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A Symptom of Obamacare and We the Sheeple

Over the weekend, I read this editorial from Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner how Resident Obama (the writer forgot to leave off the P) declared a swine flu emergency over America.  Lots of Americans are suspicious of this declaration for various reasons, including the fact that this flu version appears to be little different than any other, the timing of it all in light of the growing unpopularity surrounding Obamacare, theironic lack of adequate supplies of the vaccine available, and a possible precursor for mandatory mass vaccinations – all items which could conceivably come true under the right circumstances.

But what I found most interesting (and telling) was Mark’s “Update II” and the link to a blog I previously was unacquainted with.  Now this is absolutely amazing and in one sense disturbing as I proceed to address this critical issue.

The author, whose name is a mystery except that he’s a Christian professor and bodybuilder with 6 children in the state of Michigan, links several videos (all no more than 20 seconds) showing how terribly long of a line there was in the town of Clarkston of people waiting to get the swine flu shot this past Saturday.  He states that waiting lines were anywhere from 5 to 11 hours with lines forming as early as 10 PM on Friday the night before.  To top it off, the weather was reported as very inclement.

Spending almost half a day in the cold and rain to get in line for a little old flu shot that might not only not work but instead give one the flu (or worse) is quite disturbing in a couple ways that I’ll detail momentarily.  The blog author called these waiters “troopers”.  Though it’s a testament to any hearty soul who will stand in line for many hours amidst wet and blustery weather, I’m not sure I’d tag these individuals as troopers.  I would not label them with any derogatory titles but I do call into question their judgment. Perhaps it would be understandable if these folks were waiting to get World Series, Super Bowl or Stanley Cup tickets or if they were going to see Billy Graham or the Pope since those would possibly be once in a lifetime events for them.  But this Michigan circus doesn’t qualify.

The author links to this Detroit News article where it states that thousands lined up in Oakland & Wayne Counties for their shots.  A map shows Wayne County is heavily centered in Detroit with nearby suburbs in tow.  Oakland County, where these long lines were, covers Detroit’s extended suburbs.

Now I don’t want to cast dispersions upon the good folks of Michigan but with crime spiraling out of control in Detroit and being one of the worst major cities to live in and with the highest unemployment rate in the nation, I can’t help but get the impression that many of these folks were mindless robots, doing what they were told without using their God-given brains to think this through.  Of course, I can’t and don’t want to stereotype them all this way but from everything I’m reading about my neighbor to the east, it’s not very good, even if this was simply concentrated inside these two counties, and as stated earlier, I do question these folks’ judgment.

With Detroit in 3rd place at 27% unemployment, the county of Wayne in 5th place overall at 18% and metro Detroit (which includes Wayne & Oakland Counties) at just over 17% and with Detroit deemed the most dangerous city in America less than two years ago, might some of the perceived zombies be right in line to want to embrace Obamacare just so they feel like they have some security and hope?  God, I hope not.  Because under Obamacare, as it currently is written, security will be questionable at best and hope perhaps not even existent.  At worst – and I expect the worst with this Communist-like Democratic run Congress – this nation and its blessed Constitution may literally be history.

But the push for national health care or Obamacare seems to be in line with the high national unemployment rate (said to be just shy of 10%) and a determination to “stick it to us” with this gargantuan mammoth of a bill (and this writer’s view that Obama is deliberately doing things to keep unemployment high and jobs (other than government ones) well out of reach.

OK, I’m not trying to unnecessarily pick on my eastern neighbor and I didn’t intend to stick it to them with the crime and unemployment stats but from this writer’s vantage point, Michigan is a state in seriously need of some independent free thinking and discerning folks.  Most importantly, like all of it, it needs God and Jesus Christ.

Back to our Blog Professor.  He says at the opening of his piece (this one, if you forgot where it was) as well as at the end, that these extremely long lines may well be symbolic to Obamacare if it passes and is enacted into law.  It certainly is believable, given the lengthy lines and waits to get medical services in neighboring Canada.

Now you can find stories that will claim our system is bad and Canada’s is better (and yes, ours does need a little tinkerinng) and I’ll grant that there are exceptions – of course.

But here’s simple proof why our health care is vastly superior.

How many Canadians come to America every year for treatment and how many Americans go to Canada for treatment?

End of discussion.  Does our system need repair?  Yes!  Does it need reform?  Absolutely?  Does it need to be gutted?  Hell NO!

So if you like long waits like waiting for hours in the cold for medical services, or worse, if you like months of waiting for a bone or hip transplant, then petition our corrupt government to permit Obamacare here.  But be careful what you ask for as you may just get it.

It’s too bad our professor friend didn’t make a case against the nature of the swine flu vaccine and why the Michigan sheeple waiting in line should have done their homework before wasting time they have used more productively.  But  fortunately he linked to someone who did.

Ken at this blog hits the nail on the head when he says:

My wife and I have been thoroughly disgusted when we watch the news and see paranoid, physically healthy people act desperate to get the H1N1 flu shot for themselves and their healthy children. (It doesn’t help that the news media exploit and perpetuate this paranoia.) The local news crew inevitably finds some poor soul who wasn’t close enough to the front of the line to receive her vaccine, and show her pouring out her emotions (anger, sorrow, bitterness, desperation; tears are often present) regarding the shortfall for the 6:00 broadcast.”

Ken makes the case why it’s a waste of time to watch the evening news, particularly if its from ABC (the All Barack Channel), CBS (Communist Broadcasting System, NBC (National Broadcasting Communists) PMSNBC or CONN (the Clinton & Obama News Network).  It’s why I get most of my news off the Internet and occasionally the Fox News Channel, a network that, though relative fair and balanced as their moniker goes, is sometimes off the reservation themselves.

Ken’s points can be summed up in two words: media exploitation.  And I totally agree.  He seems to understand quite well why Obamacare would be an utter failure, using the situation in Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan as evidence.  The only thing I question is whether he understands the dangers of vaccine in general.

Now I’m not picking on Ken by any means, though it may seem so, but when he says that his children have been “dutifully getting their (shots) at various ages for years“, I only hope he has done his research on all the vaccines he has had his children obtain.  I’d like to think he has, given his sharp statement of seeing healthy people falling all over themselves to get this shot.

In the interest of not being overly long-winded as I already have and to avoid being redundant on vaccines as I have in earlier posts, I will wrap this up but before doing so, let me once again stress why it is very important that each one of us not fall prey to the so-called “experts” who say we must have the H1N1 (or for that matter, any other shot) without doing rigorous research as to its safety.  The fact that sizable majorities of Americans are rejecting the shot and posting their comments on the various forums, blogs and even so-called mainstream websites to that end is testament that people are doing their homework.  You don’t have to look far on the Internet to see growing opposition.  I only hope the good folks in Michigan, particularly in the counties noted, will do the research themselves so they don’t needlessly wait outside like they did last Saturday to get their shots, only to find themselves having caught the flu as a result.  America has enough sheeple who will be led astray and even to the slaughter.  Don’t you be one of them.

And if you don’t think that could occur, then I invite you to read the many related stories linked here and here and then make an informed conscientious decision whether you and your children (if you have any) really want to and should get, as is called in the UK, the jab.

Bookmark those pages if you haven’t already done so (and don’t forget to bookmark us as well).  You will need this info, both for yourself and your friends and loved ones.  Don’t be a guinea pig for the government on this shot.  Stand up for liberty.  This is what is at stake.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Don’t even think of getting a swine flu shot without a thorough examination of what is at stake.  And remember the immortal words of Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Obamacare and mass vaccinations are designed to surrender your constitutional liberties to the federal government.   Don’t even think of doing so.  They are symptoms of a greater disease – complacency and tyranny.  You will regret it and you will pay for doing so in more ways than one.

Thanks, Ken and Blog Prof, for your contributions to this issue.  May God bless you, your families and your efforts.

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