat was not owned by Ted Kennedy, Martha Coakley or the Democratic Party but We the People.  It riveted the electorate in the Bay State to the point of doing the impossible – replace a so-called legend in politics with a Republican, though one who ran on being determined to be the 41st vote to block Obamacare in the Senate.

And that message reverberated throughout the country.  Democrat voters in Massachusetts knew full well that the 60 votes to pass Obamacare in the Senate all came from Democrats (plus the two so-called independents who usually vote with them).  But they didn’t blame Republicans for not voting with their party.  They instead (at least a quarter of them, per one exit poll), plus a drove of independents and Republicans, denied their party’s candidate the so-called “right” to sit in Old Ted’s seat.  And that message is being heard loud and clear across America.  No senator or Congressman “owns” a seat.  Kennedy would be stunned if he could see his legacy now.

The message from the Bay State is now being heard in the Bayh State.  And it’s not looking too good right now for Indiana’s junior senator, according to one reliable pollster.  Hoosiers are coming to realize that Evan Bayh doesn’t own this state’s Senate seat any more than Teddy owned his in Massachusetts.  The popularity of your Indiana colleague and that of his dad Birch means squat the same way the popularity of Teddy and JFK now guarantees nothing either.

Let’s get this closer to home, Sen. Lugar.  You sit in the people’s seat here in Indiana.  You still have 2+ years to go before the voters examine your worthiness to be reseated.  Sen. Bayh’s luxury, however, may well extend only a few months more.  But back to you.

You are supposed to be representing the good people of Indiana.  In many ways you do.  You have stood tall in opposing Obamacare and you got our governor onboard with you as well as the vast majority of Hoosiers.  You have, as all your Republican colleagues, told Obama that no money would be appropriated to move these Islamic terrorists to America’s shores without a concrete plan to ensure the safety of the American people.  You have opposed the bailouts.  This is good representation.  I think, however, the people of this state would be disappointed if they knew the reasons why you recently supported U.S. District Judge David Hamilton to sit on the 7th

But that aside, I want to address something that some public officials, including yourself, are choosing to ignore and sweep under the rug, that being Obama’s questionable constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States.  I have addressed this issue to you on at least a couple occasions.  While you have responded to virtually every fax I have sent your DC office (to the exact opposite of our junior senator), including our disagreement on Judge Hamilton, this issue is one you have not addressed with me.  It does make me wonder what Congress knows and is hiding from the American people.

Permit to bring into play here the aforementioned phrase, “the people’s seat”.  The citizens of this state pay you a very lofty salary in exchange for going to Washington and addressing the issues Hoosiers collectively and individually are concerned about.  Obviously you must know that, being in your 6th term in office in DC.  This includes the lingering doubts people have about Mr. Obama.  It’s not an issue you can simply put aside, Senator.  It has to come out in the open.  Remember, you represent me as well as all Hoosiers.

As recently as yesterday, I had the chance to discuss this issue with a stranger.  I was getting a long overdue haircut with a new stylist (with the scant money we get from unemployment) and we talked for a short time about the economy and politics in general.  She said she gets e-mails from her sister regarding Obama’s questionable presidential eligibility.  Though she told me this issue isn’t overly important to her, she admitted herself that Obama may have been born overseas and that he at least needs to come forth and be truthful about where he was born.  And it told me that this issue is fairly well known in the public eye, even if the so-called mainstream media ignore it.

So since many people across the state of Indiana and elsewhere are still wondering whether Obama is a natural born citizen and since you are elected to be our voice in DC, it is up to you to get to the bottom of it, right?  There are plenty of lawsuits against him on this matter, including two very current suits – one from Atty. Mario Apuzzo of New Jersey and the other from Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation. They are doing what Congress should be doing.  Congress is supposed to be getting the answers for us.  However, it is not.  That has to change.

I write for a news website known as The Post & E-Mail ( and on this site is a petition to the state of Hawaii to release the details of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  So far, they have not been forthcoming.  Many of question whether the state has it or even if Obama has one, period.  We doubt Hawaii will at all comply.  But we are trying.

It is also on that site that we note (and were either the first to make news on it or one of the first) that in December, Rep. Nathan Deal of Georgia sent Obama a letter, asking him to put forth his credentials showing he’s constitutionally qualified to be in the position he is in. As expected, there has been chronic silence from the White House. The silence is deafening and speaks volumes.

But what Congressman Deal has done is be the first Washington lawmaker (not in a piece of legislation calling for future presidents to act) to insist that the highest official in our land prove his natural birth status.  And it is to his credit that he has done so.  And because he has, it may well move more recalcitrant Republicans (and perhaps a Democrat or two, though I’m not holding my breath on that) to join Rep. Deal and demand the evidence be produced.

Though not currently in office, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (who is running in the GOP primary for the reelection of your colleague, Sen. John McCain) has joined the chorus and now is asking for the proof in the pudding.  On Tuesday’s Hardball show with Chris Matthews, the patriot from Arizona made the same argument most of us have.  The segment has been posted on You Tube.  We need a birth certificate to get a driver’s license or a passport.  Kids need one to participate in Little League baseball.  Why the exception for Obama?  Does he have something to hide?

And speaking of Sen. McCain, if you recall during the presidential primaries, just as Obama was, your compadre from the desert state was asked to produce his birth certificate since he was similiarly accused of being ineligible.  It was believed that because McCain was born at the Panama Canal that his U.S. citizenship disqualified him from running for the White House.  But unlike Obama, when McCain was confronted about this, he quickly complied and his campaign posted a copy of his birth certificate for the world to see.  Even after the production of the birth certificate, questions persisted as to whether he was constitutionally still eligible, given the circumstances of his birth.  But at least he wanted to end the controversy.  Obama still doesn’t.

This information will be posted in an article I will be writing for the Post & E-Mail and this letter will be posted at my blog at  Come hell or high water, we will force this issue to be brought front and center.  We will set up a petition at a petition website that will gather signatures and send them on to Washington.  We’re not going to stand idly by while the elected representatives of the people fail to address what may be the defining issue of our day – whether the man sitting in the White House is a natural born citizen and qualified to be there.

My mother once told me that it’s never too late to do the right thing.  I totally agree with that premise.  And it is on that premise I insist that you, as an extension of our voice in Washington, do the right thing and call for Barack Obama to produce credentials demonstrating that he was born in the U.S. and not in Kenya or Indonesia as we are led to believe (and is posted on countless websites.  Let us know that Obama did not surrender his citizenship when he went to school in Indonesia.  Given the frightening agenda he is producing, including given terrorists Miranda rights and access to our courts and putting them in U.S. prisons, we need to know that Obama is a natural born citizen, representing American interests. Given his bow to a Saudi king and speaking to Muslims in Egypt, not to mention his frequent berating of America when he goes overseas, I have serious doubts that he is a natural born citizen. Circuit Court of Appeals. Since you were the sole Senate Republican voting to confirm, Hoosiers will have to take note of that in 2012.  They may view this vote as political and because both you and him are from Indiana. Ultimately they will decide whether that vote represents We the People.

If Obama will not produce citizenship credentials, then Congress needs to hold hearings and then if Obama will still not produce, then he must simply be removed from office since by all counts he has proven that he is not a natural born citizen but an illegal.  It is time to stop being politically correct on this issue and instead be factually correct.  We are not “birthers”, as we are termed by the left (and some on the right).  We are “truthers”.  We have truth on our side.  The facts are not in doubt.  Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen.  We have zilch on him except for documents showing possible Social Security and Selective Service fraud (but they are not directly from him). We have no school records, no medical records, nada.  The public wants something. But it appears our elected officials whose lavish salaries we pay play the role of the ostrich.  Well, Sen. Lugar, it’s time they, including you, pull their heads out of the sand and demand the evidence.

Back to the State of the Bunion, as I call it.  If you are proud of this man, this illegal alien who is feverishly trying the country, then God help you and us all.  I am tired of Congress giving him a pass, not the least of which is for this man’s dubious citizenship.  Obama should be challenged from top to bottom, not make nice with him.  The time to call for hearings on his eligibility is now.

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The 2010 State of the Bunion Address: A Golden Opportunity Squandered

February 1, 2010 4 comments

Two words “You lie” became the first major shot fired in the health care legislation wars on Capitol Hill. Congressman Joe Wilson (R – SC) did the unthinkable during a televised September 2009 White House speech to Congress, calling putative President Barack Obama out regarding whether illegal aliens would be covered under a government takeover of care.  It was the first time in memory whereby an elected official rebuked the top office holder in America (and via Internet – the whole world) to hear.

Rep. Wilson initially took heat for his comments from all sides and even apologized to the White House but in the end was exonerated as Americans found out that illegals would indeed not be exempted from what was in the House version of this bill, according to numerous researchers.  However, within hours of his blurt, donations to his anticipated opponent’s 2010 election campaign began pouring in.  Nevertheless, because the truth did come out, even with an apology that was deemed as unnecessary, contributions came in just as quickly to Congressman Wilson’s anticipated reelection campaign.

Fast forward 4 months to the annual State of the Union address on Wednesday and two words “Not true” (see clip here) were heard quietly emanating from the mouth of Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito upon hearing Mr. Obama condemn last week’s landmark decision reversing a total ban on corporate campaign contributions.  Public sentiment, particularly from the political left, has somewhat weighed in heavily against Justice Alito – the leftists in the U.S. Senate did everything but crucify him during his confirmation hearings when Republicans had control of the Senate.

But even the arguably Obama friendly Associated Press more or less conceded to Mr. Alito; that foreigners have long been forbidden from donating to American elections. And a writer at the blog of the very Obama friendly New York Times also went on the record to correct another error they believe came forth from Mr. Obama’s lips.

Regardless of whether all the above is factual, it probably would be wise for the White House to refrain from further discussion of Justice Alito, particularly the part on foreign contributions.  After all, it appears the Obama campaign picked up some tidy sums of foreign money and took no steps, according to a link to its website, to ban such donations.

Silence is golden, so they say.  That is, if you’re the White House.

You lie” and “Not true”, four words that have riveted the White House and its remaining allies.  One might call these words “bunions” that now require careful treading since there isn’t much taste across America’s political spectrum for illegals to get free health care, let alone amnesty, especially since there is steadily growing skepticism to much of anything coming from the mouth of America’s putative president, the latest being this nearly unprecedented public rebuke of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Or what about the four words that have come from the White House and have come to be a growing political staple of Mr. Obama – “Let me be clear”?

Another favorite – “make no mistake”.

Well, it appears the vast majority of America believes Mr. Obama has been quite clear, and they do not like what he is saying.  And they believe he has made countless mistakes, perhaps even deliberately, on so many fronts.

Words, just words”, another quote Mr. Obama has also been known to use.  However, he didn’t originate that phrase and the accompanying quotes.

As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, “Words mean things”.  Whether they do for Barack Obama is open to conjecture.

But what was truly absent in the State of the Bunion address were four words that would have indeed meant something – four words that have been reverberating on countless Internet websites, though all but abandoned by the so-called mainstream media and much of the conservative media as well.

These four words can change an election and even remove a sitting president midstream.  It would have done so in the past.  These four words could have been spoken by any Congressman or senator on Wednesday and would have infinitely eclipsed, “You lie” and “Not true”.

These four words can change a nation or perhaps awaken a nation, even the entire Western world.  After all, as the saying goes, the eyes of the world are upon us.

If the Jan. 19th politically stunning election of Republican Scott Brown to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate was “the shot heard around the world”, symbolizing the start of the Revolutionary War, the uttering of these four words in the presence of Mr. Obama would have been “the cannon heard around the world”.

Where’s the birth certificate” would have been that cannon.  Had anyone in that room Wednesday night been as bold as Rep. Wilson (or Justice Alito), be it a Congressman, senator, justice, military officer, reporter or other individual present, and spoke those four words, it would have likely forced the issue that Congress has all but been silent on since the debut of the 111th Congress.  It would have forced the media to cover the matter for those of us who are dubious as to Obama meeting the presidential requirement of being a natural born citizenship, according to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.  It would have all but vindicated those of whom the media (and many on the right) have labeled as “birthers”.  It would have been the message the public has been waiting for, both those of who know about the controversy and those currently in the dark.

And it would likely have stunned America’s putative president into total silence as no response other than a firm and immediately crystal clear, “Yes, I am and here’s the proof”, would have been convincing.

Rep. Wilson and Justice Alito wouldn’t be able to so much as hold a match, let alone a candle, to those politically earth shattering words.

Anyone speaking those four words would no doubt face the political firing squad.  But that person would be doing America the greatest service in modern American history.

Yes, the rejoinder from the left and others would say how horribly rude and inappropriate it is to interrupt America ’s (putative) president while he’s speaking; after all, this is supposedly his time.  But the response should be as follows – what would our Founding Fathers say? Would they be silent when the most powerful man in America (and the world) is, while speaking to Congress and the nation, destroying America’s moral and political infrastructure and suspected of not being natural born, thus in violation of the U.S. Constitution?

Something tells the Founders would raise holy hell.  Why should we do anything less?

Where’s the birth certificate” has been the theme and bumper sticker of World Net Daily, the website and group that has pounded this message over and over, including thru a steadily growing billboard campaign, and has more news items relative to Obama’s extremely questionable natural born citizenship than any other site.

And this issue is picking up steam, if only modestly and indirectly so, in Congress and at the state level.  Here are a few examples of current and past public officials calling or once calling for Obama to release his birth certificate:

  1. In Arizona – at the state level
  2. In Arizona – at the Congressional level, though at this point rescinded
  3. In Arizona – from a former Congressman
  4. In Georgia – from a current Congressman, and the first directly to do so
  5. In Texas – from a former House Majority Leader

And there is a bill in Congress that would require future presidents to display qualifying credentials, though it doesn’t require the current occupant to produce any documentation.

The public must know whether Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen.  An original birth certificate would all but solve that problem.  But the fact is America not only has no birth certificate on Mr. Obama; we have no school records, no medical records, legal transcripts, essays, theses, nothing.  So the issue is not just whether Mr. Obama has a birth certificate in order to determine U.S. citizenship.  The Constitution does not mandate such for a president, though, as most of America knows, it is the traditional way of determining the facts surrounding an individual’s birth.  It solely requires three prerequisites: (1) the individual be at least 35 years of age (2) a resident of the country for 14 years and (3) a natural born citizen.  The issue at hand is (3). It is not a matter of being a “birther”.  It is a matter of being an uncompromising adherent to the U.S. Constitution.

Considering the occupant of the Oval Office once called our Constitution “flawed”, it is entirely appropriate and necessary that the public insist that Mr. Obama release the details surrounding his birth through an original certified copy of his birth certificate, not the one floating around the Internet that has been thoroughly debunked by countless authorities.  For Congress and the courts to do nothing reflects a “flawed” view that the Constitution’s mandates are irrelevant today, showing great disdain of the history surrounding America .

President Bill Clinton told America in his 1998 State of the Union address, “The state of our union is strong”.  While that point is somewhat debatable, such is diametrically opposite today because there is no union of the American people behind Barack Obama’s putative presidency. Americans of all political persuasions largely stood behind President Clinton during his 8 years in office, even during his numerous scandals.  His judgments and arguably liberal policies made for tough times for many Americans.  But America was united in the fact President Clinton was a tried and true natural born U.S. citizen and that we could unite with him, regardless of differences, until the next presidential election.

However, by virtue of millions of Americans, if not at least half the nation, questioning whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya or some place else besides the United States and not getting straight answers, let alone any, from his administration, one will come to the conclusion that the state of our union is fractured.  After all, how can we be unified when there is a distinct possibility that the nation’s assumed president is not natural born?

Americans are unified and stay unified under American presidents.  It’s difficult for Americans to get behind the current occupant of that position if there is so much as a distinct possibility that he is a foreigner masquerading as an American.  Skin color and race are not the issues.  But bowing to a Saudi Muslim leader, speaking to a Muslim audience in Egypt and not putting one’s hand before his heart during the playing of the national anthem sends strong signals that Americans have grave doubts as to Mr. Obama’s loyalties and dubious U.S. citizenship.  His refusal to address his citizenship in the many lawsuits filed against him only serves to exacerbate the crisis.  Therefore, it is up to our putative president to respond to this matter expeditiously, that is, if he seeks unity from the American people.

It shouldn’t be up to the American people to prove whether Mr. Obama is constitutionally eligible to be in the position he sits in.  It is up to him to provide credible evidence that he is. Until he does, the state of our union will never be strong because there essentially is no union of the American people.  And if Congress doesn’t address it, then Congress is contributing to the state of disunion in our country.

This collective bunion hurts all of America .  We need to excise it now.

Where’s the birth certificate” – it’s not too late to demand America’s putative president to “show and tell” and if he doesn’t’, then the American people must insist Congress do its job by requiring presentation of evidence of natural born citizenship for the public to view.  If that is not possible, then Congress must promptly move to unseat Mr. Obama.

Where’s the birth certificate” – not just “words”.  It’s documentation.  America needs it now.  If the Constitution means anything to our elected officials, they will work to get it.  Otherwise, the state of America ’s bunion will continue growing.  It already hurts badly. And it will continue to be more painful.

Take it from someone just coming off a serious foot injury

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