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Is this the best she can do?

I was debating first, whether to even bring this up and second, if I should include it with the other most recent piece which, if you read, is very serious.  But since this is on the lighter side and also since the picture raises an obvious question (at least to me), I figured why not.  Perhaps you, my dear reader, have picked up my thought as well.

I’d like you to take a look at this Jan. 11th Reuters photo of the two same sex couples who are suing the state (but in reality the voters who approved Proposition 8).  Pay close attention to Sandy Stier, the woman at the far right (disregard the remainder of the web page).

Same-sex couples Paul Katami (L), Jeff Zarillo (2nd L), and Kris Perry (2nd R) and Sandy Stier pose for photographs before the start of their trial in San Francisco, California January 11, 2010.

Now let’s view a couple more shots of Sandy and her partner, Kris Perry.



We’re told that Kristin Perry is 45 years of age (Ms. Stier’s partner) and Ms. Stier herself is 47.  Now if I look at Ms. Perry (in all pictures) – her outfit, her shortly cropped hair and her rather masculine appearance – I’d have to say this woman is about 60.  If she had grey hair, you could probably up the age a few more years.

Strictly on looks alone, can anyone tell me Ms. Perry is even remotely attractive?  Would you not agree that she does appear to be about 15 years older than her actual gestational age?

Now let’s turn to Ms. Stier, particularly the first photo.  For 47, this is a very nicely figured, well dressed and fairly attractive woman.  In this writer’s view, she could possibly pass for 40, particularly so if she added just a little bit of lipstick and perhaps coiffed her hair just a tiny bit more.  Would you not concur?

I am aware that in lesbian relationships, sometimes you have the butch type, ala Ms. Perry, as one of the partners.  You see them in the Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres relationships and others.  But while I would not consider them very good looking, even they on external appearance alone would easily beat Ms. Perry in a contest.

I am also keenly aware that people do not necessarily marry based on looks, though men are usually more “guilty” of the googly eye than the woman.  I know people love others for more than just an outward appearance.  And sometimes it’s very difficult for an “ugly duckling” to find someone, regardless of that person’s gender.  That is a heartbreaking experience.

As a Christian, I know that true beauty comes from the internal and often when that inner beauty shines, the external will as well.  And when that doesn’t appear to work, things like makeovers, hairdos, change of makeup use and wardrobe revisions can sometimes have a positive effect on altering one’s external negative appearance.

But can someone honestly tell me what would drive Sandy Stier to leave a 12 year relationship with a man, then “discover” she’s a lesbian and go with a woman who, by most any definition, has little to go on for visual appearance and even has a grandmother-like image? While women tend less to go on looks in a dating relationship as opposed to men, they usually like to at least find a tiny something in their partner that is attractive.  I just can’t see anything in Ms. Perry.  Perhaps Ms. Stier could enlighten me.

Hey, even the two men who appear in the top photo with these ladies are externally good looking dudes, even if they got their wires crossed.

I’m sorry but I just can’t see anything in Ms. Perry that would drive any man or woman to want to be with her.  Does anyone disagree with me here?  If so, what beauty, external or internal, does this woman, who appears to be closer to 60, have?  Please help me if I’m missing something but with all due respect, I think Ms. Stier has had her wires shorted.  I find her quite attractive as someone who is only two years her senior.  What man in her 30s, 40s and 50s would not also find Sandy quite desirable? She can do better.  She should.

More importantly, Sandy and her partner need to disband their relationship, get counseling regarding their unnatural lifestyle so they can live a genuinely normal life, and cease their efforts to overturn the voter sentiment from Proposition 8.

I can’t imagine what these two women do in the bedroom together and perhaps I shouldn’t, both in terms of adhering to my Christian principles and thinking of Ms. Perry’s external appearance.

But in the end, these ladies, like all men and women, need the Lord in their lives and to disband a relationship that has no last fulfillment or pleasure.

I’m prepared to take some heat from what I just shared but it comes with the territory.  So let’s hear what you have to say on this.

P.S.  I feel sorry for Ted Olson, who is pictured in the second photo with the two lesbians and sold out conservatives and Christians by his support for this faux form of marriage and who, by his defense of these two same sex couples, is thumbing his nose at the voters who approved Proposition 8 in 2008.  I tend to think his late saintly wife Barbara, who died during 9/11, would be turning over in her grave.

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