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Christmas Cruelty

December 20, 2009 2 comments

Friends and other readers, do not take my 3 week or so hiatus as though I had nothing to post.  I have plenty of things I’m writing about and will soon have a few of them up at a new cutting edge site that has corralled me in –  Bookmark this site.

However, I have been extremely busy on a number of fronts but at the same time I have been watching what is going on with this debacle “healthcare” bill in the U.S. Senate.  You may recall that the House passed its version of Obamacare on a Saturday nite when few people paid attention and they did so against the vast majority of Americans who are instead screaming for jobs.

Now as if that isn’t bad enough, your U.S. Senate is poised to vote on their version of Obamacare on Christmas Eve when Americans, that is those who have been blessed in spite of the recession (deliberate in this writer’s view), will be making their preparations to celebrate the birth of our Blessed Savior.

And this they will be able to do, having secured approval of the formerly stellar pro-life Democrat senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson.   Here’s proof from a physician and true hero of the unborn in the Senate.

Given how Sen. Nelson has held off his support until Saturday, it is likely that there was extreme pressure from not only his fellow Democratic senators but from Obama’s White House thugs to force him to cave.

That, however, is no excuse.  True pro-lifers stand up for their convictions, come hell or high water.  But given that there is no other pro-lifer on the Democrat side (notwithstanding Sen. Casey’s occasional token stands for the unborn), there had to admittedly be a boatload of pressure on Mr. Nelson to sacrifice his principles.   They allegedly met around the clock from Friday to Saturday morning to “nudge” (read: force) him to oblige.   Rumors flew across the Internet that the White House was preparing to use the potential closure of a major military base in Nebraska as a wedge to force him to abandon his pro-life principles.

In case someone wants to read the amendment that Sen. Nelson more or less gave his stamp of approval for, here it is (starts at page 38 – thanks to Kathy Gilbert at Canada’s Lifesite News for the link and good reporting).

There’s no way one can read that the bill is abortion free.  Go to page 39, starting with line 22, to page 40, line 5.

Sen. Nelson should have held firm on this issue.  But that aside, why would anyone support a crushing bill on constitutional liberties?

Fox News also reports all the goodies (read: bribes) Sen. Nelson was promised in exchange for his support.

Sen. Lindsey Graham noted that Sen. Nelson stood alone in his justification of support for the legislation while Sens. Sam Brownback and Rich Burr took additional shots at Nebraska’s senior senator.   Nebraska’s junior Sen. Mike Johanns, like Sen. Nelson, a former governor from the Cornhusker state, was particularly agitated by Nelson’s backing, including the part on abortion funding since he co-sponsored the amendment blocking abortion funding that was rejected earlier this month.

Nebraska’s current governor, Dave Heineman, as well as a couple other state CEOs, chimed in their criticisms as well.

Here’s what Sen. Nelson should have said to the American people and especially to the voters of his state, that is if he had any principle left in him:

Fellow Nebraskans, I have been confronted with supporting a health care bill by my Democratic Party that not only would force me to violate my long standing pro-life convictions but saddle my state with massive unsustainable costs and regulations.   If this legislation ever becomes law, many unborn children will face certain termination in the womb and the constitutional liberties of Nebraskans, which I am sworn to defend under the United States Constitution, will be decimated.  I cannot in good conscience back this bill in any way, shape or form.  And since my party is compelling me to go against my long standing convictions and principles, I am resigning my position as U.S. Senator effective immediately.”

Or perhaps better yet, Sen. Nelson could have modified the last sentence to say, “And since my party is compelling me to go against my long standing convictions and principles and is no longer is the party of the little guy, which is one reason I became a Democrat, I hereby announce my decision to leave the Democrat Party effective immediately and join the party whose principles include limited government and lower taxes, the Republican Party, of which I am now their newest member, also effective immediately.”

Given that 2 out of every 3 Nebraskans in a poll released Thursday oppose Obamacare, do you think Sen. Nelson would have received a hero’s welcome in Omaha and elsewhere throughout the state?  I daresay he would have been given a sustained ovation and countless hugs and kisses for doing what is right by his constituents instead of being a party broker to an issue of death.

Additionally, Sen. Nelson, regardless of whether he would switch parties or simply go home, would have been loved by pro-lifers across the nation as well as every American patriot who cherishes the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, now subverted by the senator and the 59 other Democrats (which includes two independents that vote Democrat) going along with him.  It would have meant that this disaster would have failed to have gotten the 60th vote, the certain filibuster would have been sustained and Obamacare thus stalled.

And had Nelson switched parties, it would have sent shockwaves throughout the nation since all eyes have been focused on the once good senator from Nebraska.

This legislation is thoroughly sinister and by facing a vote the day before Christmas it is beyond cruel.  Past Congresses would all be home by this week, ready to return in January.  But 60 Democrats and independents have surrendered to Usurper Obama and will give him his signature bill as a “gift” to the American people instead of opening the financial recesses of DC to enable Americans to get back in the job field.

This is not a lump of coal in every Christmas sack of every American.  It is, pardon the vulgarity, a sack of horseshit. No American in his or her right mind would conscientiously want such a bill thrust upon them, particularly since this bill provides zip of the coverage these Congress critters currently get as senators and Congressmen.

And since Congress will be excluded from this legislation, something Sen. Coburn and others in Congress sought as amendments, America is about to be stuck with something that is oppressive, horrific and yes, Marxist and Communist.

Barring something falling apart this week or some other action, this will pass the Senate on a 60-40 vote on Thursday.  There may be Democrats who will vote against the final bill but that must not be ignored by the American people.  The fact is 60 senators voted to bring this horrid bill for a vote.  Anyone voting against it in final form, if it occurs, means they are doing so as a smokescreen of defense and cover.  They must ALL be defeated at the ballot box, particularly the ones coming up for reelection next November (Sens. Evan Bayh – this writer’s own senator, Blanche Lincoln and particularly Majority Leader Harry Reid come to mind).  All means ALL, regardless of what state they’re from.  33 senators are up for reelection.  All incumbent Democrats must be defeated without exception.

But besides the Christmas cruelty, there will be reconciliation of the House & Senate bills in which abortion could be the death knell since a strong pro-life version is in the House bill while a weak one is now in place in the Senate.  Chances of talks breaking down and the bill dying could occur if pro-life Democrat Congressmen like Bart Stupak, Jerry Costello, Dan Lipinski and another dozen or so stick up for the unborn and don’t do a half nelson as Nebraska’s senior senator has (not very likely but possible).  The bill must be gutted, with or without abortion coverage, period.

But if the bill passes in committee and a revote, there will be political hell to pay (and maybe more) and  even greater civil unrest than there already is in the country may occur. Here are some options we need to look at.

  1. The law is blatantly unconstitutional and should be challenged by every lawyer in this country who still has some green in his or her pockets.  The courts must be buried with lawsuits. When President Bush signed the ban on partial birth abortion, the pro-abortion folks like Planned Parenthood, NARAL and NOW promptly went to court to overturn the will of Congress, which in that case was warranted, given the hideous procedures done in a partial birth.  In the current case, however, we must go far beyond the few numbers the pro-abortion lobby had in their suit.  Every capable attorney, group and organization needs to put their names on such litigation and tie up the courts for years.
  2. In this writer’s view, the bill should also be challenged on the basis that the putative president in the Oval Office is constitutionally disqualified from sitting in his position, signing bills, giving executive orders and making appointments. Though there currently is less mention of all the suits against Resident Obama because of this healthcare abomination, folks like Mario Apuzzo are still pressing their cases before the courts.  Republicans who have thus far shunned discussion on the eligibility issue may wish to rethink their position, should Obamacare become law.  They should get their best lawyers involved.  Because if Obama is ever found ineligible and our highest courts agree, then he would have to step down and every action he has taken will have to be rescinded.  Grave damage has already been done to America, constitutionally, financially and otherwise, and some actions, like the spending of pork barrel money, will be irreversible.  But other actions that are not monetarily related should be reversed upon a conviction of Obama. It is never too late to do the constitutionally correct thing.

    And though I will not extensively revisit this issue, which is near and dear to me, in this particular post, there is massive evidence that I believe can  convincingly convict the usurper, that is if the courts would do their jobs and not use jussives of  lack of standing, lack of harm and jurisdiction to keep the cases from proceeding to trial.

  3. States need to more than ever now, and perhaps they will have no choice if this passes and is signed into law, assert state sovereignty and begin the legislative and other processes of becoming a country within a country, not bound to every demand and command of usurper Obama and the federal government.  This applies to Democrats and Republicans alike.  Several Democratic governors, like Joe Manchin of W. Virginia, Phil Bredesen of Tennessee and Bill Ritter of Colorado, have expressed grave concerns for their states  if they have to implement Obamacare.

    Incoming Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell has also expressed his opposition to Obamacare as well as current governors like Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Jim Douglas of Vermont, this writer’s own governor Mitch Daniels (who expressed his opposition quite well here), the aforementioned Gov. Heineman of Nebraska and many others. They, like all of us, should read what Chuck Baldwin, pastor of a Florida church and former candidate for president under the Constitution Party, succinctly wrote in that regard.  And they should proceed to read and act upon what the 10th Amendment Center has compiled. The states must protect us from the overreaching of the federal government and do so without delay. This is the moment for all of them to act.  If not now, what if Crap & Tax, er Cap & Trade, passes, something Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona called the biggest tax in world history?  Will we wait for the states to act then?  What about the illegal immigration crisis?  What about our 2nd Amendment rights?  This can go on and on. This should be one of the first things state legislatures must address in the 2010 legislative sessions.

    States like Alaska, Montana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho and probably a few others are already concerned about their rights being usurped.  They should be.  They should remember that the Founding Fathers, thru the 13 original colonies, set up the federal government and not the other way around.  The Feds serve at the pleasure of the states – or at least should.  It’s past time for the states to assert their position and put the feds in line and not vice versa.  Otherwise we may have nothing left to stand for as America is being systematically decimated in all regards by an administration with no conscience and very possibly no constitutional authority.

While hundreds and thousands of websites and articles are worth forwarding and reading, this one should be as well – to your governors and state senators and representatives as well as anyone and everyone who cares about the future of America and our families.  Let’s roll back this almost certain sinister Christmas cruelty and take the above measures.  If we don’t, what our Founders went thru with King George and his armies will greatly pale in comparison to what Dictator Obama, David Axlerod and Rahm and Ezekiel Emmanuel want to do to all Americans.  We will be bankrupted in every way.

Bank on it.

Yes, still contact your Democrat senators until full passage of the bill.  Yes, pray for the defeat of this Obamanation.  Yes, still get the word out on it.  But after the smoke clears, we still need to begin the process of state’s becoming their own governments sans the threats and actions of the feds, regardless of whether this passes.

And then we need to unearth all Democrats in both houses with perhaps the notable exceptions of Alabama’s Congressmen Parker Griffith & Bobby Bright, N. Carolina’s Mike McIntyre, Oklahoma’s David Boren and Mississippi’s Gene Taylor and then persuade them to abandon the Communist Democrat Party.

Multitudes of lumps of coal (and more) to all House and Senate Democrats voting for this Obamanation, particularly the new Judas who betrayed the babies as well as the Constitution, Sen. Ben Nelson.

And a full nelson to boot for Nebraska’s senior senator.

If, however, Obamacare passes and there are no legal challenges to the bill or the authority of the usurper to sign such legislation and our states do not assert their sovereignties under the 10th Amendment, then we will, as the late President Ronald Reagan said, we will no longer be one nation under God but one nation gone under.

And then the words of the great statesman Patrick Henry will be mine:

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

I would rather be dead than be under Obamacare.  How about you?

And if you want to take that to mean that I would rather end my own life rather than go under that Obamanation, feel free to do so.

Because that’s precisely what I mean.  My constitutional liberty is not for sale to the federal government or Congress.

The shot has been fired.  Liberty MUST prevail; if not, then death.

And lastly, a modified word to all Christmas celebrants regarding Obama applied to the historic and beautiful hymn God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Now to the Lord sing praises all you within this place
And with true love and brotherhood each other now embrace
This holy time of Christmas Obama doth deface
(Heaven help us and him)
Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy
Oh oh tidings of comfort and joy

Merry Christmas and God’s blessings and best to you all – and my prayers.

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