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Romney 2012 GOP Guy? You’re joking, right?

Although this may seem like I’m in the tank for the Republican Party,  I’m far from it.  However, let’s face the facts.  While I am a huge 3rd party guy (see my previous post), unless there is an organization that can put both the money and the manpower together, the road to lead us there is virtually insurmountable.  Both parties are in the fix to stop the Constitution, Libertarian and American Independent Parties and both do all they can to keep the “little guy” (3rd party) out.

But if Mitt Romney is poised to be the go to guy, I got news for the GOP.  Your party is once and for all finished.  I will continue my quest for a third party guy and I will expose the Mittster all I can and get others to do the same.  Why?  Because this is an insane pick for the party that stands a golden chance to drive out the Democratic Party once and for all.

In short, Romney is the guy who is responsibile for same sex marriage in Massachusetts and the movement of the homosexual movement in that state. If you don’t believe me, go check the Romney Deception and take your time reading thru this long page and all the links with it.  The facts do not lie and it would be pure idiocy to accept on blind faith that Romney has changed.  The public voted for so-called change in Resident Obama and boy, did they get change like they never expected.  He was the same old same old socialist Commie as a U.S. senator and is only worse now because he leads the country and no one has the ball to challenge his citizenship “credentials” (he has none).

Romney had all sorts of time as governor of Kennedy/Kerry land to show his true credentials.  When he left office at the end of 2006, he failed to do the one thing that could have turned it around for him, despite all his negatives.  He could have reversed his order for clerks to marry homosexuals since there was nothing in the state Constitution to support it and since, contrary to the so-called “mainstream media”, the state Supreme Court did not actually order Romney to strike down the state’s marriage laws.  But he did nothing, despite a letter from countless pro-life and pro-family leaders (it’s linked at the site) telling him that as the CEO of the state he could reverse his what we first thought was a misguided ruling.

It’s all at the Romney Deception link – go check it out and ask yourself if you think this guy should be the go to guy in 2012 (or sooner if Barack can be tossed for being an illegal and a new election takes place – seemingly impossible, yes I know, but I’m willing to be like British Phil Collins and believe this can be “Against All Odds”.

That should be enough to force Romney and all his money to the park bench. But if you need more evidence that he shouldn’t be the nominee, look no further to his state’s version of Obamacare which he signed into law and which includes $50 abortions and Planned Parenthood a seat on one of the state’s health care boards.

But besides the abortion part, as with Obamacare, Massachusetts residents are fined if they choose not to participate or carry health insurance, something I didn’t think Republicans supported.

And if that’s still not enough, just as Obamacare is expected to bankrupt the country, Romneycare has caused untold and unexpected financial expenses to spiral out of control as Cato reports.

Romney is Obama lite, minus a few other things.  The GOP doesn’t need him.  As JFK once said, “we can do better”.  And the GOP better, now that there are stark comparisons to the health care boondoggle.

And lest I ignore the keen sense of the obvious, if those attending the Values Voter Summit think Romney is so good because of his eloquent speech and want to give him the green light, then as far as I’m concerned, the VVS knows beans about values.  Because it had one lacking them as their crusader.

And if someone wants to take me on for opposing Romney as anti-Mormon, sorry, you’re doomed to fail.  Since the U.S. Constitution does not provide a litmus test on religion, I have no problems with a Mormon as president provided his values are mine.

But that said, Romney’s values are definitely not mine.

Although Mike Huckabee is in stark contrast to Romney on life and marriage issues, as governor, he took every opportunity to promote big government and worst of all, his support for the illegals almost rivals that of Obama and Romney – take a look.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council thinks the Huckster is “well oiled”.  He’s probably right.  Huckabee’s immigration positions with his more recent claim that he’s for secured borders seems to me more of a tool of  slick marketing.

And if you think Mr. Perkins has credibility in his support of the Huckster and the Mittster, perhaps reading this might make you reconsider.

Huckabee was opposed to the feds raiding his state’s Tyson chicken plant by 1000-1 and now we’re supposed 4+ years later  to believe he’s seen the light. Well, he may indeed have seen the light of the gospel of Christ by coming to the Savior and later becoming a Baptist minister but he certainly violated his Christian faith by opposing federal law on illegal aliens

Sorry, no dice on either man.  If this is the best the GOP can do, Lord help us.

In that summit, which I believe might be skewed as I suspected it was last year (contact me privately in the comments section if you want to know more – will send you a letter in Word to that effect with all the specifics – I may yet post it),  there’s only one candidate out of those 9 in attendance I would consider supporting.  And that is Congressman Mike Pence of my own state of Indiana.  It’s  not because he’s a fellow Hoosier – he is.  It’s because his consistent voting track record for limited government is one that Americans can be proud of and one which the demand for excellence is exceeded.  It’s not perfect.  But it’s darn close.

Gov. Palin, notwithstanding her teen daughter’s out of wedlock birth and her very likable demeanor, should be disqualified because for putting a pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood judge at the Alaska Supreme Court – see here (with related links).

There seems to be differentiating opinions as to whether this choice was of Palin’s own making or forced upon her but from viewing all the evidence and from what I do understand about governors, I believe the former governor of Alaska should have held firm to her pro-life conscience and said NO to any pro-abort candidate for the bench.  What could happen to her if there were indeed procedural issues that would force her to violate her conscience – throw her in jail?

This piece seems to back up my beliefs.

As for the remaining participants at the VVS – Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum – here’s some quickies; will put in links later.

  1. Pawlenty is kind of center-left on the enviroment and global warming, though pro-life, not sure he’s doable.
  2. Gingrich recently bought into the global warming conspiracy, he’s out.
  3. Jindal – good guy but soft on Obama, also his citizenship might be an issue as it is believed that he is a naturalized citizen like Gov. Schwarzenegger and not natural born.  We already have a huge constitutional crisis at hand with Obama not proving he’s natural born. We don’t need that with Jindal.
  4. Ron Paul is one of the Constitution’s best friends and his adherence to it is thoroughly respected, however, his deafening silence on the Obama eligibility matter disappointed lots of us.
  5. Sen. Santorum – great friend of pro-lifers, unrivaled in marriage and totally pro-life and has taken hits for us but name recognition and being out of the public spotlight for several years now may keep him from going very far.

Oh, and yes, I know Congressman Pence has not addressed the Obama eligibility issue but he’s the best of the lot and the only one I would be really excited to support.  Anyone who takes on the president of the United States (like when he did against President Bush on prescription drugs for seniors) is certainly one I would endorse for the White House.

Your thoughts, please.


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