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A Black Democrat Supporting a White Republican? You B.E.T.!

Though I believe our nation is in a constitutional crisis with the Kenyan-born usurping  “president” running and ruining the country and though I believe this matter needs to be relentlessly exposed until we know whether Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen (according to Article II, Section 1), I have to take a break from it for a moment for a fabulous story giving Obama loving Democrats, especially blacks, major heartburn.  It will probably be a major factor why Republican Bob McDonnell is all but assured of being elected the next governor of Virginia next Tuesday.

Unless you watch Black Entertainment TV or are familiar with the top brass of the Washington Capitals hockey team or the Washington Wizards basketball team, you probably have no idea who Sheila Johnson is.  Until today, I didn’t either.  But in a moment of impulse and curiosity resulting from my relentless political junky nature, I decided to see how the gubernatorial races in Virginia & New Jersey are shaping up.

And I soon found out what Ms. Johnson is made of.

I went to visit the Republican governor’s website for Virginia after reading a Washington Post piece (link excluded as the story was well slanted) that Ms. Johnson endorsed Mr. McDonnell for governor.  And this amazing You Tube video was the proof.

It was crystal clear during the 30 second taping that this endorsement was glowing and exciting without a trace of it being canned.   Ms. Johnson made a conscientious decision to throw her support to the Republican, to the detriment of McDonnell’s Democrat counterpart, Creigh Deeds, the Virginia Democratic Party and Resident Obama.

I was unaware that Ms. Johnson was second only to Oprah in being the wealthiest black woman in America.  However, Oprah’s $2.5 billion worth and blindless loyalty to the Resident apparently couldn’t persuade Ms. Johnson to do the same for Democrat Deeds.

What I love about Sheila Johnson is that unlike Oprah’s willful ignorance of her man Obama, she did her homework as to who was the best candidate for governor of her state.

Here’s how the Loudoun Independent described it:

After interviewing all of the Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial primary, Johnson said that she found herself disappointed with their inability to convey what they stood for, or how they planned to move Virginia forward. Johnson described McDonnell as the most intelligent politician she has ever met, and was impressed with how he really listened and was able to get to the heart of every issue, particularly sex trafficking and education.”

I have an obvious question in light of this piece.  Why can’t or won’t every single black (or for that matter, any) American do what Ms. Johnson did?  She apparently researched both party’s candidates backgrounds, met with them and concluded that her party’s guys were not worth backing because Deeds and company allegedly wouldn’t take a stance on or articulate the positions she was concerned about.  You don’t need to be wealthy to do that.

It is fairly common that when asking Democrats running for office where they stand on issues like taxes, abortion, marriage, illegal immigration and constitutionally limited government, they are evasive and don’t want to touch it.  In most cases, that should usually sends a message that they are not worthy of being elected to go to bat for the people in their districts and states.  What Republicans should do (and by the way, I am not defending the GOP by any means, given their penchant for too much government and spending but they are clearly the better of the two parties at this moment in time) is simply state their own positions, their opponents’ positions (or lack of taking them) and then ask the voter for his or her vote.  I absolutely guarantee less Democrats will be in public office.  But I cannot comprehend why few Republicans do so.  It’s a winning way, sometimes even in liberal urban districts.

And given Deeds’ responses to taxes and other matters as noted here, Ms. Johnson and other Virginians have a great example and good reason not to vote for him next week.

And while I don’t intend to necessarily use this post as a prop and endorsement for Mr. McDonnell, simply because I’m trying to highlight a wise Democratic woman, you can’t help but love what the Richmond Times-Dispatch says about this guy.  Because I do.

McDonnell’s insistence that taxes not be raised on Virginia’s citizens and businesses represents not only a sound and pragmatic policy decision — it also demonstrates one of his fundamental beliefs about the relationship between the government and the governed. In an era when government at many levels seems out of control — prone to bouts of fiscal immaturity — McDonnell understands that an effective, compassionate public sector is always defined by limited government. And he knows that those who earn paychecks and profits have first claim on those earnings. The tax collector must play a secondary role.

This fundamental difference between McDonnell and Deeds is reason enough to support the former attorney general. Virginia needs a strong voice defending free enterprise and personal liberty, a strong hand protecting the sanctity of the family budget, and a strong governor willing to reverse the national trend toward handouts, bailouts, high taxes, more regulation, and stronger unions.

It’s hard to imagine anyone whose qualifications to serve as governor are superior to McDonnell’s. At first glance, one might be tempted to think a scriptwriter invented the man’s biography. He has served his country as an Army officer, worked as a business manager, and earned a law degree. He was a prosecutor, a member of the House of Delegates for 14 years, and attorney general from 2006 to 2009, building a reputation for working across the aisle to serve the interests of Virginia. McDonnell has raised a family; he has lived in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Central Virginia. He is, quite simply, an accomplished adult in an era when too few elected officials seem to meet that simple but essential standard.

“Government shouldn’t do things that undermine the family, shouldn’t do things that undermine traditional values that have served Virginia well,” McDonnell said during a meeting with the Editorial Board this fall.

We are impressed by McDonnell’s fundamental belief in the primacy of the private sector in restoring economic prosperity. He understands that growth and job creation are always products of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, investment, and hard work — not expanded regulation and increased government spending. And he recognizes the importance of not only encouraging alternative energy development, but also investing responsibly in plentiful and affordable energy sources, such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

Virginia needs strong leadership in a time of especially complex challenges. Bob McDonnell has proved himself — through his life and his career — to be a strong and principled leader, a man of moderate temperament and exceptional accomplishment. He is the right man to become the next governor of Virginia.

Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this is Reagan reincarnated.  As one who embraces a combination of the platforms of the Constitution & Libertarian Parties, I would be happy to return to the GOP if the entire Republican Party and party officials used McDonnell as a blueprint for other candidates and the current crop of Republicans in Washington and at the state level.  Here’s where McDonnell stands.  I wish he had a section on immigration and same sex marriage and I have slight concerns on any limited government proponent addressing environmental stuff.  But other than that, I like this guy.  And I can see why Sheila Johnson does.

And as a side note, I’m hard pressed to think of a news source, online or in print, that embraces a stance that our Founding Fathers would largely embrace.

And for whatever it’s worth, if you’d like to read some of the other endorsements to the McDonnell campaign (not as glowing but generally good and definitely distinctive from the Democratic guy), his endorsement page (with my comment) is at your disposal.

Now if we can get blacks to disavow the likes of the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and virtually the entire slate of black Democrats in Congress, get them to think outside the box as Ms. Johnson so succinctly has, ask the same questions that Ms. Johnson has and vote out or against those who don’t answer them and/or whose voting records are antithetical to their values, not the least of which is Obama, perhaps we can still save this country.

So as to Sheila Johnson’s support of a Reaganesque Republican, now that is change I like and real change I can believe in.

Go, Bob, go!  You are the real deal.  And Sheila Johnson, you rock!  There you go, girl!

And with that in mind, it’s now time for America’s favorite uncle to speak:

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