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A Symptom of Obamacare and We the Sheeple

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the weekend, I read this editorial from Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner how Resident Obama (the writer forgot to leave off the P) declared a swine flu emergency over America.  Lots of Americans are suspicious of this declaration for various reasons, including the fact that this flu version appears to be little different than any other, the timing of it all in light of the growing unpopularity surrounding Obamacare, theironic lack of adequate supplies of the vaccine available, and a possible precursor for mandatory mass vaccinations – all items which could conceivably come true under the right circumstances.

But what I found most interesting (and telling) was Mark’s “Update II” and the link to a blog I previously was unacquainted with.  Now this is absolutely amazing and in one sense disturbing as I proceed to address this critical issue.

The author, whose name is a mystery except that he’s a Christian professor and bodybuilder with 6 children in the state of Michigan, links several videos (all no more than 20 seconds) showing how terribly long of a line there was in the town of Clarkston of people waiting to get the swine flu shot this past Saturday.  He states that waiting lines were anywhere from 5 to 11 hours with lines forming as early as 10 PM on Friday the night before.  To top it off, the weather was reported as very inclement.

Spending almost half a day in the cold and rain to get in line for a little old flu shot that might not only not work but instead give one the flu (or worse) is quite disturbing in a couple ways that I’ll detail momentarily.  The blog author called these waiters “troopers”.  Though it’s a testament to any hearty soul who will stand in line for many hours amidst wet and blustery weather, I’m not sure I’d tag these individuals as troopers.  I would not label them with any derogatory titles but I do call into question their judgment. Perhaps it would be understandable if these folks were waiting to get World Series, Super Bowl or Stanley Cup tickets or if they were going to see Billy Graham or the Pope since those would possibly be once in a lifetime events for them.  But this Michigan circus doesn’t qualify.

The author links to this Detroit News article where it states that thousands lined up in Oakland & Wayne Counties for their shots.  A map shows Wayne County is heavily centered in Detroit with nearby suburbs in tow.  Oakland County, where these long lines were, covers Detroit’s extended suburbs.

Now I don’t want to cast dispersions upon the good folks of Michigan but with crime spiraling out of control in Detroit and being one of the worst major cities to live in and with the highest unemployment rate in the nation, I can’t help but get the impression that many of these folks were mindless robots, doing what they were told without using their God-given brains to think this through.  Of course, I can’t and don’t want to stereotype them all this way but from everything I’m reading about my neighbor to the east, it’s not very good, even if this was simply concentrated inside these two counties, and as stated earlier, I do question these folks’ judgment.

With Detroit in 3rd place at 27% unemployment, the county of Wayne in 5th place overall at 18% and metro Detroit (which includes Wayne & Oakland Counties) at just over 17% and with Detroit deemed the most dangerous city in America less than two years ago, might some of the perceived zombies be right in line to want to embrace Obamacare just so they feel like they have some security and hope?  God, I hope not.  Because under Obamacare, as it currently is written, security will be questionable at best and hope perhaps not even existent.  At worst – and I expect the worst with this Communist-like Democratic run Congress – this nation and its blessed Constitution may literally be history.

But the push for national health care or Obamacare seems to be in line with the high national unemployment rate (said to be just shy of 10%) and a determination to “stick it to us” with this gargantuan mammoth of a bill (and this writer’s view that Obama is deliberately doing things to keep unemployment high and jobs (other than government ones) well out of reach.

OK, I’m not trying to unnecessarily pick on my eastern neighbor and I didn’t intend to stick it to them with the crime and unemployment stats but from this writer’s vantage point, Michigan is a state in seriously need of some independent free thinking and discerning folks.  Most importantly, like all of it, it needs God and Jesus Christ.

Back to our Blog Professor.  He says at the opening of his piece (this one, if you forgot where it was) as well as at the end, that these extremely long lines may well be symbolic to Obamacare if it passes and is enacted into law.  It certainly is believable, given the lengthy lines and waits to get medical services in neighboring Canada.

Now you can find stories that will claim our system is bad and Canada’s is better (and yes, ours does need a little tinkerinng) and I’ll grant that there are exceptions – of course.

But here’s simple proof why our health care is vastly superior.

How many Canadians come to America every year for treatment and how many Americans go to Canada for treatment?

End of discussion.  Does our system need repair?  Yes!  Does it need reform?  Absolutely?  Does it need to be gutted?  Hell NO!

So if you like long waits like waiting for hours in the cold for medical services, or worse, if you like months of waiting for a bone or hip transplant, then petition our corrupt government to permit Obamacare here.  But be careful what you ask for as you may just get it.

It’s too bad our professor friend didn’t make a case against the nature of the swine flu vaccine and why the Michigan sheeple waiting in line should have done their homework before wasting time they have used more productively.  But  fortunately he linked to someone who did.

Ken at this blog hits the nail on the head when he says:

My wife and I have been thoroughly disgusted when we watch the news and see paranoid, physically healthy people act desperate to get the H1N1 flu shot for themselves and their healthy children. (It doesn’t help that the news media exploit and perpetuate this paranoia.) The local news crew inevitably finds some poor soul who wasn’t close enough to the front of the line to receive her vaccine, and show her pouring out her emotions (anger, sorrow, bitterness, desperation; tears are often present) regarding the shortfall for the 6:00 broadcast.”

Ken makes the case why it’s a waste of time to watch the evening news, particularly if its from ABC (the All Barack Channel), CBS (Communist Broadcasting System, NBC (National Broadcasting Communists) PMSNBC or CONN (the Clinton & Obama News Network).  It’s why I get most of my news off the Internet and occasionally the Fox News Channel, a network that, though relative fair and balanced as their moniker goes, is sometimes off the reservation themselves.

Ken’s points can be summed up in two words: media exploitation.  And I totally agree.  He seems to understand quite well why Obamacare would be an utter failure, using the situation in Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan as evidence.  The only thing I question is whether he understands the dangers of vaccine in general.

Now I’m not picking on Ken by any means, though it may seem so, but when he says that his children have been “dutifully getting their (shots) at various ages for years“, I only hope he has done his research on all the vaccines he has had his children obtain.  I’d like to think he has, given his sharp statement of seeing healthy people falling all over themselves to get this shot.

In the interest of not being overly long-winded as I already have and to avoid being redundant on vaccines as I have in earlier posts, I will wrap this up but before doing so, let me once again stress why it is very important that each one of us not fall prey to the so-called “experts” who say we must have the H1N1 (or for that matter, any other shot) without doing rigorous research as to its safety.  The fact that sizable majorities of Americans are rejecting the shot and posting their comments on the various forums, blogs and even so-called mainstream websites to that end is testament that people are doing their homework.  You don’t have to look far on the Internet to see growing opposition.  I only hope the good folks in Michigan, particularly in the counties noted, will do the research themselves so they don’t needlessly wait outside like they did last Saturday to get their shots, only to find themselves having caught the flu as a result.  America has enough sheeple who will be led astray and even to the slaughter.  Don’t you be one of them.

And if you don’t think that could occur, then I invite you to read the many related stories linked here and here and then make an informed conscientious decision whether you and your children (if you have any) really want to and should get, as is called in the UK, the jab.

Bookmark those pages if you haven’t already done so (and don’t forget to bookmark us as well).  You will need this info, both for yourself and your friends and loved ones.  Don’t be a guinea pig for the government on this shot.  Stand up for liberty.  This is what is at stake.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Don’t even think of getting a swine flu shot without a thorough examination of what is at stake.  And remember the immortal words of Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Obamacare and mass vaccinations are designed to surrender your constitutional liberties to the federal government.   Don’t even think of doing so.  They are symptoms of a greater disease – complacency and tyranny.  You will regret it and you will pay for doing so in more ways than one.

Thanks, Ken and Blog Prof, for your contributions to this issue.  May God bless you, your families and your efforts.

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A Black Democrat Supporting a White Republican? You B.E.T.!

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Though I believe our nation is in a constitutional crisis with the Kenyan-born usurping  “president” running and ruining the country and though I believe this matter needs to be relentlessly exposed until we know whether Barack Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen (according to Article II, Section 1), I have to take a break from it for a moment for a fabulous story giving Obama loving Democrats, especially blacks, major heartburn.  It will probably be a major factor why Republican Bob McDonnell is all but assured of being elected the next governor of Virginia next Tuesday.

Unless you watch Black Entertainment TV or are familiar with the top brass of the Washington Capitals hockey team or the Washington Wizards basketball team, you probably have no idea who Sheila Johnson is.  Until today, I didn’t either.  But in a moment of impulse and curiosity resulting from my relentless political junky nature, I decided to see how the gubernatorial races in Virginia & New Jersey are shaping up.

And I soon found out what Ms. Johnson is made of.

I went to visit the Republican governor’s website for Virginia after reading a Washington Post piece (link excluded as the story was well slanted) that Ms. Johnson endorsed Mr. McDonnell for governor.  And this amazing You Tube video was the proof.

It was crystal clear during the 30 second taping that this endorsement was glowing and exciting without a trace of it being canned.   Ms. Johnson made a conscientious decision to throw her support to the Republican, to the detriment of McDonnell’s Democrat counterpart, Creigh Deeds, the Virginia Democratic Party and Resident Obama.

I was unaware that Ms. Johnson was second only to Oprah in being the wealthiest black woman in America.  However, Oprah’s $2.5 billion worth and blindless loyalty to the Resident apparently couldn’t persuade Ms. Johnson to do the same for Democrat Deeds.

What I love about Sheila Johnson is that unlike Oprah’s willful ignorance of her man Obama, she did her homework as to who was the best candidate for governor of her state.

Here’s how the Loudoun Independent described it:

After interviewing all of the Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial primary, Johnson said that she found herself disappointed with their inability to convey what they stood for, or how they planned to move Virginia forward. Johnson described McDonnell as the most intelligent politician she has ever met, and was impressed with how he really listened and was able to get to the heart of every issue, particularly sex trafficking and education.”

I have an obvious question in light of this piece.  Why can’t or won’t every single black (or for that matter, any) American do what Ms. Johnson did?  She apparently researched both party’s candidates backgrounds, met with them and concluded that her party’s guys were not worth backing because Deeds and company allegedly wouldn’t take a stance on or articulate the positions she was concerned about.  You don’t need to be wealthy to do that.

It is fairly common that when asking Democrats running for office where they stand on issues like taxes, abortion, marriage, illegal immigration and constitutionally limited government, they are evasive and don’t want to touch it.  In most cases, that should usually sends a message that they are not worthy of being elected to go to bat for the people in their districts and states.  What Republicans should do (and by the way, I am not defending the GOP by any means, given their penchant for too much government and spending but they are clearly the better of the two parties at this moment in time) is simply state their own positions, their opponents’ positions (or lack of taking them) and then ask the voter for his or her vote.  I absolutely guarantee less Democrats will be in public office.  But I cannot comprehend why few Republicans do so.  It’s a winning way, sometimes even in liberal urban districts.

And given Deeds’ responses to taxes and other matters as noted here, Ms. Johnson and other Virginians have a great example and good reason not to vote for him next week.

And while I don’t intend to necessarily use this post as a prop and endorsement for Mr. McDonnell, simply because I’m trying to highlight a wise Democratic woman, you can’t help but love what the Richmond Times-Dispatch says about this guy.  Because I do.

McDonnell’s insistence that taxes not be raised on Virginia’s citizens and businesses represents not only a sound and pragmatic policy decision — it also demonstrates one of his fundamental beliefs about the relationship between the government and the governed. In an era when government at many levels seems out of control — prone to bouts of fiscal immaturity — McDonnell understands that an effective, compassionate public sector is always defined by limited government. And he knows that those who earn paychecks and profits have first claim on those earnings. The tax collector must play a secondary role.

This fundamental difference between McDonnell and Deeds is reason enough to support the former attorney general. Virginia needs a strong voice defending free enterprise and personal liberty, a strong hand protecting the sanctity of the family budget, and a strong governor willing to reverse the national trend toward handouts, bailouts, high taxes, more regulation, and stronger unions.

It’s hard to imagine anyone whose qualifications to serve as governor are superior to McDonnell’s. At first glance, one might be tempted to think a scriptwriter invented the man’s biography. He has served his country as an Army officer, worked as a business manager, and earned a law degree. He was a prosecutor, a member of the House of Delegates for 14 years, and attorney general from 2006 to 2009, building a reputation for working across the aisle to serve the interests of Virginia. McDonnell has raised a family; he has lived in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and Central Virginia. He is, quite simply, an accomplished adult in an era when too few elected officials seem to meet that simple but essential standard.

“Government shouldn’t do things that undermine the family, shouldn’t do things that undermine traditional values that have served Virginia well,” McDonnell said during a meeting with the Editorial Board this fall.

We are impressed by McDonnell’s fundamental belief in the primacy of the private sector in restoring economic prosperity. He understands that growth and job creation are always products of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, investment, and hard work — not expanded regulation and increased government spending. And he recognizes the importance of not only encouraging alternative energy development, but also investing responsibly in plentiful and affordable energy sources, such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

Virginia needs strong leadership in a time of especially complex challenges. Bob McDonnell has proved himself — through his life and his career — to be a strong and principled leader, a man of moderate temperament and exceptional accomplishment. He is the right man to become the next governor of Virginia.

Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this is Reagan reincarnated.  As one who embraces a combination of the platforms of the Constitution & Libertarian Parties, I would be happy to return to the GOP if the entire Republican Party and party officials used McDonnell as a blueprint for other candidates and the current crop of Republicans in Washington and at the state level.  Here’s where McDonnell stands.  I wish he had a section on immigration and same sex marriage and I have slight concerns on any limited government proponent addressing environmental stuff.  But other than that, I like this guy.  And I can see why Sheila Johnson does.

And as a side note, I’m hard pressed to think of a news source, online or in print, that embraces a stance that our Founding Fathers would largely embrace.

And for whatever it’s worth, if you’d like to read some of the other endorsements to the McDonnell campaign (not as glowing but generally good and definitely distinctive from the Democratic guy), his endorsement page (with my comment) is at your disposal.

Now if we can get blacks to disavow the likes of the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and virtually the entire slate of black Democrats in Congress, get them to think outside the box as Ms. Johnson so succinctly has, ask the same questions that Ms. Johnson has and vote out or against those who don’t answer them and/or whose voting records are antithetical to their values, not the least of which is Obama, perhaps we can still save this country.

So as to Sheila Johnson’s support of a Reaganesque Republican, now that is change I like and real change I can believe in.

Go, Bob, go!  You are the real deal.  And Sheila Johnson, you rock!  There you go, girl!

And with that in mind, it’s now time for America’s favorite uncle to speak:

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Damning Evidence of Obama’s Ineligibility?

October 19, 2009 1 comment

One of the few things that puts a laugh in my heart each week is watching the 3 Stooges every Saturday night.  One particularly hilarious episode involves the Stooges at a military recruitment center.  The Stooges find themselves being “tested” on their hearing.  A sergeant orders the Stooges to put their heads under water in the equivalent of a horse trough.  He fires a gun in the water and the Stooges hastily jerk their heads out of the water. Then the sergeant corrals the Stooges over to a recruiter and that’s where the laughs continue.

The recruiter first asks Curly as to where he was born.  Being that Curly’s hearing was altered because of the gun shot in the water, he had trouble understanding what was being asked of him.  After the recruiter’s third try, Curly answered by saying “in a hospital”.  Eventually he stated (if my memory is correct) Milwaukee.

Well, let’s cut the episode here and ask the question that America is asking of Barack Obama.  And that is, “Where were you born“?  And to answer that question, John Charlton of the Post & E-Mail, along with many other bloggers piggybacking off him, points us to two more African news sources (after this blockbuster) identifying Obama as Kenyan born.

Those of us who read sites like World Net Daily are getting the full scoop on everything on Obama’s presidential ineligibility.  And I believe for most of us who agree on that premise,  we are pretty much convinced that Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen.

However, if you are one of those who are still convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii, you might want to check this post from John.  You’ll need to pay attention to the original article, which apparently has been scrubbed but is archived here.  And then you’ll want to note the “revised” piece here.

Note the censored section in the story which John noted so well, thanks to his reader Ben:

” Duckworth is happy to point out that she and Hawai’i-raised Punahou graduate Obama have “a kama’aina connection.”

Both were born outside the country — Obama in Indonesia, Duckworth in Thailand — and graduated from high school in Honolulu — Punahou and McKinley, respectively.”

OK, besides the fact that Obama’s team is doing everything possible to obfuscate and obscure his birth place, now we have a reporter from the Honolulu Advertiser who said back on January 8th that Obama was born in Indonesia.  That same paper already claimed a year later that he was born at Kapiolani Medical Center.  And yet and the United Press originally stated he was born at the Queen’s Medical Center.

And if that wasn’t enough, a snapshot of the Obama caSmpaign website says he was born at Queens Hospital (the content of the actual page has been scrubbed as well).

Now this same writer who wrote back in January of last year that Obama was born in Indonesia claimed almost a year later that those who believe he was born in Kenya are “fringe theorists“.

So here are the 4 possible locations where Obama may have been born:

  1. Kenya
  2. Indonesia
  3. Kapiolani Hospital – Hawaii
  4. Queens Hospital – Hawaii

Which is it, Obama?  The answer to Obama’s birth place is like answering the question of an old commercial – how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? 

The answer: the world may never know. 

Heck, we’re not even sure of Obama’s age.  We’re told he was born in 1961 but that appears to be in conflict as well.

But we are pretty sure that something is going on in the Internet world that is covering up for Barack.

And one more point that is being ignored across the Internet and the media is a potentially damning statement from Obama (if confirmed) – read here for all the details.

There’s really little for me to add to this story and all the splendid work John is doing at the Post & E-Mail except to say let’s hope and pray that tape is found.  The mainstream media (the All Barack Channel – ABC; the Communist Broadcasting System -CBS; PMSNBC, etc.) won’t do its job because it takes its marching orders from Obama.

And it’s disgusting.

Leo Donofrio of Natural Born Citizen succinctly Obama’s citizenship into focus in this post.  He states:

“If Obama is eligible to be President then so are the sons of Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if they impregnate an American woman who gives birth on US soil.  The very notion is obscene.  Such a person might be a US citizen under current policy, but their citizenship is not natural born and they cannot be President and Commander In Chief of the US armed forces.”

I believe not only is Obama guilty of usurpation beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard in many court cases, but he is guilty by the preponderance of evidence, the standard in many other trials.  It is criminal for him to be in office but even more so that we have a Congress and court system who will not do justice to bring Obama to trial.

When I think about how badly the country is being bankrupted, it’s depressing, regardless of whether the president is a legitimate natural born citizen or a foreigner.  But think of it – would an American president have the compunction to do all he is doing if he was legit? I think he would have a conscience at some point, even if he was a liberal or an atheist.

But if a president’s allegiance is to another country because he is foreign born, then it’s quite likely that he doesn’t care about financially bankrupting America or causing it to collapse in every other way.  His conscience is absent.  He has no vested interest in this nation, thus the trillion dollar debt we have today and crisis after crisis.

It is a dark day in America.  If Obama is ever removed from office because he was convicted that he was not a natural born president, then every law and order signed must be reversed.  And then he must be put in jail along with all those who are feverishly working to destroy our moral and fiscal infrastructure.

I don’t care if I’m termed as a birther.  In fact, call me one.  I am a birther – one believes that we need the birth of a 2nd America with the constitutional principles of the old one in tow.

Can we do the impossible?  It may seem insurmountable but to quote Obama’s theme (sort of), “Yes We Must”.  

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What we must do to save America‏ – A genuine blueprint for change

October 10, 2009 1 comment

(Editor’s Note:  We are having formatting issues with this particular post.  We apologize for the problems.  We are working on rectifying it and have made some progress thus far.  For the most part, the post is readable and that is the important thing.  We will try and fix the font size problem as we can.)

When I grew up back in the 1960s, two of my favorite cartoons were Underdog and the Flintstones.  I grew up liking Underdog because he was the good guy and always defeated the bad guys.  As to the Flintstones, I don’t know what specifically drew me to them except I guess a combination of traditional family with traditional neighbors.

One particular episode of the Flintstones sticks out in my mind. It’s where Fred & Barney attend a lodge meeting of the “Royal Water Buffalos”.  The wives were not permitted to attend this particular meeting with the husbands as it was supposed to be a business gathering for members only.  Fred & Barney did everything to dissuade Wilma and Betty to that end.

But what really happened at this gathering was a business of different sorts – one where a bunch of young ladies was to be hidden inside a giant cake.  The cake would ultimately be burst open by these ladies as a treat for the water buffaloes, including Fred & Barney.  Perhaps you could call it a cartoon version of the gentlemen’s club, the difference being that no sex was obviously involved.

Word eventually leaked out to Wilma & Betty as well as the other wives of the attendees of the meeting’s secretive nature.  They were about to investigate what supposedly would take place.  They tracked down the girls scheduled to be inside the cake, chased them out and inserted themselves instead.

The cake was eventually delivered to the building where Fred, Barney and the other members would be.  And when the cake was opened, lo and behold, Wilma, Betty and the other members’ wives popped out with big wooden clubs awaiting Fred & Barney.

As you might guess, Fred & Barney dashed off the premises and into a Stone Age version of a helicopter to escape the wrath of their wives.  The scene then transferred to where Wilma & Betty sat at a table outside Wilma’s home, holding the wooden clubs by their sides, awaiting the copter’s ultimate crash since it was about to run out of gas. That was when the show ended.  Obviously, one knew what would occur when Fred & Barney landed on the ground outside the copter.  Needless to say, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Obviously what’s going on in Washington today isn’t pretty.  In fact, it’s downright ugly.  Moreover, it’s a deliberate effort to destroy America.  Like the wives of Fred & Barney, we must do something about DC’s adulterating actions.  And we must address it right away.  I believe we’re at the eleventh hour.  Tomorrow may be too late.  The synagogue of Satan in the nation’s capitol must face the wrath of the American people today.

So what do we do?  I think this is the question multitudes of Americans are asking today.  Sadly, many of them feel helpless to do anything.  Phone calls, letters, e-mails, faxes to Congress seem to be falling on deaf ears, no matter how frequently we do it and no matter how many people do it.  The recent town hall meetings on national health care drove many politicians to their political knees but once they returned to Washington, they refound their refuge and safety nest and went back to their old ways.

Couple that with the unprecedented dangerous and unconstitutional actions of Resident Obama and his administration and Congress’s willingness to let him get away with everything, the despair people feel today seems to be insurmountable.

I know.  I feel the same way.

Thank God there are a number of efforts to try to rein in Congress.  The Patriot Depot has a web page whereby you can send eviction notices to Congress and Obama.  World Net Daily has a “pink slip” campaign where for $30 you can FedEx such notices to all 535 Congress critters. And has tools that can help us do just that – fire them.

I applaud every effort to rein in Washington.  But such efforts will likely be futile in the end and our nation’s moral and social infrastructure will collapse unless we do one thing.

We go to Washington.  We go to Congress.  And then we go to the White House.

And we give Obama, all his czars and ungodly members of his staff, including Eric Holder and Rahm & Ezekiel Emmanuel, until the close of business the Friday we are there to tell them to gather their belongings, pack them up and get out.

And before arriving, we grab a Constitution, Old Glory, and as many neighbors, friends and family members as possible.

We get on the plane, the train, the bus, the car.  And off we go!

We deliver World Net Daily pink slips to Congress, every single member, regardless of how much or little they may be on our side. The ones who are largely on our side won’t fear getting the pink slip.  They will rejoice that the public has finally spoken up.  The ones against us will have to fear what lies ahead for them.  We do this in the morning.

We arrive at White House at noon, all 50-60 million of us (because that’s what it will take to force them out), advise Obama and his staff that he no longer has the consent of the governed (as found in the Declaration of Independence), that being the America people, and that he and his staff are to exit the people’s house by the end of the day.

We inform Obama, who once claimed our Constitution is flawed, and his minions, that, per the Declaration of Independence, because this current form of government has been destructive of these ends (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), it is our right as We the People to alter or abolish it and institute a new government that will effect our safety and happiness.  And we serve notice that beginning today we do just that.

We tell Obama that, as our Declaration declares, prudence dictates that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.  But because a very long train of abuses and usurpations has evinced under this administration, one of those usurpations being the dubious nature of Mr. Obama’s constitutionality to be president, to the point of reducing the American people to absolute despotism, it is our right and duty to throw off this current government and have new guards provided for our future security.  And though we do so in great fear and trembling before Almighty God, we proceed to do just that, for our heritage and our children.

And because, just as is declared in the original declaration, every petition for redress has been answered by repeated injury and that this administration has been deaf to the voice of true justice and consanguinity, We the People declare and deem Barack Hussein Obama as unfit to be president and ruler of the free people and We the People peacefully stand here to ensure that he and his entire administration are promptly ushered out of the White House.  And we stay here until he has packed his belongings and exited the Oval Office, along with every last czar and staff member (employees carried over from the Bush Administration excluded).

Now at this point the obvious question arises.  And that is who replaces Obama in the White House.

Since such an event has never occurred in this nation’s 233 year history, there will certainly be many thoughts, ideas and recommendations to that end.  And while my opinion is just that, an opinion, I shall proceed to make it and explain my reasons why.

Upon the removal of Barack Obama and all his staff, I would move to declare the current U.S. senator from Arizona and the 2008 Republican candidate for president, John McCain, as the 45th president of the United States and Sarah Palin as vice-president.

Obviously there will be many questions raised about this decision and it’s natural that there would be, given the unprecedented nature of things and the uncharted waters we would be in.  But that said, here is how I arrived at my conclusion.

1. Since Sen. McCain was the Republican nominee for president, along with Sarah Palin for vice-president, it stands to reason that they had already planned their selections for their Cabinet, assuming they had won.  Assuming such selections would still be willing to serve in a McCain Administration, the appointment of the Arizona senator would expedite the transition to power and minimize the inconveniences of a personnel transition from the ousted administration.

2. With Sen. McCain as the second highest vote getter in the 2008 election (about 8 million popular votes fewer than Obama) and with recent reports surfacing that one in eight Obama supporters (12½ %) have since left his campaign, assuming those voters now would support Sen. McCain, that would essentially create a popular majority (and possibly an electoral one as well) for the senator.  Thus I believe the right call is to name Sen. McCain as the new president.

3. With Sen. McCain’s three decades of service in Washington, his many years of service in the military and his position as the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he has the experience and understanding to run the country and we know, unlike Mr. Obama, that he will not betray the country.

4. To have the start the election process all over again would take an inordinate amount of time to get people and things in place, especially with the midterm elections just one year away (assuming martial law hasn’t been declared and the election process stymied).

Now let me implicitly state that I had numerous concerns about Sen. McCain prior to the election, two of which were his unabashed support for amnesty for illegals and belief in lobal warming.  Those concerns have not greatly diminished which is why he is facing a substantial primary challenge for his senate seat next year from one of the Minutemen Project’s pioneers, Chris Simcox.

But while the above is undeniable, so is the pleasant fact of Sen. McCain’s pretty much one-sided confirmation votes against Obama’s appointments and czars.  I believe there may have been one or two the wrong way (all of Obama appointments have been disastrous with the exception of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood) but by and large, the Arizona senator has been good in his assessments of Obama’s candidates.  As such, I believe Sen. McCain would select reasonably good people for his cabinet and unlike Obama, we would at least have a voice in a McCain administration.  We have none now.

Additionally, Sen. McCain opposes nationalized health care and I think he would look more closely at immigration issues now than previously, perhaps more so now because current Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano is now threatening sanctions against border control hero Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his work in removing the illegals.  I also believe Sen. McCain might even scrap his views on global warming, perhaps in part due to the unusually below normal temperatures that has circled the nation, both now and for much of this year.

While Sen. McCain’s record is anything but that of a consummate Constitution adherent, I tend to think he understands the gravity of the considerable damage done thus far by the Obama Administration and would work quickly to fix as much of it as possible.  He is perhaps like most of Congress in that he hasn’t been interested in examining Obama’s constitutional eligibility but if Obama is out, that point would more or less be moot.

I am one of those who looks very hard at the views and votes of a candidate for high office and I do not treat the Arizona senator any differently. I opposed him in the primary but I reluctantly voted for him last November (third party was not an option because my choice of candidate, Chuck Baldwin on the Constitution ticket, was not on the Indiana ballot) only because I know how bad it would be if Obama got elected – and my convictions, like so many others, have proven to be true.

But in viewing Sen. McCain’s votes this year, including one against a hate crimes bill which he lashed out against because it was unnecessary and because it was attached to a military spending bill, it appears maybe the Arizona senator is coming to his senses.


The dividing line above is in place because after a 2 hour break from the above content today, I now must withdraw my support for John McCain as president.  I was making my case for why Obama should be tossed and McCain replacing him, thinking McCain was starting to “get it”.  Apparently I was wrong .  It also seems like people in foreign nations like Poland are smarter than McCain as this petition against Obama shows.

With Obama’s relentless spending, his dubious natural born citizenship, his attempt to take over the private health care system in the same fashion as he has done with the banking and mortgage industry and General Motors (now Government Motors), his unwavering support and public funding for abortion, his efforts to publicly and privately force homosexuality and radical Islam into the public eye, his plans to release Gitmo prisoners into the American population, his deliberate efforts to kill our economy, his praising and abetting of our enemies, his support for open borders and amnesty for illegals, his belief in one world government and so much more, I reluctantly must come to the conclusion that because John McCain cannot or will not differentiate right and wrong, good and evil, I am abandoning my call for him to replace Obama as president.

At this point, I am going to publish what I have written thus far and will think thru the rest of my strategy.  Make no mistake, we must go to Washington and oust the usurper.  But replacing him with McCain is a now a no go.


Not only have I come to regret my decision to give the presidency to John McCain after ousting the usurper, but I’m now kicking myself in the head for doing so.  It appears the Arizona senator still believes in global warming (along with the idiot Republican senator from S. Carolina, Lindsey Graham) and thinks negotiating with Democrats for a bill to supposedly curb it (never mind that temperatures in the Midwest right now are strikingly below normal) is good for the country.

Unbelievable!  Sorry I thought that McCain did a 180.  I’d say he did a 60-90 at best.


OK, let’s forget for the moment who we will name as president once Obama and his creeps are rooted out.  My first recommendation is the other S. Carolina senator, the one who is all American and who has a verifiable track record in that regard.  That would be Sen. Jim DeMint.  But let’s forgo that for now and let’s talk about mobilizing.

Getting 50-60 million Americans to Washington is almost impossible to grasp, let alone achieve.  It would be a nightmare for DC police as well as everyone in Congress and the Obama Administration.  It would be a nightmare because police would be literally helpless to do anything, especially when the gesture to be there is totally law abiding and constitutional.  It would be a nightmare for Congress and Obama because it would show that the people are in charge of the country and the sheer numbers alone would intimidate the most hardened liberals, not the least of which is Obama.  I cannot picture anything but them being frightened.  Of course, the good guys in Washington (limited numbers as they may be) would cheer and applaud.  More importantly, so would our Founding Fathers, if they could speak from their graves.

Do you get the picture?  If you do, then let’s dream and enact the near impossible.

So how do we put all this together?  It’s not going to be easy at all.  And no doubt word will leak out to Washington as to what will happen. They will get wind of it and no doubt many will try to stop it.  But if 20% of the country goes to DC and is undeterred in doing so, there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do (other than wage a literal war on the American people) to stop it.

It’s time to think and dream big.

There are several issues that have to be resolved to make it happen:

  1. We would have to pool databases from online patriot organizations to gather numbers.  They will come from widespread sources and groups on so many different issues.  For example, it would mean gathering heads of groups like Americans for Legal Immigration to Americans for Prosperity to the American Family Association to the American Life League to the Heritage Foundation to the NRA to Grassfire USA to Numbers USA to churches and on and on – you get the picture. They would have to share e-mail databases in order to compare names and prevent overlapping, since many folks in one database are likely in others.  The privacy issues these sites have not to share names and e-mail addresses will no doubt be a sticking point – and understandably so – but if we are to get 50-60 million Americans to go to Washington, we will have no choice but to do so. The task will be daunting but then again, so is the salvation of this country.

  2. Once that Herculean task has been achieved, we (the heads of these groups and organizations – and there will be hundreds of them, if not thousands) then have to contact their members about making the trip to DC, find out how many miles they are from the Capitol and getting a commitment from them to come and having them spread the word.  For those within 1 to 3 hours of DC (e.g. 200 miles or less, the equivalent more or less of driving distance), it likely won’t be a huge hurdle since it won’t be a long commute and won’t take as much out of their personal schedules as it would for folks further away.  Parking will of course be a major hurdle but the easiest way to overcome that is to take a flight, train or bus there.  I will address more specifics of the logistics in greater detail ahead.

  3. Once we get a commitment of how many will come to DC who are within that short of a commute, then we can address those who are further away.  We can do this by 100 or 200 mile increments or perhaps some other number but for now, these are my thoughts.  For now, let’s go with every 200 miles, roughly the equivalent of every three hours.And keep in mind that these mile increments are ground time.  They do not cover plane trips, which no doubt would make it quicker for people to get to DC.  Obviously, the further one is away from the capitol, the more beneficial (and necessary) it will be to travel by air.  Folks from Maryland, Virginia, W. Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will obviously have an easier time getting to DC with more travel options than those from Florida, California, Texas, etc.But in the end, we want representation from all 50 states, meaning those in Alaska and Hawaii will take longer to get to DC than everyone else.  It may be easier to get larger representations from the East Coast and the near South than it will be the rest of the country and due to the obvious geographical demographics, there admittedly may be a heavier slant to that end.  But that said, we do not want this unprecedented event to be intentionally one-sided in representation.  We want the anger toward Washington to come from all 50 states and as evenly as possible.

  4. These groups would have to identify who is coming by bus, by train, by plane and by car and how many are going.  We need very accurate numbers of attendees.  It would obviously be best to avoid traveling by car to Washington unless folks who plan to drive have friends or family within a half hour of DC where it’s safe (and legal) to leave their vehicles.  Then they can catch a bus or train to the capitol.But even with those who have friends in the DC area, it still may be prudent to skip the car because there will be unprecedented congestion on the interstates up to DC, perhaps for several hours, the equivalent of folks who live along the coasts packing up and getting out of town due to an imminent hurricane.  Remember, this is going to be unlike any other gathering in American history so we have to cover every single angle and possible obstacle.  We must leave no stone unturned. We want the 50-60 million Americans to be in DC.  There were an estimated two million folks in last month’s tea party on DC.  Two million will not cut the mustard in ridding America (again peacefully so) of the debris in Washington.  We need these numbers.  We cannot settle for less.

  5. One possibility that would greatly ease road congestion (for those who plan to commute on the ground) is to lease coach and school busses.  Since busses can seat anywhere from 60-100 (maybe more – this is my guess), it greatly reduces traffic.  My rough sketch of this peaceful revolution is that these busses should be within a 300 mile (5 hour) commute of Washington.  Anything longer time wise has the potential to be problematic. We want folks refreshed and awake on arrival.As such, groups should coordinate with bus companies for this unprecedented event.  It is probably in the best interests of groups to do so as many folks who want to come will be doing so on meager savings.  To load people onto busses and charge them a modest fee to ride will be cheaper than most any other means of getting to DC.  Again, this really would apply to those with 5 hours of DC.  Folks further away would almost certainly be better off flying.  Obviously, the further out they are, the more essential this becomes.

  6. Speaking of meager savings, the money situation of Americans today is likely the largest hurdle to be overcome.  As said in the last paragraph, for those with little money and within 300 miles of DC, a leased bus is probably the best way to go.  But for those further away, getting round trip airfare will be most difficult for lots of people, especially seniors, the unemployed and the underemployed.  This is where our patriot groups will have to do something to pool dollars together.  Perhaps the leaders of these groups can set up a fund to match those who have money to share with those who need it.  Funds will have to be set up and directed in such a way that only those with a commitment to go will have access to it.  Those who commit to go and don’t will have to return the funds.  This will have to be addressed in greater detail.

  7. The last challenge I see at this juncture (there may be more), both monetary and otherwise, is housing the attendees.  This will be huge and realistically speaking, every hotel and motel in the DC area and in areas leading up to DC cannot accomodate everyone.  It is for this reason that as many folks as possible that are coming should plan to leave their residences, regardless of what form of transportation they are taking, very early that Friday morning and expect to return very late Friday.  In other words, if you can avoid lodging in DC, either from Thursday to Friday or from Friday to Saturday, so much the better.  Realistically, however, it will be impossible to keep attendees from lodging but in order to facilitate things as smoothly as possible, if such cannot be avoided, it should be reserved for those traveling outside the suggested 300 mile radius of the Capitol and preferably from Thursday to Friday.

Obviously I didn’t cover everything here and no doubt I overlooked an item or two, if not several items.  I tried to address everything but I’m sure some things slipped thru the cracks, like meals (which will essentially be up to the individuals coming but we’ll have more thoughts on that later).

In the meantime, if you have something to share on all this, by all means, let me hear from you.  All ideas are on the table, no pun intended.

I see no other way than the gathering of as much as 20% of the American people on the steps of the White House and ushering the DC corrupters out.  An option to all this (in better days) would be for all Republicans to simply walk out of Congress and not return for session until Obama leaves.  But since many Republicans are too wimpy to act, we have no other route to go than to do it ourselves – basically 50 million American adults (18 and over) with 10 million children in tow (we want them out of school to witness this historic act of patriotism), consigning this White House to the ash heap of history.

As I said at the beginning, this revolution will be thoroughly peaceful as want this to be absolutely historic.  It won’t be if we have weapons, be they physical or verbal.  We must be absolutely united.  Our “weapons”, if you will, will be the American flag, the U.S. Constitution and our love for God and country.  And that, along our insistence that Obama be removed and his administration promptly dismantled, will be all that we bring.

There will be issues among this many people, no doubt.  We will have people who will disagree on different subjects. Republicans, Libertarians and independents will be there. So will some Democrats and ex-Obama supporters. Pro-lifers, pro-traditional marriage folks, education and immigration reform backers, fiscal conservatives, patriotic liberals (albeit not like the fiscally drunken sailors in Congress) will be there.  2nd Amendment supporters will be there in droves.  We may even end up having some so-called pro-choice folks in our camp and gulp, even agnostics and atheists. But even atheists and abortion supporters at some point will swallow their pride and join us when they see that their nation and children are literally being affected by Washington the same way we are.

However, we don’t expect the anti-American ACLU to be among them nor state run media, though they will be forced to report this literal reclaiming of America .

Young and old, black and white (and in-between), male and female, rich and poor, celebrity and no-name folks, Christian and Jew, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Presbyterian, Protestant, Pentecostal, every social background – we all will be in DC for one purpose.  We can address our differences in due course.  We may find common ground in some areas, we may not.  But one common ground we will have and always will and that is the saving of America and doing it for God, our heritage and the country.

And that we will do on the Friday that we set up to be in the nation’s capitol.  We will NOT be deterred.  The people will have finally spoken.  And we will NOT leave that Friday until they are all out, every last one of them.  We will address who should go in and where and when in due course.  The issue here is that Obama and his administration (and Congress but we will take them on later) no longer have the consent of the governed and since our consent is now removed, so will Obama and his gang.

Since Congress won’t move to impeach Obama or simply order him out since he likely is not a natural born citizen, We the People have chosen of our own accord to come to Washington, compelled by our love for God, our friends, our families and our country, to save and preserve it for future generations, should it be in the plans of Almighty God to do so. We’re tired of being taxed, we’re tired of being slandered for our patriotism, we’re tired of the bastardization of our beloved U.S. Constitution, we’re tired of being ridiculed for our principles and religious views, we’re tired of our elected officials being out of touch with everyday Americans and foisting things on us we don’t want. We are taking America back and reclaiming our constitutional liberties.  And we won’t settle for anything less. We must go to DC. PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION

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If it’s good for me, it’s good for you – or is it?

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s good for me, it’s good for you“.

Familiar line?  Yeah, we use it in different ways, such as coaxing our children to eat their vegetables or perhaps get them to exercise.  It’s also the opening line in the Kristopher Kross 80s hit Never the Same Again.

But when it comes to medicine, it appears our elected officials are saying, “It’s not good for me but it’s good for you”.  It’s another way of saying, “Do as I say but don’t do as I do“.

And if there’s no other reason to distrust politicians today, this is it.

Let’s take the swine flu vaccine controversy occurring across the country but especially pitting Richard Daines, State Commissioner of Health for New York (and in turn the state itself) and the New York State Nurses Association (and in turn health care workers in general across the state).  If any issue is one where a government entity wants individuals to sacrifice personal liberties to be in compliance with the state (“state” in this text meaning the government and not necessarily the state of New York), this may be as good an example as one can get.

Here we have the highest health officer in the second most populated state in the nation “telling” medical personnel to get the flu vaccination.  On the other end, we have the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) legitimately (and may I say most reasonably) responding to Dr. Daines as well as an anonymous health care provider in the state.

[Editor’s note at this point: I’m going to try to minimally discuss the safety aspect in this particular post.  It will be impossible not to but I will attempt to address it only as necessary  I covered some of it in my last piece with regards to newspaper personnel in my state and I will cover much more in my upcoming piece on WWJD – and it’s not “What Would Jesus Do”.  I had promised at the end of my last piece that I would cover it next but I felt this matter was too important to pass up on discussion.  So my apologies in that regard. I intend to make that matter the very next item to be posted.]

In response to Dr. Daines from the NYSNA, the officials running the site and association  express concerns about the flu vaccine not being 100% effective nor guaranteed of patient safety.  They do not staunchly oppose getting vaccinated so much as they do the mandate that forces them to get the shot.  In my view, this is a very reasonable position to take.  The response from the anonymous health care provider is a bit firmer but at the same time quite understandable and reasonable in light of the compelling (and inarguable) points made about lack of testing and making the manufacturers of the vaccine immune from legal action.

In his open letter, Commissioner Daines makes what I believe is a very insulting statement to New York nurses, saying, “Questions about safety and claims of personal preference are understandable. Given the outstanding efficacy and safety record of approved influenza vaccines, our overriding concern then, as health care workers, should be the interests of our patients, not our own sensibilities about mandates.”

In short, the commissioner is saying “Safety concerns and preferences in dealing with them are understandable but at the same they should be tossed out the window unless you medically can’t take it“.

This is so a flawed a statement that a rational person can easily dissect it so I won’t cover it here.

Oh, and did you notice that the commissioner stated “on August 13th the New York State Hospital Review and Planning Council adopted a regulation recommended by the New York State Health Department making approved annual influenza vaccinations mandatory…. for health care workers in hospitals, outpatient clinics and home care services. Legislation applying the same standards to nursing home workers has also been proposed.”

Now if I read this correctly, it sounds like this mandate was made by the state health dept. and perhaps forcefully “adopted” (if you get the drift) by this New York State Hospital Review & Planning Council (sounds like a bureaucracy to me).  In other words, Dr. Daines may have essentially told this “council” that “we want to make this shot mandatory and ask you to agree (with some sort of sanction if you don’t)”.

Now I’m also reading that since there apparently is no legislation on New York’s book to force health care workers to get vaccinated, Comm. Daines is using the weight of his department to make it appear that there is law to that effect.  The issue seems to be confused when he mentions that nursing homes should comply with his rule.  Thus the question is this – did the New York General Assembly ever pass any legislation compelling health care workers to be vaccinated (which is implied in Dr. Daines’ comments about nursing homes but seemingly contradicted by the order his dept. has given to the NYNSA)?

In researching my question, the answer regretfully apparears to be in the affirmative, per the rule on this page.  It seems the General Assembly has given the state commissioner wide latitude to do as he pleases with regards to immunizations, perhaps understandable in one sense but without oversight and/or checks and balances, a potential problem as we see here.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and ask the commissioner a question:  If this vaccine is so essential for health care personnel, despite safety concerns, why not lead the way and get the shot first?

Interestingly enough, the question was indeed proposed to Dr. Daines and it appears to have left him in a “quandary” to where he finally stated.

I’m not in the first priority group unless I schedule some health care facility visits where I’d have patient contact. I’m concerned about pushing to the front of the line unnecessarily. But if I meet the priority standard, I certainly should get it. I have no qualms at all. And my family members that do qualify for it, as soon as it’s available I’ll strongly urge them to get it.”

This is a smokescreen, folks.  As the state’s CEO of health, he certainly can set the standard by being the first one to get injected.  He has broad powers and can easily summon a nurse or other medical official to his office and “take it like a man”.  Better yet, he can call the media, get a camera and microphone with a nurse or doctor in tow and say, “I believe this shot is essential to patient safety and accordingly I want to ensure that there are no risks to anyone in taking it by being the first in New York to get inoculated“.  The fact he identifies himself as not in the “first priority group” is a crock of you know what.

Trust me, Comm. Daines meets the priority standard.  If he wasn’t sure he would, he could simply leave his stately New York office for a short period of time, head over to a nearby hospital, visit a patient, shake his or her hand and then declare himself as eligible since he was in contact with a patient.  He wouldn’t have to worry about “pushing to the front of the line“.  Right there and then he could have the media cameras and hospital officials around and lead by example.

But you know, he won’t do so.  It is  “don’t do as I do but do as I say“.

Or “if it’s not good for me, it’s good for you“.

Oh, Commissioner, don’t urge your family members to get the swine flu shot.  Make them do it. Better yet, have them appear on camera with you getting the shot and then let them take their turns in doing so.

If you’d like to contact Dr. Daines and tell him to “lead the way”, his phone number is (518) 474-2011, fax is 474-6608.  His mailing address is Office of the Commissioner,  Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12237.  I doubt he reads any e-mails so that probably won’t get very far.  However, if you wish to go that route, the one e-mail address listed at the state’s website is  If you write an e-mail to that address, ask that it be forwarded to the commissioner’s office.

And please be polite in all communications.

Now Dr. Daines isn’t the only public official to follow the liberal Democrat rule of “do as  I say but not as I do“, though he’s from the only state that is making the swine flu vaccine mandatory for health care workers.  Other public officials across the country – locally, statewide and nationally – are telling others to get the shot but not “leading the way”.  We could take them on but instead turn to our country’s resident “president”, Mr. Obama,  you know, the only one who apparently has no medical records to show us that he’s a natural born citizen.  Let’s hear what he had to say on Sept. 20th regarding the swine flu shot.

We want to get vaccinated. We think it’s the right thing to do. We will stand in line like everybody else and when folks say it’s our turn, that’s when we’ll get it…..The Obama family plan is to call up my HHS (Health and Human Services) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and my CDC director, and just ask them, what’s your recommendation? And whatever they tell me to do, I will do.”

This is so laughable, folks.  This guy is supposed to be the CEO of America and he, Michelle and his two children are not leading the way.  Funny but I thought the “president” was our leader.  He’s going to wait, just like Commissioner Daines.  He could easily summon a staff doctor or nurse to the Oval Office, bring Michelle and his kids with, along with a camera and the AP, and say, “We’re going to lead the way for America by getting the shots ourselves and then in turn we ask all Americans to follow our example“.  And then the four of them go on camera and get vaccinated.

What could be wrong with that?  A world “leader” isn’t going to lead the way on the swine flu shot?

Oh, it gets better.

Now the Resident says the family plan is to call his Health & Human Services Secretary, the Rebellious Kathy Sebelius, and CDC director Tom Frieden and get a recommendation.  Gee, is this guy really the president?  He can’t decide for himself and his family but he wants all America to get the vaccine.  So he needs the HHS & CDC directors to recommend the vaccinations?  They’ve already done so, Mr. Resident.  It’s all across the web sites of your directors.  That means you and your family are to be inoculated against the swine flu.  What the heck are you waiting for?  You appointed these people.  You call the shots (no pun intended in this case).  You get the shots.  It’s not rocket science.

Unless Dr. Daines and Resident Obama lead the charge and have themselves and their families vaccinated first, don’t even think of getting one.

Along those same lines, Obama’s Congressional allies get specialized superior medical care in Washington but instead of wanting to pass that down to us as part of health care legislation they are trying to foist on us, they want us to get their version of Obamacare foisted on us while they continue seeking to be excluded.

Such a measure failed in the U.S. House (surprise, surprise), though it passed by one vote as an amendment in the Senate.  No doubt the amendment will be deleted in joint committee if it passes both chambers.

Bottom line – mandatory health care by Congress and mandatory vaccinations (yes, I know they’re listed as voluntary right now) are unconstitutional measures that erode constitutional liberties and we must let these officials know we will take every possible measure to ensure they are never foisted on us.  If it’s not good for them, it’s not good for us.

And that message is one we must drive home.

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Newspaper Official Ignores Vaccine Risks

October 3, 2009 1 comment

A recent editorial in my local paper recommended that its subscribers get the flu shots being pushed by Washington.  Given that this paper is, in this writer’s view, similar to the Fox News Channel in much of its reporting (fair and balanced), I was displeased to see it toe the line the feds, Big Pharma and county and state health departments are taking.  As such, I do what I do fairly often when the paper advocates something I oppose (and amazingly it isn’t too often – unlike the vast majority of newspapers in America, it endorsed McCain for president instead of Obama last fall) and that is write the editorial board (or the reporter) on its position.  And so I did here.

Only one of the 6 members of the board, Doug Ross, took it upon himself to write back (he’s usually the only one who does and though usually brief, he is always polite and professional).  Below is what I originally wrote to the board with Doug’s response and my subsequent reply which has not yet garnered a second response from him.

(I am editing some of my original letter, Doug’s response and my subsequent response.  The edits are not relevant to the content – some of it pertained to the paper’s position on the Olympics, which I also disagreed with.)

Here’s my original letter, again with the irrelevant portions edited out:


Now I want to move onto a more urgent matter and that is your editorial urging health care workers and Hoosiers to get the swine flu and regular flu shot. This is so outrageous, especially after I sent your reporter Sarah Tompkins, who has been covering this issue (Nedd’s note to my readers – here and here are her articles on it), extensive links to the dangers associated with those who take the shot.  This is so dangerous that as far as I’m concerned, the paper, by virtue of its editorial, is willing to put people’s health and even lives in jeopardy by its promotion of this shot.  Putting it mildly, this is journalistic malpractice being committed by Times staff and I don’t say that lightly.  Hear me out.

I appreciate the paper posting my letter to the editor but apparently no one at the Times bothered to investigate the research I quoted in my piece.

As reported by the British Medical Journal, roughly half the doctors in the UK and half the doctors and nurses in Hong Kong are refusing to take the shot.  An Australian group is warning against taking it. Reasons for doing so include insufficient testing, insufficient proof of the swine flu being deadly (no worse than a bad cold as reported by some), insufficient numbers of people affected by it and the many side effects associated with it.

Here’s a link to one article –

Many credible people point out that even those who get the swine flu end up building a new and natural immunity to the illness so it won’t occur again.  Those who get the shot end up being at more risk of getting it than those who don’t.

Are you aware that the New York Nurses Association oppose the mandatory vaccination and are fighting the state on it in court?  Is it really safe?  What about the ingredients in the vaccine?  Are the pharmaceutical companies financially benefiting from governments at the expense of its citizens who may be the guinea pigs from receiving such injections? Why is it that some doctors are speaking out against the shot while the CDC, Health & Human Services Dept. in DC and numerous state health boards calling H1N1 safe?  Why have you said nothing about informed consent?  You’re doing a disservice to your readership by your support of the vaccine without considerations for their health.

I would check out sites like (she’s coming to Schererville a week from Saturday) and  Google Jane Burgermeister to read of this Austrian journalist’s findings on the swine flu vaccine.  She is charging the federal government, the WHO and UN with criminal attempts of world mass murder.  While I think there is some healthy skepticism on the part of the readers at Jane’s site, it would be utter madness to dismiss everything linked there.  There are links to mainstream websites as well as ones that are viewed by some (like me) as questionable.

Perhaps you should read a document from the White House as to what may lie ahead  You should note the name John Holdren on page 3, Resident Obama’s science guy who advocated poisoning water system in the name of birth control.  Check it out –  The writer is a so-called pro-choice guy but he has read Holdren’s stuff, quotes in his piece and makes it clear that this guy’s views should frighten any sane American.

Look at Obama: pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion, pro-infanticide; Kathy Sebelius, Health & Human Services Secretary – pro-abortion, close friend of one of America’s worst (now deceased) abortionists (George Tiller); John Holdren – see above; Cass Sunstein, Regulatory czar, has no problem cloning infant children

And you don’t think that, from reading the White House report and all of Obama’s pro-death appointments, that this swine flu shot might not be used on the American people and maim and even kill them?  Maybe it seems far fetched but when you put all the pieces together, I wouldn’t rule it out.  I am frightened by this scenario. This administration wants us dead.  And I’m very rational in saying it.

And I have just scratched the surface.

You have an obligation to report to your readers the facts.  To do so is a gross injustice.

So please tell me why you aren’t telling the other side of the swine flu vaccine.  Are Obama and his thugs threatening you in some manner if you tell the truth?  I really want to know and so should the public.  If they are intimidating you in some capacity, you have an obligation to tell your readers.  They pay your salaries.  They have a right to know.

Your competitor is the Post-Tribune.  You know what tribune means?  It means a defender of the rights of the people.  Your paper may not be named “Tribune” but the function of your paper should be just that.  You should be skeptical of the government (like you are on a number of fronts, such as the city of Gary) and speak out to defend your readers when stuff emanates that is not factual.  You have no business urging anyone to get a flu or swine flu shot in the face of the medical dangers associated with it.

I have an autistic child, thanks to vaccinations he received at 3½ years of age.  The mercury in his system has made him to be who he is.  And it has been miserable living with him for the last 10 years.  For his sake, if nothing else, you need to speak out and at least provide a modicum of information as to the potentially risky nature of these shots.  If you don’t do so, I will cancel my subscription.  It’s one thing to editorialize and take a position based on political views. It’s quite another when the position you take is contrary to sound medicine but in the favor of the federal government whose position is potentially lethal.  I would not trust Big Pharma nor Resident Obama with my life.  If you want to, that’s your business.  But I don’t. So cover BOTH sides of the vaccine debate and let the people decide, fair enough?  Who knows, you might save a life from sickness or God forbid much worse.

Here’s Doug’s response, again with the irrelevant portions edited out:

Thank you for your note about the Olympics and the flu vaccine. Obviously, we disagree on these two issues.

On the vaccination issue, I’m very sorry to hear about your child. It is unfortunate that any child must suffer for any reason. Despite the risks, however, we believe vaccinations have provided an overall improvement to public health. Vaccinations are among the reasons people tend to live longer.

Here’s my subsequent reply from this morning:

Thank you, Doug, for your reply.  Obviously the point on the Olympics is moot now.  But I stand by what I said about the vaccines and frankly, you guys, with all due respect, are willing to ignore all the preponderance of data which suggests how dangerous this vaccine potentially is.  You haven’t cited any sources to back up your claims.  Have you forgotten 1976?  I’m sure you were alive back then as I was.

If health care workers in New York, Washington state and other place, not to mention doctors in Britain, Hong Kong and other places have serious problems with it, how could and any other backers of vaccines on the editorial board continue with their position in favor it?  Are they all that stupid?  I’m not inclined to think so.  I don’t get the impression these people are sacrificing common sense in this serious matter.

As I said in the e-mail, it is journalistic malpractice to continue with the paper’s stance when presented with honest and even rigorous data showing the serious problems with the ingredients in the vaccine (including tissue from aborted babies – doesn’t that trouble you – look it up).

Methinks someone in Obama’s camp is watching what the Times is saying and using thuggish tactics to keep the negative from being posted (albeit you at least are fair in the publishing of the many letters to the editor).

If one comes from the view as I do that God created our bodies and put an immune system in place to ward off ailments (yes, I know about those who were born otherwise but more often than not I believe it was passed on), then to inject something in us essentially states that our bodies when developed are insufficient, an argument I used to agree with but no more.

Just take a look at some of the stories out there of credible sources who are now saying (and documenting) that those who have gotten flu and swine flu shots are more at risk of getting the flu again than those who haven’t had the shot.

And if you don’t want to believe that, how about the Times getting a reporter to do a story on how the Amish are among the healthiest people out there and they never get vaccinated?  They don’t live too terribly far away from here in Northwest Indiana – you see their buggies out there.

As one whose son has ceased from having shots since he was 5 years old (he’s 13 now), he has had two or three years of perfect attendance and only once was he ever out of school for more than a week due to illness. Healthy kids don’t necessarily get shots.  We didn’t have them for the most part until the 1950s.

The lid is gradually being blown off on this and people are slowly but surely figuring it out that their government has been subtly attempting to kill its people and are resisting the shots.  They have an ally in Sheriff Richard Mack in Arizona –  The government and Big Pharma are doing this for money.  Think about it and research it when you have time.

I haven’t gotten a reply back but since I sent it out earlier today, it’s too soon to expect one.  I imagine I won’t get one but it’s just stunning how you can provide mounds of evidence on this issue and get a weak response like this.  It does make me wonder if the paper’s opinion was “nudged” by Obama and his thugs.  I don’t know.  The other 5 members of the board didn’t respond.

I suppose I could post Doug’s e-mail address here but I’m not sure we can change his mind.  However, I encourage you, my readers, to try this with your paper’s editorial boards and see what you get.  If you get any favorable responses from your paper, please share them here.

And be sure to watch for my next piece – WWJD – and it’s not “What Would Jesus Do”.  Want to know more?  Check back in a couple days or so and find out.  Two hints, though – it will be beyond any piece you probably have read on the Internet and it will cover the vaccine issue.

Stay tuned.

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