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Obama “Interruption” on Thanksgiving

I believe countless numbers of Americans across the fruited plain are tired, worn out, fed up – whatever you want to call it – with reading about Resident Obama (either in the paper or online), hearing his voice on the radio or worse, seeing it on TV.  I am certainly no exception.

But the bogus POTUS stuck his nose where it didn’t belong – on the TV set, via Chicago’s WGN-TV, channel 9, while I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner (yes, I did all the cooking – except for the mac and cheese) .  And for a couple hours, I could not get it off my mind.  It was the last thing I expected on a day where I was trying to avoid the difficult times we face as a nation.

The show was this one – see the 11/26 date at 11 AM.

Obama appeared about a minute or two before noon on a commercial where he was promoting his Serve.gov website with some mindless imbecile robots doing his bidding for about 3 minutes (an unusually long commercial, if you ask me).  I could tell you what I thought of that interruption to my day but it would not be pretty to read.

Nonetheless, I decided to check out that site (reluctantly).  Knowing that Obama is the King of abortions, including partial birth and infanticide, I decided to see what opportunities exist to serve (as if I really needed a gov’t official to order me to show compassion to a person or community) in pro-life services.  I plugged in “crisis pregnancy centers” and “Illinois” and came up with a surprising 57 results thru a website called allforgood.org.  The first page said in the right hand corner that there were 37 results but in counting them all I came up with 57.   However, none in Illinois.  Interesting.

But if you type in “Planned Parenthood” and “Illinois“, you get a whopping 352 search results.  And on the first two pages, 18 of the 20 results come up with locations in Illinois.  17 of the 18 are abortion related, though not necessarily PP.

But even more shocking is this – if you type “reproductive health” and “Illinois” , brace yourself – you will get over 63,000 (no typo) search results.

Now let me quickly interject – this number is suspect, given that not all the results come up are abortion related.  And there are most definitely not that many surgical abortion clinics exist in the country – there are just over 750, according to Life Dynamics.

But when you see the disparity in the numbers from one to another, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to deduce that Washington’s agenda is to promote the murder of unborn children.  Sorry if that offends but the truth is the truth and that is what we are all about here at That’s-A-Fact.

Now between the time you click to go to the allforgood.org website from the serve.gov site, you get this disclaimer (you have to act quick to see it as I did to copy and paste it):

The United States Government / Corporation for National and Community Service does not endorse or support the views expressed or the community service opportunities presented on this site nor does it endorse any commercial products that may be advertised or available on this site.”

If that is to be believed, then let me ask this question – if President Bush was still president, do you really think he would have permitted the abortion industry to be part of his national service plan?

But given that Barack is more pro-abortion than pretty much any public official in America, is that statement really believable?  Sorry, I think not.

Back to the WGN story

When I was a little boy of 5 years of age (that would be in 1965), my mom and dad would take me about 7:30 each weekday morning from our home on the southwest side of Chicago to a neighbor across the street who would watch me for the next 7 years before going to school and during the lunch hour.

At Aunt Betty’s house (she was “affectionately” called Aunt), we’d have WGN on from 7:30 to about 8:45 when it was time for me to leave for school (I was only about 2 1/2 blocks away so it was a quick 5 minute walk.).  I’d watch the balance of the Ray Rayner show from 7:30 to 8 AM with the Garfield Goose show on at 8 AM.

When I returned to Betty’s home for lunch (yes, I went home for lunch from appr. 12-1 PM each day, unlike most public schools these days where lunch is served at school), we’d have WGN on for the Bozo’s Circus show.  Although I was not necessarily a huge Bozo fan, the show was so popular back then that if you wanted to go to WGN’s studios to see it live, you had to wait years to get tickets (no exaggeration).  The show was funny and had quite a bit of variety, including audience games and frequent segments with live acrobats, among other items.

Unfortunately, the WGN website appears to be devoid of  any clips or segments of the shows that appeared, something that is most unfortunate, considering young and old would enjoy it.  Wikipedia points out that as far as the Garfield Goose show goes, most of its clips, taken via old-fashioned videotape, were recycled and are no longer in existence.

So on Thursday,  I was watching the show back and forth from the kitchen.   The replaying of a few of the old Ray Rayner shows was so refreshing to view as well as what little we could gather from the Garfield Goose show.   Believe me, those shows way outperformed the kids shows on PBS – Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and the Electric Company.  Although the PBS kids shows were not as politicized as they are now, they could not hold a candle to anything the mornings offered at WGN.  I rarely watched anything on PBS back then.  They were anything but entertaining.

I wish kids today had the Rayner show, Bozo and Garfield Goose to watch.

Anyway, there is a commercial break before going to the Bozo archives and there appears Barack Obama promoting his serve.gov site, taking far more than the standard 30 seconds to one minute most commercials air.  As I indicated earlier, it appeared the commercial ran for about 3 minutes.

Perhaps if Obama’s face wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have been so bad.  But after hearing his voice and seeing his face, I just wanted to upchuck.

Funny, other than rare TV interruptions for something vitally important for the nation to know about and his weekly radio address, I’m hard pressed to remember President Bush putting out his face as often as Obama has.  I certainly don’t recall him doing TV commercials to promote the government or any government website or telling Americans what they must do to serve their country.  I’m really offended that Obama does this, even more so in light of his uncertain (at best) natural born citizenship status.

But stations like WGN have no compunction about tooting Obama’s horn.  In fact, after Chicago was eliminated in the first round of the selection for the 2016 Olympics, Steve Sanders, one of WGN’s news anchors,  couldn’t help but profusely express his dismay right on the air.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate the video (roughly 3 minutes).  If any of my readers can provide a link to this video, please send it to me via the comments section.  Thanks.

It’s one thing for a Chicago station to defend Obama since he’s from the city.  It’s quite another for the station to air his commercial during a time of nostalgic history that had nothing to do with him.  It was deeply offending and as a result, I fired off a letter to the station today.  The WGN website used to have a comments section but it’s no longer there.

As one can see by viewing the WGN timeline, the station went thru a series of transformations over the years.  In my opinion, once the station began phasing out children’s and family friendly program (including items like Family Classics), that’s when WGN’s biases started showing.  Kid friendly shows were replaced kid sexually arousing shows like Dawson’s Creek, no doubt as a result of the station joining Warner Brothers’ Time Warner network.  The sexually explicit Sex & the City took to the airwaves in the late 90s and to this day, there isn’t much redeeming or wholesome to watch on WGN.  I used to watch its news but its bias was too much for me.

As typical of many networks these days, WGN began some years ago (my guess is between 8 & 10) to participate in Chicago’s annual so-called “Gay Pride” parades.  Soon participation transferred to sponsorship (while still retaining participation).  It became disgusting to see.

Several years ago I wrote the station on at least two occasions regarding this obnoxious “partnership” with the homosexual community.  I criticized them for doing so, providing information to them how homosexual sexual activity frequently results in STDs and AIDS and an early grave.  The responses I received from their webmaster (he was the only one who would respond to e-mails) were ones of criticism and claims of bigotry and  intolerance of my comments, ignoring the volumes of evidence provided the station of such unhealthy behavior.  Pleading to cater to decency, such comments were routinely ignored and the station to this very day continues supporting this perversion and the day to honor it.

And now it caters to a “president” who has ZERO experience and ZERO redeeming value and legitimacy.  It is disgusting.  And it’s why, with the exception of Chicago Blackhawk hockey games aired from time to time, I virtually never watch WGN.  It’s not the station I grew up and not the station of my parents and grandparents.  The station, like the Communist Broadcasting System (CBS), the All Barack Channel (ABC), PMSNBC and the Clinton & Obama News Network (CONN), is full of sexually explicit programming, debauchery and untold volumes of filth.  Frazier Thomas, the host of Garfield Goose;  Ned Locke, the original ringmaster of Bozo’s Circus, and Ray Rayner, host of his own show, would likely turn over in their graves if they could see what the station they once proudly served at for years has become.

Since I couldn’t locate a fax or e-mail address on the WGN website, I fired off a letter to station management with my criticisms.  I expect little, if anything, to come out of it.  But I do take solace that the mainstream media is tanking.

Perhaps WGN was forced to air this commercial as a result of some demand from Obama’s FCC.  I don’t know.  If so, I would have loved to have seen a note to the government that any demands to show anything relative to Obama would not be met and that there would be a legal fight to that end.  I doubt such is the case, however.  But it would have been fitting.

So Obama really “made my day” on Thanksgiving.  I really want to make his day, along with millions of other American patriots, by escorting this usurper out of the White House where he doesn’t belong.

I really hope that time will come soon.  I pray it does.  But in the end, only God knows.  God help us if it doesn’t come soon.

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