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StoptheACLU.org now up for Sale

Although this blog is primarily an information site with commentary and analysis often difficult to locate elsewhere, I am making one exception to it and that is, effective immediately, my prize domain, http://www.stoptheaclu.org, is now up for sale.  It will be posted at a domain auction site if not sold in a reasonable frame of time.  It is my preference, however, for various reasons, to only sell this domain directly to a seriously interested purchaser.

Those who are attempting to visit the Stop the ACLU web site will note that it is currently inactive and that is by intent.  While the site’s most recent format was useful when it was created in 2005 by a conservative technologically sound college student, it soon after was no longer user friendly and we had numerous issues with it.  Outside of my numerous pieces posted there, the site’s design was largely clumsy and difficult to work with, technologically speaking, and one I was not proud of.  Thus, for this and other reasons, the content you may recall being there is now no longer so.

The domain was up for sale a little over a year ago and we had an agreement with a conservative activist Christian pastor (who, though fairly well known in some circles, shall remain anonymous) to purchase it, subject to church board approval.  Unfortunately, though this pastor had a majority approval, he did not have a unanimous one which was the one condition he stipulated.  So after several weeks of negotiations to gain full consent, the agreement fell apart and we took it off the market.  Now we are putting it back on the market again.

In truth, the need to raise some urgent cash partly necessitates the decision to sell this prized domain.  Though it is admittedly worth perhaps a bit less than when we were in negotiations (due to this recession), it still has a fairly good market value.   We are willing to accept less than we were before (dollar amounts will be revealed only to serious negotiators) but we are not willing to give it away.  It is worth something to us for the roughly 5 years we had this site active on the Internet. For a lengthy period, per this site’s webmaster and per Google tracking, Stop the ACLU was second only to the ACLU itself in Google searches for ACLU related activism information.  We held our own with Yahoo and to a lesser extent with MSN and other search engines but it was on Google where this site thrived.  When people wanted to know about Stop the ACLU activism, it wasn’t difficult to locate us. They would frequently visit our blog at http://www.stoptheaclu.com.  But they also came to the .ORG site as well.

Due to the difficulty we’ve had in reaching our webmaster, we don’t have up to date stats as to how many sites across the Internet had linked to us but we can safely say it was in the thousands.  Within two years or so after the site was first up, which was in August of 2004, we were told by a Canadian tracking group that we had 3000+ links to the Stop the ACLU site.  After that, we lost track (except for our unreachable webmaster) but we think at least 5000 sites is a reliably conservative estimate and probably is much greater.

Effective immediately, we will entertain all serious offers to purchase the Stop the ACLU domain.  Though we obviously will have no control over what is done with the site after it is sold, it is on an honor system that we hope the new owner will continue the mission that we had throughout our days with the site, that being the need to thwart the ACLU’s agenda at every turn and in every lawful and legal way possible, and will thus perpetuate it.  The ACLU’s assault on marriage, human life, crosses, the 10 Commandments and our immigration system, among numerous other issues, needs to be contained and my prayer is the purchaser of this domain will continue carrying the torch.  My primary mission now, which is itself in some ways ACLU related, is to create a national exodus of public school children to private, Christian and home schools.  For this reason, I have purchased the domain of http://www.publicschoolexodus.com and anticipate having an interactive activist website in place in the coming weeks.  I hope you will bookmark this site, even if it is not yet active.

If the price offered for the domain is acceptable, we will consider including the several thousand e-mail address database for the new buyer’s use.  This is a negotiating tool which you may wish to use in purchasing the Stop the ACLU domain, should you wish to do so.

Though I have attempted to answer any and all questions you may have, if there’s something I haven’t covered, email me at theobamacrisis@ymail.com and I will endeavor to reply back as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

Payment for the domain shall be via cashier’s check or money order or PayPal.  Please, again, serious queries only.

Thank you for reading and if you are not interested in purchasing this domain but know someone who may be, please forward this on to them.

God bless you!


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