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No Difference between both Political Parties: is that so?

Yeah, I know this is not a local, state or national issue as this blog says but it’s one item I haven’t seen addressed on the Internet and one that gnaws at me.  And that is when individuals (mostly 3rd party folks and independents) say that there isn’t a dime’s difference between the two major political parties and why we desperately need a 3rd party  in Washington.

I am most certainly convinced that a third party is warranted in Washington as well as statewide.  We’ve seen what money and power can and will do to those who make a career of it in Congress, be they Republican or Democrat. And both parties have bought into the DC political culture that frequently leave them out of touch with their constituents back home.

But if you look at both the Democrat and Republican platforms, they are like apples and oranges.  Among other things, the Republican platform is for traditional one man/one woman traditional marriage and the full protection of the unborn.  The Democrat platform is just the opposite.

However, I want to concentrate on two issues – taxes and the national health care bill (Obamacare) currently being debated in Congress.  You may occasionally find a Republican in support of some form of taxation proposed by a Democrat.  But you’ll virtually never hear of a Republican initiating a tax hike.  That’s because they almost never do.  Both parties have a habit of spending but only one likes raising taxes.

And if you look at the health care bills in both the House and the Senate, both are full of taxes, fines and a host of other ways (now often referred to as “fees”) to raise money to pay for their political joyriding.   But they’re not sponsored or endorsed by Republicans, though one Republican (Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine) is playing footsie with the opposite party in hopes of compromise.

The Democrat Party is the party working to create national health care   which, if enacted and signed into law, would essentially oversee virtually every aspect of our lives.  The legislation – its provisions, its penalties and its scope – are so beyond anything an average person can imagine.  Republicans, despite all their faults – their spending, their compromises with Democrats, their failure to reduce the size and power of Washington – have never sought to control every American’s life in any way, shape or form.  Constitutional liberties would be extinct with the passage of a socialist health care bill.

We cannot have this occur.  America must send a stern message to every Democrat in Congress so that just as occurred in the fall of 1994 after Washington tried passing Hillary Care, the same will occur less than 14 months from now, only in much greater proportions.

Democrats went from a 78 seat majority in the House (256 Democrats, 178 Republicans, 1 independent) at end of 1994 to a 26 seat minority (230 Republicans, 204 Democrats, 1 independent) at the start of 1995.   This was the biggest Congressional landslide for Republicans in history.

Currently the legislative makeup is virtually identical now as it was then with 257 Democrats and 178 Republicans.   Polls show Democrats facing a trouncing next November.  A 52 seat reversal now, as it was at the start of 1995, will give the Republicans a majority in the House.

But unlike then, with a radical “president” in the White House and with no one in Congress or the courts willing to challenge him on his constitutional  eligibility, despite growing public awareness of the missing birth certificate and other documents, we have a much worse occupant in the White House today than then.  Republicans don’t need a 26 seat majority.  They need like a 100 seat majority.  Much better yet, they need a 2/3rd majority (290 seats) to stop Obama garbage and force good legislation to come into being (assuming a 2/3rd GOP majority in the Senate, which at the moment is likely dubious).  Ideally, a 300 seat majority (all but unheard of ) is needed to thwart Democrat power (allowing for a few wayward Republicans to side with Democrats, which still would give the GOP the 2/3rd majority) and to send political shockwaves throughout the U.S. that a national health care bill will never rear its ugly head again.

For Republicans to get 300 seats, there would have to be 122 Democrats sent to the unemployment line with no gains for open seats and things like that.  We could allow for a few conservative Democrats (Mike Ross of Arkansas, Dave Boren of Oklahoma, Gene Taylor & Travis Childers of Mississippi and Bobby Bright & Parker Griffith of Alabama come to mind) to permanently cross the aisle to the Republican Party (numerous Democrats did during Hillary Care).  Personally I think they should as I can’t see how anyone could in good conscience be a Democrat any more.  The old time Democrats were pro-American, pro-American sovereignty and for the little guy.  Those Truman types are all but extinct. Any conservative  Democrat should now think of switching sides or facing an opponent next November.  In this writer’s mind, the only good Democrat is a dead or defeated one.

With the current 58-40 Democrat controlled Senate (the demise of Sen. Kennedy creating one vacancy and the ailing Sen. Byrd all but ready to create another, though both seats will go to Democrats), Republicans would have to pick up 27 seats next November (a third of U.S.  senators will be up for reelection) in order to get a 2/3rd margin in the Senate.  While I think a 300 seat majority  in the House is possible (though no doubt will be daunting to achieve), Democrats winning only 7 seats out of a possible 34 in the Senate is only theoretically so.  However, the GOP should shoot for at least a dozen wins to get back in the majority, a more realistic possibility.

But with Democrats and Obama doing everything to destroy the greatness of America, I believe Republicans need to field candidates in every House district without exception  with a special emphasis to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Though an uphill battle, it can be done.   House Speaker Tom Foley of Washington state was sent packing after the “94 election so it can be done again, though admittedly San Francisco (Pelosi’s district) is more liberal than Washington state.

Now it sounds like I’m favoring Republicans right now.  Well, yeah, I am – in a way.  But before you jump to conclusions, I have a plan I want the GOP to pursue, should it field a majority in either chamber (it better win at least the House).  And here’s what I want it to do.

If the GOP wins in either chamber, I want each Republican without exception to sign a term limit of 12 years in Congress  (any combination of years in the House and or Senate.  Any hesitancy to sign such a pledge must be met with a primary opponent in 2012 (for the House).  Failure to sign a term limits pledge means America desperately needs a bonafide 3rd party.  And America will need one if the Democratic Party goes extinct (which it should).  America is much better off with Republicans in charge but it does not need a one party system, else the GOP could run away like a freight train with its power, though I don’t think that party desires to control every facet of our lives as the Democratic Party does.

Republicans, upon taking power in 2011, must without exception shoot for term limits for all of Congress.  It must pass legislation to gut the IRS and all taxes except for a 10% national sales tax (if 10% is good for the Lord, it’s good for the government – and not a penny more).  It must also defund ALL of Obama’s czars and zero out ALL pork barrel spending.

And it MUST address the Obama constitutional eligibility crisis!

I know third parties can put Republicans out of power.  It did so with Ross Perot in “94 and it had done just that in numerous state legislative and gubernatorial races over the years.  Yes, I know both parties control the purse strings and make it difficult, if not virtually impossible, to have a third party, like the Libertarian, Constitution or American Independent Party, get a seat in Washington.   These parties are stifled at every turn.  But with the hopeful eventual demise of the Democratic Party, one of them will need to be a good counter to the GOP.  There is no need for a new Democratic Party but there is a great need for an alternative to the GOP.

I consider myself an independent, though I have usually punched the GOP ticket.  But that doesn’t mean I’m happy with it.  It’s just that there’s no comparison between Republicans and Democrats.  One party has a few nuts, the other has a good 80-90% radicals. America needs checks and balances in its parties and government overall.

But it starts with the Democratic Party.  The party that is now the American Communist Party and the party of the ACLU must be forever extinguished.  We may not even have a country next year.  But if we do, we must save it.  And it starts with putting Democrats out of power and Republicans strictly abiding by the Constitution.

Your thoughts, please.  Thank you.


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