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H1N1 Indiana Protest – Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Nedd Kareiva, Director of Public School Exodus, at theobamacrisis@ymail.com or by cell phone (773) 875-5762.

What:  H1N1 Picket & Protest

Where:  Portage High School, 6400 U.S. Hwy 6, Portage, IN

When:  Saturday, Nov. 21st from approximately 8:30 AM to 1 PM


This Saturday, Portage Township Schools, in conjunction with the Porter County Health Dept., will be offering the swine flu vaccine (H1N1) to children residing in this district.  While we fully appreciate the district superintendent stressing that the vaccination is strictly voluntary and that it is the parents’ decision whether to inoculate their children, such does not address the many legitimate concerns relevant to the vaccine.  As such, we will be on school property to distribute flyers and share information with interested parties so that parents and guardians will be able to make informed decisions regarding their children (and themselves) before entering the school facility.

Some issues citizens have with the H1N1 shot include but are not limited to:

  1. Its safety, considering the ingredients incorporated in the vaccine
  2. Its alleged rush to market without thorough testing
  3. Its necessity, considering the number of cases of flu this year have not been much different than previous years
  4. Its manufacturing outside the United States, thus raising more concerns as to its safety
  5. Uneasiness among doctors and nurses who either feel the vaccine is risky or otherwise is unnecessary
  6. Sizable numbers of doctors and nurses who refuse to take the shot themselves, both at home and abroad
  7. Legal immunity from litigation granted to the manufacturers of the shot as well as the U.S. government
  8. The number of adults and children who got sick after getting the shot
  9. The facts that Barack Obama and New York state Health Commissioner Richard Daines, among other public officials, refused to take the H1N1 shot themselves (see here and here) and have offered excuses why they won’t get it

While sizable numbers of Americans are becoming increasingly skeptical of the efficacy claims and crises manipulations manufactured by likes of the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Dept. of Human Services and putative “President” Obama and are turning to alternative independent sources on the Internet for their information (like here, here, here and here), there are still in some places long lines of adults and children waiting to get this shot who likely have not assessed the risks associated with it.  Our presence on school property hopefully will persuade individuals to think thru this decision thoroughly before rolling up their sleeves.

Nedd is the father of an Asperger’s Syndrome child who is beyond convinced that the mercury in vaccines led to his son’s autistic condition at 3 1/2 years of age and has a vested interested in ensuring parents do not get shots for both themselves and their children without a thoroughly informed conscience.  His website (currently not up) is PublicSchoolExodus.com and his blog is thatsafact.wordpress.com

End of Press Release

If you are thinking of coming to the picket and protest, please e-mail me at theobamacrisis@ymail.com and let me know how many are coming with you.  We’d like to get a good turnout in order to create good public awareness as well as press coverage.

Please note that we do have full permission from both school superintendent Dr. Mike Berta as well as the police officer assigned to Portage schools, Cpl. Troy Williams, to be on school property to peacefully protest.  We thank them for that as they appear to understand the 1st Amendment rather well and have designated an area to hold up signs and pass out our flyers.  It would have been tough to maintain a visible presence had we been confined to the public sidewalk as the school building’s entrance is well set back from the street and sidewalk.  We’d be in a good position to raise public awareness from passing motorists but with little, if any, access to those waiting to enter the facility.  Thus we are quite pleased that they are extending this courtesy to us.

Directions to the school are available at this link.  Just plug in where you’re coming from and you’ll be all set.  It would be great to meet any of you.  Stay for an hour or for the entire time, if you can.  I realize the possible chilly weather may tempt you not to come, along with any pre-Thanksgiving plans you may have but we need to get the word out to as many folks as possible about the potential adversity they or their children face if they get this shot.

Having lived here for almost 2 1/2 years now, I can assure anyone thinking of coming that there should be no problems.  The Portage police here are fine folks (unfortunately, that opinion does not extend to the so-called “finest” in Chicago where I resided for the previous 14 years) in a fine community and I have nothing but praise for them.  I also appreciate Dr. Berta who personally extended his blessing for me to come.  While he may be charged with informing Portage parents about the Porter County clinic coming to the district and opening school doors for this purpose, press reports indicated he was not exactly enthused about doing so.  Plus he and other school officials were responsible for removing an offensive book from a classroom last fall.  Thankfully the ACLU didn’t stick its nose here where it didn’t belong.

Thanks again go to Cpl. Williams and Dr. Berta for their assistance here and we hope to see a good number of you this Saturday.  Lord bless.



P.S.  Even if this shot was deemed to be safe and worthy of widespread acceptance, given the governments long lapses in getting supplies to its designated locations, do you really trust Washington to deliver on health care?  If you don’t, you likely are in the majority and should tell your U.S. senators (in Indiana, Dick Lugar & Evan Bayh) to reject the bill in their chamber.  Sen. Lugar is on record as opposing it.  Sen. Bayh should as well. Tell him NO on cloture and NO on a vote.  Voting yes on cloture means a favorable vote for Obamacare, regardless of the final vote.  Look it up at the Heritage Foundation or Americans for Prosperty.

P.S.S. Our next post will be our blockbuster and super hard hitting piece on the atrocious and blatantly outrageous, let alone totally unconstitutional, hate crimes law that our so-called representatives in Washington recently passed.  It will be the most powerful article I’ve ever written in my 6 years of writing articles on the Internet.  We hope to have it up by Friday.  It will be brutally explosive, blisteringly honest and straightforward and hopefully wake up the American people, including the religious community and America’s pastors. Trust me, this one you will want to forward and I don’t say that lightly.

UPDATE 11/22/09

Unfortunately, I am still working on the blockbuster piece and it’s possible it may not be up before Thanksgiving.  Keep checking back.  In the meantime, please read my piece today.  I think it’s beyond damning.

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