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Another Critical Reason to Bury Obamacare

Folks, when you read all this stuff about the health care bills making their way thru Congress and the “death panels’ that former Gov. Sarah Palin mentioned in her Facebook post, the very thought of these bills’ existence should frighten the you-know-what out of you.  But if you still think national health care legislation is compassionate, consider two of the key players in it – our bogus POTUS Barack Obama and his Health & Human Services Secretary, the Rebellious Kathy Sebelius – and ask yourself if you trust them to ensure your wellness.

Resident Obama was identified less than two years ago as the most liberal senator in the nation for 2007.  No doubt his unequivocal position in favor of partial birth abortion and yes, infanticide, helped seal his ranking.  Even his own Fact Check, the board of which he once sat on, concedes his opposition to the “born alive” bills – both in Washington (which passed without dissent) and in Illinois – are due to his 100% pro-abortion positions.

Here’s Fact Check’s Jess Henig to confirm:

Obama’s critics are free to speculate on his motives for voting against the bills, and postulate a lack of concern for babies’ welfare. But his stated reasons for opposing “born-alive” bills have to do with preserving abortion rights, a position he is known to support and has never hidden.

When abortion crusaders (even partial birth ones) like Hillary Clinton and the late Ted Kennedy supported the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) as they did in 2002 and Obama did not (though he was not in the U.S. Senate at the time and claimed if he was, he would have backed it), you can draw your own conclusions but in the same way he would not protect an unborn child, I have a tough time believing he would protect Grandma & Grandpa or a disabled child or adult (the “painkiller” becomes the alternative for them).

Granted, Obama did vote with the entire U.S. Senate to save the life of Terri Schiavo (as did the entire Senate) but when you read how he regretted his vote the way he said he did, would you trust him with healthcare and your life?

If you want to know the whole scoop on Obama and his pro-death positions unlike anyone else in America, just Google Obama Jill Stanek, and read what this brave Illinois woman has done to shine the light on Obama’s pro-death views.  On life issues, Jill has covered him more than probably most anyone else.

Now as HHS Secretary, the Rebellious One should not be trusted in any form.  This woman, the former governor of Kansas (which boggles the mind that such a person could be elected in a fairly strong red state), had endless ties to the late George Tiller, believed by many to be the worst of the worst abortionists in America.  You can read it all and view the many damnable pictures here.

Warning:  other links at this site (those in the left margin) may be tough for some to view.

There are other sites that document Tiller and Sebelius but Operation Rescue’s special site on Tiller is, in this writer’s view, the best out there.

Also, the page connecting Obama, Tiller and the Rebellious One – under the first picture in the link immediately above – is not working.

Anyway, when you look at Obama and the Rebellious One and notice their hard rock solid stances for all abortions and in the case of Obama, infanticide, it becomes very easy to see why you wouldn’t want to trust them with your health care.  In light of it all, the “death panels” now seem to have more compelling merit to me – one for the unborn, another for the Terri Schiavo types and yet another for the elderly.

So if you wouldn’t trust Obama and the Rebellious One to protect “the least of these“, why on earth would you trust them with “the most of the rest“?

I rest my case.  And that’s a fact.

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